2019/20 Football Index Announcement:

The Aftermath

2019 Football Index Season Announcement

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2019/20 Announcement

There was a Football Index announcement last night, which followed with 30 minutes of a Suspended Market.

What actually occured for me was 3 hours of uncertainty, nothing would refresh on either computer, phone or iPad. Frustrating Times.

This post isn’t going to be putting the knife into the platform, it’s just an aftermath video. I’ll be splitting it into 3 sections, Pre Announcement, Announcement & Post Announcement thoughts.

Although we all admit, FI needs some professional tech.

Pre Announcement

As always, there’s usually quite a lot of hype on social media (twitter) when an announcement is ahem, announced.

Some traders go absolutely mental, proclaiming that there will be dividend increases, share splits etc. Yes, some of these are just jokes, but there was actually a consensus that Football Index should increase the payouts for specific game days. Stay with me, while I explain.

Currently, on a Double Match Day (5-14 games played) the star man gets a payout of £0.02. This is the exact same payout for a Treble Match Day, which will be significantly harder to win as there would be 15+ matches played. I don’t think that would have been too much of an ask, although it is greedy, asking Football Index for even more, when they’ve given us so much already.

Football Index did send out two surveys, which hinted they were looking at changing the Performance Buzz / Match Day Scoring Matrix.

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The Official Announcement

Football Index have confirmed that the scoring matrix will be changed, after consolidating with current traders & the Opta Statistics team.

These are the changes made by Football Index;

– Assists are now more valuable.
– We’ve added more actions for Goalkeepers, to bring them into the game.
– Key passes are now included.
– We’ve added attempted dribbles and successful dribbles.
– A 1.25x  Multiplier now applies to Champions League and Europa League games.

There are a few nice little additions into the scoring matrix, which have been visualised by FI with the below graphs. Note, there are now points to be won/lost for Big Chance Missed, Attempted Dribble, Successful Dribble. 

Game Winning Goal is also worth 12.5% less, or 5 points less. Meanwhile, a normal goal is now worth 12.5% more, or 5 points more, so that’s swung in favour of goalscorers.

In Defence, a last man tackle is now worth 3 more points, so your heroic stoppers will earn 20 points now for a last man tackle.

An aerial duel that’s won by the defender is now worth 2 points too.

All players can now score points for an Accurate Long Ball, an Accurate Through Ball, Big Chance Created, Secondary Key Pass & a Key Pass.

Assist points have also been doubled to 20.

Goalkeepers may see a rise in price, as they now score points for Smothering the ball, Claiming the ball from high, Punching & sweeping out to get the ball.

They also get more points for saving a penalty.

Match Day Scoring Table on Football Index

In play dividends will also return for next season, which will keep the market live and kicking!

Also, some great news regarding the future.

Match Day and In-Play Dividends to the qualifying rounds and finals of Europe’s biggest International tournament – the UEFA European Championship.

Post Announcement

There’s a few things to take away from the 19/20 Season Announcement, I will try and bullet point these for ease of reading.

  • Football Index are listening to us! They sent us the surveys to complete, listened to our opinions and changed the scoring matrix. I was happy with the current matrix, but it’s changed now.
  • There are no dividend increases.
  • Match Day and In-Play Dividends to the qualifying rounds and finals of Europe’s biggest International tournament – the UEFA European Championship. This is big news, as closer to the time it will lead to hype & undoubtable player rises!

The news about the Euros has gone a little un-noticed. I presume this is because the Football Season is about to start & traders have prepared their portfolios for Match Day Rankings, IPDs, or whatever other strategy they can think of!

It will take a little bit of time for the trend to transition into the Euro’s, but the money will eventually move there.

Overall, it’s a positive move for the platform, which seems to be continuing it’s steady rise towards greatness.

As always, Happy Trading!

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