How to Approach the Euro 2020 Championships on Football Index

How to Approach the Euro 2020 Championships on Football Index Table of Contents The Euro 2020 Championships are fast approaching, which means another Summer of beer, beer gardens & did I mention more beer? I’m very excited! As you’ll already know, the best strategy on Football Index is to stay ahead of the trends.  However, it’s … Read more

Football Index Low Risk Strategy: Diversify your Portfolio

Football Index Low Risk Strategy Diversify Portfolio

Low Risk Portfolio Diversification on Football Index Table of Contents Diversifying a Portfolio Today we are talking strategy, Diversification to be specific. Portfolio Diversificaton is the foundations of investing and while Football Index is classed as a gambling product, it does feel a lot like an investment platform. It’s very basic and pretty easy to … Read more

Football Index Deutschland: Thoughts on Possible Germany Expansion

Football Index Deutschland Germany

Football Index Deutschland: Will the Stock Market announce German expansion? Table of Contents I’m writing this waving my invisble German flag, and it’s a post that I’ve wanted to publish for quite a while. Let me start by saying, I have absolutely no information about Football Index’s marketing movement going forward, this post is simply … Read more

Which Football Index Forum is best?

Football Index Forum Comparisons

Which Football Index Forum is the best overall? Table of Contents Since Football Index has been slowly maturing (they’re 4 years old in 2019), there have been more little communities starting up based around their Football Stock Market. You could probably say this site is one of those. However, I don’t offer a Forum (due … Read more