Sorare is a Fantasy Football Game. At Sorare Guide, we provide tips, guides and assistance to help you win.

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About Sorare

Sorare is a global fantasy football game, allowing you to collect officially licenced digital cards. With prizes on offer each week, you are motivated to continually increase your collection. In addition to Football, Sorare have introduced the MLB Fantasy Game.

Sorare is backed by a huge team of investors such as Rio Ferdinand, Andre Schurrle & Antoine Griezmann. They have also attracted the likes of Ubisoft. In 2022, Kylian Mbappe became the official Brand Ambassador for the platform.

It is a Fantasy Football game based around Blockchain, specifically Ethereum (ETH). It’s a new concept, but our goal is to offer you free resources and information to increase your chances of winning the tournaments. It’s a hybrid of Digital Collecting & Fantasy Games. Get Your Free Card when you purchase 5 Cards.

Sorare Beginners Guide

Test Your Football Knowledge & Compete with Other Managers in Fantasy Football Competitions

What is Sorare?

Sorare is a Fantasy Football Game where you actually own the players that you want in your team. Starting from nothing, managers build up their Galleries to compete with other managers. Prizes are Cash, in addition to more reward cards.

Purchase New Signings from the Auction House, or Negotiate with other managers for a bargain deal.

Enter your Lineups in Fantasy Football Tournaments for the Ultimate Bragging Rights. The Rewards are Unlimited.

You physically own the cards on the blockchain, giving you personal rights to that card.


100’s of Licensed Clubs

Purchase Collectible NFT’s from over 120 clubs around the globe. More Clubs are being added every month.

Scouting Potential

You can ‘Watch’ your favourite players, so you are alerted when a new one is added to the Transfer Market.

Multiple Football Leagues

With over 20 leagues covered, you can scout globally and find the best players available.

Mbappe Sorare

Build Your Collection

Your Digital Cards never expire. You can focus on building a collection of the best players in the world.

Impeccable Design

The Virtual Cards are beautiful, just like this Mbappe PSG 50th Anniversary limited edition card.

Variety of Tournaments

There’s a huge variety of tournaments for you to enter, with a large pool of reward cards & Ethereum

Start Playing Today

How to Get Started

The first thing that you should do, is consider using a referral link. This will allow you to receive 1 Free Limited Card, when you purchase 5 from auction.

You can even start playing in the Free to Play Common Leagues.

Register for Your Account

Complete the Sign Up Process & Choose your Club Name, Logo etc.

Unveil Your First Cards

Your Common Cards will be delivered via a ‘Reward Pack’. After this point, you will be able to purchase directly from the auction house and build your team to your exact requirements.

Enter Fantasy Tournaments

Once you’ve built a team, you can enter the Fantasy Tournaments. The aim of the game? Win More Cards & Cash Prizes. Keep an eye on their Opta scores or track the players performance with Live Football Scores.

Beckham Sorare

Is Sorare just another fantasy football game?

Sorare is so much more than Fantasy Football. Whilst a huge part of the game is entering tournaments to win prizes, such as new players and Ethereum… the Digital Collectible aspect of the game is great.

For example, this David Beckham card cannot be used in fantasy tournaments, but he has huge collectible value. 

You simply can’t look at his face without being reminded of that free-kick, against Greece in 2001.

Sorare isn’t a gambling platform & you can own your cards for life. Global stars such as Antoine Griezmann is live on the market, starting to build his personal gaming collection.

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    Do you want a free bonus when you register at Sorare? Use this link and if you purchae 5 players from the Sorare auction house, you will receive a Free Reward Card. This will be of ‘Limited’ Scarcity and you can use this card for your progression, or sell this card.