Will Antoine Griezmann transfer

to Manchester United?

Griezmann transfer news

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Griezmann Transfer Rumours

Griezmann was linked with a Summer move to Manchester United until Atletico Madrid were given a transfer embargo for signing young players too soon. This meant that Atletico Madrid would not be able to dip into the market to replace him. Antoinne, showing his professionalism and loyalty, opted to stay at the club until he could be replaced.

Loyalty, not something you see in modern day football!

Reasons to suggest Griezmann is Joining Man Utd

Admitted Interest in TV Interview

  • Griezmann has openly admitted he would be interested in signing for Manchester United. In the same interview, he mentioned he was staying with Atletico Madrid until he can be replaced, as it would be a dirty move to leave the club, without the option to replace him.
  • He has recently parted ways with the agent Eric Olhats , who stated “The recent positioning of Griezmann’s image and future is no longer in harmony with our vision as a partnership”. This may take a while to decipher, but it sounds as though there was a disagreement with the way Griezmann should handle his future?

One thing is for sure, Griezmann will be setting Manchester United on Red Alert, but more especially, Mino Raiola will be very excited by this. Mino is a super-agent, who will be able to get Griezmann the very best deal. Mino only deals with the worlds hottest stars.

Man Utd only signed Lukaku… Romelu Lukaku is a fantastic signing, however, he was the direct replacement for Ibrahimovic, who faces a lengthy time out with a serious injury.

Mourinho openly stated that he required a player that could play right behind Lukaku, but ruled Mkhitaryan out of being eligible for that space as he sees Henrikh as a Right Winger.

Mourinho never ended up buying a player for the position he openly stated he required. It could be because he opted to change formation, or could it be that Griezmann is this required player?

There isn’t great depth if Lukaku gets injured,so this is certainly something to watch.


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How does Man Utd signing Griezmann affect Football Index?

If Griezmann finalises his move to Manchester United there will be many benefits, as listed below:

  • Man Utd will have to pay £100m to secure the signing of Griezmann, this would be a club record and will come with lots of media attention.
  • Throughout the season, the media will report on Griezmann more as a Man Utd player, than they would if he was an Atl Madrid player.
  • His share price would fly up, as footballers in the English Premier League tend to hold a higher premium. 7 out of the top 10 players are currently from the Premier League.
  • Griezmann reached £7.23 during the peak of last seasons transfer speculation, which shows exactly what kind of potential this player has if he was to join Man Utd.
  • He has the chance to create a brand at the worlds biggest club, just like Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand & others have. He already has his own celebration! This will all add to media buzz possibly.
  • If Man Utd sign Griezmann, he won’t be used as a sub. This gives potential warning to owners of Rashford, Mkhitaryan, Martial, as someone must lose their place. Realisitcally, it may be Mata or Lingard who loses their place.


As a Man Utd fan, it’s definitely an exciting prospect! However, I fear that Man Utd won’t get the most out of Martial, I am fearful for losing him as I believe he IS better than Rashford and Mkhitaryan, but he has so much more potential!

One thing is for sure, If Griezmann signs for Man Utd, it’s going to have a positive effect on Football Index, as his price will increase.

I think if he signs, he will rise to around £5.50.

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