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I have tried to keep this as realistic as possible, using the best player from each position.

The best player is concluded by dividends earnt, so it’s not my opinion or any bias.

As you will see from the below, attackers have once more dominated the dividends (apart from Pogba!).

This is due to the fact that attackers get favourable media buzz for scoring goals etc, whereas defenders don’t get articles written about them for keeping clean sheets.

There are players which have won more dividends than say Ozil for example, with £0.31.

However, It didn’t feel right putting Raheem Sterling in central midfield, so I opted for the below.

Media Dividend Earner of the Year

With £1.23 in Media Dividends alone, Paul Pogba has safely earnt the crown of Media Buzz King, taking it from Neymar who hasn’t been involved in the Media Standings this season much at all.

Performance Dividend Earner of the Year

Lionel Messi is the Performance Buzz king, earning almost double in dividends than his 2nd place opponent, Joshua Kimmich.

Unfortunately for Lionel Messi, his price has dipped recently, meaning his Match Day Dividend haul isn’t as appreciated.

Nevertheless, he’s the PB King once again.

Total Dividend Earner of the Year

This one goes to Paul Pogba, with a combined £1.48 in dividends this year. At his current price, this is a yield of 19.6%.

His dividend was mostly from Media Buzz, but he dominated that so much it’s no shock he’s the overall highest dividend earner.

Most expensive Player of the Year

It’s really neck and neck between Paul Pogba & Neymar, but Paul Pogba is currently leading by 2p. He is the king of the index.

This one really isn’t a shock, as less traders are inclined to hold Neymar, £7.50 for a player which isn’t really returning anything is quite expensive. Especially in transfer season, when a £1 player can hit £3!

Highest Average Match Day Score

Unsurprisingly, the highest average scorer was Lionel Messi, with a score of 153.

He has pipped Joshua Kimmich, who scored a 152. I have also left Neymar off, due to injury he registered 25 less games, which makes it easier to get an higher average.

Joshua Kimmich, best defender, with 152 score. Thiago Alcantara, best midfielder with 137, Lionel Messi the ‘star’ with 153.

All of the above are solid Match Day holds, and they can’t win dividends from each other, double bubble!

Highest Maximum Match Day Score

Neymar holds the highest Max Match Day score, hitting 365. This is a huge figure, i’m not sure what type of performance it will take to get near this figure, but it’s not often we see 300+ scores. In fact, only 10 players have scored 300+ since Football Index began!

One of the real victories this year was Ruben Loftus Cheek hitting a 298, which, although it isn’t the highest score, it has put him in a league amongst greats like Paulo Dybala, Messi & Hazard, who have all got just over >300 scores.

Raphael Guerreiro also needs particular mention, as a Left Back he scored 334, another bumper score.

Will we ever see anybody break the 400 point barrier?

Highest Riser of the Year

There have been some huge risers this year, as the trend has been to buy Youth Players. Individuals such as;

Hudson Odoi – £1 at the start of the season, now £3.74.

Mason Greenwood – £1 at start of season, now £3.20

However, Jadon Sancho is the riser of the year. Starting the season at £1, he has climbed to highs of £5.83 and currently sits at £5.40.

Biggest Faller of the Year

Players which retire will be the major fallers, as their value is stripped to nil. However, I have decided that Cristiano Ronaldo would be my dedicated Faller of the Year.

This season, he reached highs of £4.43, but currently sits at £2.46, which is not far away from half price!

He is in decline and has moved to Serie A, where Media Coverage is minimal, so he’s not as good a hold as before unfortunately.

I will also take this time to mention Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Although he started the season cheaper than he is today, he did hit the heights of £0.80, before dropping back to £0.20. Quite a decline!

Lowest Match Day Score of the Year

James Garner takes this one with a -15.

IN fact, there a quite a few players with this score, but he was the most expensive at £0.85, so he takes the hit on this award!

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