Football Index VS Sportstack VS FootStock? Which is the best Trading platform?

Football Index vs Sportstack

Is Football Index better than SportStack or Footstock? Updated December 4th 2019 An Unbiased Opinion from a User of All Sites – Football Index vs SportStack vs FootStock Sorare, the only platform that I didn’t include in this ‘Alt Gambling’ review, is the only platform that now exists. I didn’t include that here, for the … Read more

Football Index covid 19: Corona Virus Impacts Football Index & The Updates

Football Index COVID 19

Football Index COVID-19: Big Changes A Deposit Bonus, Match Day Changes & The Cancellation of the Euro 2020 Championships. Table of Contents This update is a really big one. It’s not a positive update in many ways, but it’s a natural disaster which Football Index cannot avoid. Gambling aside, this is a huge problem which is effecting … Read more