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Since Football Index has been slowly maturing (they’re 4 years old in 2019), there have been more little communities starting up based around their Football Stock Market.

You could probably say this site is one of those.

However, I don’t offer a Forum (due to the amount of competition currently it’s not something I’ve ever considered getting involved with).

There are quite a few websites now which offer packages, with access to Statistics & Databases. 

However, this post today is going to be based solely on the Community side of Football Index. 

We are talking Forums & Discussion portals.

The heartbeat of the community definitely lies on Twitter. 

However, the Official Channel for the Football Index discussions are actually hosted on Football Index’s very own forum.

Whilst this is popular, it’s probably based more towards beginners. 

Reddit also has it’s own Sub Reddit, although it’s very quiet in there. 

If you’re looking for a subscription based package, Index Gain dominate in regards to this.

They offer a fully loaded package where you can view a whole database full of stats. 

This probably has the most experienced traders in, ones who are willing to pay a monthly sum to access the statistics, further improving their game.

This is exactly why I didn’t opt for a Forum, I’d probably be quieter than Reddit!

Anyway, let’s get into it and compare these Football Index Forums.

Football Index Forum #1 – The Twitter Timeline

Twitter isn’t actually a Forum, for those that don’t know what Twitter is. 

It’s social media, where everyone can have an opinion about anything.

Traders however, use the #footballindex (hashtag) to take over twitter, giving their thoughts on certain football players, teams and just to talk in general.

Twitter enters a world of it’s own during Transfer Window periods, when Rumours are absolutely everywhere.

The truth is, there’s lots of good journalists, agents & in-the-know sources who are very active on Twitter.

Traders believe that if they have the information first, they can benefit and ultimately make a profit from this information.

Transfer Rumours Price Increase Football Index

Take a look at that chart!

Gedson Fernandes, initially priced at £1.16, shot up to £1.50 after receiving some transfer links to Manchester United.

Twitter, for me, is the best platform for getting news and information.

Every Football Club now has a Twitter account, they use to pass information on to their fans.

This can include anything from Injury Information, to Goal of the Month awards.

Whilst sometimes the Twitter community can be a little toxic to one another, I guess it’s just a part of Social Media. 

It’s definitely the best for Football Index.

Index Gain – The Subscription Alternative

Index Gain is brilliant, the statistical database they have is better than any other website. 

Including Football Index.

They’ve put a lot of work into this and arguably they have the most active Community in their forums.

They use the popular messaging service Slack for their community needs.

If you’re only trading with a small portfolio, it’s probably not worth the £8 a month subscription fee. 

I would say it’s aimed towards traders who have thousands in their accounts.

The thing you need to remember with Index Gain is that you aren’t paying to access their Forums, you are paying to access the database for statistics.

There are Free Channels on the Index Gain Slack, which you can access from your free account.

It’s a very good service and the only membership based service with a forum / discussion portal.

You can access Index Gain for free.

Football Index Forum #3 – Reddit

There is 1,000 members in the Reddit Sub-Reddit for Football Index.

This has been created by a fan of football index, for discussion.

It’s currently the 2nd Jan but the last post was 3 months ago, so I wouldn’t say this is an active place.

There are a few guides in there for beginners, which are pinned at the top, but that’s about all that’s there.

I would probably avoid Reddit as I can’t see it gaining popularity.


Football Index Forum Comparison – Conclusion

There’s not much competition for Index Gain, the service that they offer is borderline Elite.

However, there are charges to access their Premium Services. 

If you aren’t in the position to pay for the subscription, your next best alternative is Twitter.

Twitter is definitely the core of the Football Index twitter and they use Twitter to post their Market Updates, Deposit Bonus Announcements & also post daily advising what Game Day it is.

Remember to Follow Football Index to stay updated with their platform updates.

Whilst you’re on a following spree, give me a follow! 

Always remember, if you aren’t sure what Football Index is, read our review which is regularly updated. 

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