Month: July 2021

Choosing a Goalkeeper

The Best Goalkeepers on Sorare: Quality, at A Premium

It’s really important to have a great goalkeeper in your team. The difference between a reward card, or narrowly missing out. On all fantasy football platforms, Goalkeepers can be the make or break for your points total, and this carries over into Sorare. Typically, there are fewer Goalkeeper cards available than outfield positions, as there … Read more

How to Withdraw from Sorare

There comes a point in your Sorare career where you decide to withdraw some of your profits. Maybe you’ve just sold one of your reward cards, or you aren’t interested in purchasing anyone else. In this guide, we will be helping you to understand how to convert your ETH back into your currency, whether that’s … Read more

How to Deposit on Sorare

How to Deposit on Sorare (Cheapest & Most Efficient Method)

How to Deposit on Sorare (Using a Bank Account) Quite a lot of players have emailed me asking how to deposit on Sorare, like they can with other platforms. However, Sorare runs on the blockchain so it doesn’t use cash, it uses Ethereum. What better, than a Sorare Deposit Tutorial? I think at least 70% of … Read more

Sorare Germany: Die Mannschaft Enter the NFT World

Sorare Germany: Die Mannschaft Enter the NFT Gaming World Table of Contents The Euro 2020, or Euro 2021, has seen some massive advancements with the registered teams on Sorare. If you’re yet to keep up with the news, then you’ll want to have a quick read of these articles, as France & Belgium players have … Read more

Sorare Belgium

Sorare Belgium: The Red Devils Join Sorare

Sorare Belgium: The Red Devils Enter the NFT World Table of Contents Nobody would have guessed International Teams, when Sorare HQ asked it’s fans to predict the next club acquisition. Well, that would be the case, but they did the unimaginable of acquiring France & Germany just days before. National team cards offer a huge … Read more