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Picking a Club for Performance Buzz

When trying to establish a successful portfolio, it’s important to build a portfolio which is capable of hitting all types of dividends.

There are players on the index which are:

  • Great for Media Buzz, Poor for Performance Buzz (Paul Pogba being an example)
  • Poor for Media Buzz, Great for Performance Buzz (Thiago Alcantara, Parejo & Kimmich)
  • Poor for Media Buzz, Poor for Performance Buzz (Jadon Sancho, Gareth Bale, Isco).

If you hold any of the others, I apologise as I don’t mean to be picking on any players, it’s just that for the premium prices, you expect them to be proven dividend earners. Sancho has 2p dividends to his name and costs £8, but as he is a youth player I also added in Bale & Isco who are proven players. In his defence, Bale did mass some Media Buzz, but this was around a year ago when it was reported he may join Man Utd. Since then, he’s been a ghost.

I’m even left to justify my selections myself, as Pogba may only have a poor PB score due to being under the Mourinho regime…

The players which are top of the pile are players which are proven Performance Buzz winners & also able to claim regular Media Dividends. There aren’t many players however, so they do come at a premium price.

Players like this are Neymar, Lionel Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo.

Today, I plan on breaking Performance Buzz right down, establishing which club has proven to be the best since it began.

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Picking a Player for Performance Buzz

The difficult thing about picking a Club for Performance Buzz, is that sometimes there are many players all capable of winning it.

Let’s take Man City for example, Kevin De Bruyne has won PB 7 times, David Silva has 6, Mahrez 4, Delph 2, Gundogan &  Bernardo have won once.

Only Fernandinho has played for Man City in midfield and not won dividends.

This makes Man City a great club for Performance Buzz, but in order to find a great player, we could do with a dominant winner inside of a team.

Let’s take Lionel Messi as an example for Barcelona, there may be other options which I will look into later in the post.

For Barcelona, Lionel Messi has won dividends from Performance Buzz a massive 15 times, collecting 10 Best players with this.

The next best? Luis Suarez who has won 4 times, collecting just the one Star Player dividend award.

This shows that although a team can be dominant, it doesn’t necessarily translate to being great for Performance Buzz.

Realistically, you would have to hold shares in all of the Man City players if you wanted to enhance your chances of dividends, however in the case of Barcelona, Messi is winning 4 times compared to Suarez winning once, so it’s a lot more predictable.

What do you think makes for the better Performance Buzz Club? Many players contributing, or a specific player dominating?

There can be a case for both…

Should I pick a single player who dominates?

Picking one player who dominates is the strategy I employ, however neither are wrong.

I hold Thiago Alcantara, Toni Kroos & Miralem Pjanic as my super midfielders, although there are certainly options which have earnt more PB, such as Parejo, Banega etc.

There is also a case to add James Rodriguez to this list, but I haven’t seen him complete 90 minutes of football for a long, long time.

You will certainly win more in the long run when choosing the dominant players, as they tend to be the driving force for their clubs.

However, the shortfalls of this strategy are a cause for concern. Although your player should win PB most of the time, there will be times which he doesn’t.

Using Bayern Munich as the example, you would expect for Thiago/James to win for their club. However, there have been 9 separate winners for the midfielder category alone!

Goretzka, Tolisso, Ribery, Robben, Coman, Gnabry & Martinez have all earned dividends.

Injuries also play a part in this strategy, if your player gets injured you’ll be left either selling at a loss, or earning no dividends for the foreseeable future.

Should I spread shares between a club?

If you want to earn dividends little but often, this is the ‘Go to’ strategy.

Picking a handful of players for dominant PB clubs will give you the best chance of earning dividends, as if they are a good Performance Buzz scoring team, they should earn you dividends when they play.

You will need to spread your cash out pretty thinly though, so don’t expect to become rich overnight with dividends.

I do not use this strategy, but there really is no right or wrong answer.

The Law of Averages

When looking at Performance Buzz, statistics really are your best friend.

When I started building my portfolio, I put a lot of players in my watch list who were world beaters on the pitch.

N’Golo Kante was one of these highlighted players. As he won the league with Leicester & Chelsea, was commended by the media for his performances throughout the 2 seasons, I thought that he would be the boss for Performance Buzz.

The reality? He has earnt £0.06 in Performance Buzz, he’s won once in sixty attempts. He’s just not a Performance Buzz player.

I got involved with stats, thanks to Noir, and have improved my game.

With stats, I compiled a list of players who had the best averages. It wasn’t a shock to see some of the Premium Priced players topped this list (You get what you pay for).

I decided that in the long term, picking players with the highest averages would be my best bet. This was & is no guarantee that they would win every time, but in the long run they WILL be the best performers.

It’s safe to say this has paid off to an extent. Neymar and Messi have the highest averages (165 & 145 retrospectively), so it’s no surprise to see them as the top earners in the Performance Buzz standings.

Which Clubs are best for Performance Buzz?

Using the last 18 months of data, we have came ot the conclusion that the best club for performance buzz is in fact Manchester City.

Showing an impressive 102.3 per game average, they sit top of the charts.

There isn’t much between the Top 5 Clubs though, with just over 10 difference (Although over the course of a season this would prove to be the difference.

It’s worth noting that these clubs aren’t always competing with each other for PB, as Barcelona do play on Sundays quite often.

If you build a portfolio with these clubs in mind, you will be well on the way to success. For comparison: Man Utd achieved an average score of 75, with Watford averaging around 45.

Cardiff City were sitting at the bottom, with an average of 34. Not going to be winning much PB with that! It’s down to you to pick the strategy which works best.

If you are picking players from the best performing clubs, you will definitely earn some dividends along the way.

With the Share Split imminent, a key bit of advice would be don’t be put off by the high prices, the Index seems to only be going one way at present!

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