Sorare Guide

Sorare is a Fantasy Football game based around Blockchain, specifically Ethereum (ETH). It’s a new concept, but our goal is to offer you free resources and information to increase your chances of winning the tournaments. It’s a hybrid of Digital Collecting & Fantasy Games. Get Your Free Card when you purchase 5 Cards.





Join other players on Sorare & Collect some of the best players in World Football.




Enter Fantasy Tournaments with specific entry requirements, which rewards the best performing players.



& Rewards

There’s no end to the fun, with Ethereum payouts & new Digital Cards to add to your collection.

What is Sorare?

Sorare is a global fantasy football game, allowing you to collect officially licenced digital cards. With prizes on offer each week, you are motivated to continually increase your collection.

Sorare is backed by a huge team of investors such as Rio Ferdinand, Andre Schurrle & Antoine Griezmann. They have also attracted the likes of Ubisoft.

120+ Licensed Clubs

Purchase Collectible NFT's from over 120 clubs around the globe. More Clubs are being added every month.


You can 'Watch' your favourite players, so you are alerted when a new one is added to the Transfer Market.

23 Covered Football Leagues

With over 20 leagues covered, you can scout globally and find the best players available.

Mbappe Sorare

Build a Collection

Your Digital Cards never expire. You can focus on building a collection of the best players in the world.

Impeccable Design

The Virtual Cards are beautiful, just like this Mbappe PSG 50th Anniversary limited edition card.

Variety of Tournaments

There's already lots of traders who refuse to place bets with bookies, after seeing how good Football Index is!

Purchase 5 Players from the ‘New Signings’ area and Sorare will reward you with an additional player, at random.


Playing Sorare

Sorare is a really interesting platform. Combining our inner-childhood card collecting hobby alongside the beautiful game, we are able to compete in fantasy tournaments and try to win prizes.

I've used my fair share of platforms, before deciding to give Sorare more of my attention. It's captivating & rewarding.
The Football Trader

Eye for Potential?

If you have spotted a future star, you can purchase him & sell him when he’s peaked.

Multiple Winners

It’s not always the same people winning. With multiple tournaments, it’s fair & fun.

Beautiful Digital Cards

The design of the cards is fantastic, and they come with limited supply.

Beckham Sorare

Is Sorare just fantasy football?

Sorare is so much more than Fantasy Football. Whilst a huge part of the game is entering tournaments to win prizes, such as new players and Ethereum… the Digital Collectible aspect of the game is great.

For example, this David Beckham card cannot be used in fantasy tournaments, but he has huge collectible value. 

You simply can’t look at his face without being reminded of that free-kick, against Greece in 2001.

Sorare isn’t a gambling platform & you can own your cards for life. Global stars such as Antoine Griezmann is live on the market, starting to build his collection.


Global Appeal

Sorare has appeal all over the globe. They cover leagues from the Bundesliga, to the Jupiler Pro League. With more Clubs & Leagues being added regularly, it’s a platform where you can master your niche.

If you’re an MLS fanatic, you’ll be able to spot the talent before they hit centre-stage.

Know your Youth?

There’s nothing more rewarding than finding a Youth Player that looks like he could be the next star. Back yourself & your wonderkid
Joao Felix Sorare

Fancy Proven Talent?

If proven talent is your thing, then players such as Cristiano Ronaldo will be available for you to add to your collection. The best of the best.

Ronaldo Sorare

Assemble Your Collection Now!


How to Play Sorare

Register to Play

Sign up using our Refferal Link, where you’ll be given a bonus player after purchasing five players on the market.

Build Your Collection

It’s time to build your collection. Just like Thanos and those Infinity Stones…

Enter Tournaments

Fantasy Tournaments, with real-time data from Opta brings contests to life.

Win Rewards

Win Ethereum Payouts & Free Rare Cards when you win tournaments.


My Advice for Beginners

  1. Focus on building a single team first, capable of winning. This will give you the opportunity to win new cards, to compete in other competitions.


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