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Performance Buzz for Midfielders

Take a look at the Opta Scoring System below as you can see the points are favourable towards goal scorers, winning players and players who assist their teammates.
To me, this immediately means that you will want to be looking at attacking midfielders, as they are capable of picking up lots of points, as they’re always on the ball.
Points can be gained for most positive play, however I’m looking at the minus points scoring & I can see a problem here.
Points can be lost for losing possession, fouling, getting booked, losing the game & scoring own goals.

The best chance of success here is to buy midfielders who control games, rack up multiple passes & are capable of scoring goals

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What Midfielders are best for Performance Buzz?

As above, the best type of midfielders On Football Index will be those who have minimal defensive duties. This is because there are more points to pick up for good attacking play than there is good defensive play. This is part of the reason that good attackers range from £5-£9 per share, but the highest valued defender is £2!

Looking at it from midfielders, Verratti is a defensive midfielder and costs £1.70 per share, but Dele Alli is £3.60 per share and an attacking midfielder!

You will find there are many benefits of focusing on one of the elite teams, there can be many benefits such as:

The team should hold possession well and dominate the game, scoring points for Passing, shots on target and crossing.
The Team should win, scoring points for winning. You may also get points for scoring/assisting
The team should keep a clean sheet, earning points for this.
Midfielders I have in mind for this are: Sadio Mane, Dele Alli, Kevin De Bruyne & Toni Kroos.

My second line of players would consist of: Thiago Alacantra, Eden Hazard, Marco Verratti & Ivan Rakitic. These are in my second list as they are higher risk, as Thiago and Hazard are high priced, but so far haven’t delivered any dividend payouts.

Verratti and Rakitic are slightly more defensive based, but I chose them as they play in a lesser standard league, meaning it’s easier for them to rack the points up.

All midfielders share an equal chance of winning performance buzz, all midfielders start with zero points so it’s completely fair.

However, there are midfielders which stand considerably less chance of winning due to the scoring system.

The reasoning being:

  • Extra Points are scored for winning games, meaning if you hold players from lower positioned teams, West Ham, Newcastle, Brighton etc, you have less chance of achieving these extra points as they won’t be expected to win every week.
  • Extra points are scored for achieved for keeping a clean sheet. Again, if you use a team from lower down the table, they will have considerably less chance of keeping a clean sheet.
  • Points are also deducted for conceding goals & losing games, meaning not only do you miss out on extra points, you will lose points.
  • It doesn’t seem like lots of points lost, but it can be the difference between winning dividends or not.

I would avoid players from teams in the bottom half of the league, teams like Brighton, Huddersfield and Watford will be too risky long term as they don’t offer us any consistent potential dividend payouts.

If you compare a midfielders from a top team such as Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG and so on, you will see that the average performance buzz scores are higher for Better teams. The better teams often win games, so pick up extra points along the way.

This is the same for any position.

Is a certain position best to buy?

We can’t guarantee who will win Performance Buzz every single week, but we do have the capability to establish which groups of players stand the best chance of earning you long term payouts.

We have already established that you need to pick a player from a top team, but now let’s go deeper into Player Position Analysis. What position should we look for? Central, Left Wing or Right Wing?

From our analysis, we believe that you are best to look towards midfielders which will be able to control games, players which are the ‘heartbeat’ of their teams play. Naturally, this takes us to the playmakers, as they will be involved in most of the play. However, different teams have various positions for their playmakers. Pogba plays as a Central Midfielder, De Bruyne is an Attacking Midfielder, Sadio Mane is a Winger & Eden Hazard is a Roaming Playmaker, mostly played on the wings but cutting in just behind the forward at points!

Don’t focus on a certain position for Midfielders, as they can pick up points for different reasons.

Your Wide Midfielders will be able to pick up more points for Crossing, Corners, Assists & Goals. Defensive Midfielders will pick up points for Passing, Assisting, tackling and some goals.

Attack Midfielders will pick up points for Goals, assists & passing, fouls won & game winning goals.

Note, any player can achieve points for things, I have just listed what they’re most likely to earn with the positional analysis.

The Defensive Midfielders to purchase are: Verratti, Arturo Vidal & Nemanja Matic

The best Attack Midfielders to purchase are: De Bruyne, Kroos & Thiago Alacantra.

The Best Wide Midfielders to purchase are: Coutinho, Hazard & Sadio Mane. Note, every one of these players are at ‘TOP’ clubs.

It’s also worth noting that Football Index class players such as Mo Salah as a forward but Mane as a midfielder, I personally would class a winger as a midfielder (wide midfielder).

My Performance Buzz Defender Recommendations

My recommendations for Performance Buzz are subjective to the beginning of performance buzz. Note, this means there may be a few factors which skew my decisions, which I will highlight below.

Ivan Perisic is the midfielder which has scored the most performance Buzz payouts so far, yet he wasn’t in anybody’s list at the start of the season! This shows just how ‘random’ performance buzz can be, we can’t guarantee who will win.

My Three Recommendations for Performance Buzz are Kevin De Bruyne, Toni Kroos & Thiago Alacantra. I’m sure if you ask any trader for three midfielders, these would be on their list.

Truthfully, they haven’t won many dividends yet! Thiago has won twice, De Bruyne twice and Toni Kroos just once.

There are factors for this though, or consider them excuses! Although I must stress, I hold none of these players as I expect a price decline.

Thiago Alacantra has been rotated with James Rodriguez this season, he’s scored a good amount of points per minute, but he unfortunately hasn’t played long enough yet to compete. Bayern have changed managers, so this is something to watch now.

Toni Kroos has been in an underperforming Real Madrid side so far, he’s missing out on the bonus points for winning etc, so expect him to challenge more when Real Madrid play better as a team.

Kevin De Bruyne has been scoring great points, playing well in a dominant Man City team. Most traders expect him to lose form soon, but I can only see him developing even further.

Long term, these three players will be great additions to your portfolio. Toni Kroos offers the most value as he is currently £2, compared to £3.80 and £4 with Thiago & KDB.

Midfielders to Avoid

My players to avoid include Paul Pogba, Mesut Ozil & Juan Mata. My reasoning for selecting these are that I believe they offer very little return for what is a significant investment.

Paul Pogba costs £3.91, yet his performance buzz scores are dreadful! He offers potential media buzz, but since Lukaku joined Man Utd, Pogba hasn’t been the centre of attention. As with anything, the focus goes onto the ‘new toy’. Almost £4 for a player who may earn you some buzz is certainly not a good investment.

Mesut Ozil is in the same boat, although slightly cheaper at £2.80. Ozil doesn’t have a play style which is suited to performance buzz, he often goes missing in big games too, which works out to around 10 games Alone! He’s a good player, but doesn’t offer consistent performances. He has a small gathering of media attention due to his contract being due for renewal next year, but this will die down once he gets his move. Again, not a great investment.

My final choice is Juan Mata. Trading at £1.10, he doesn’t look like a bad option.

He is.

Unfortuantely, Mata is too far down the pecking order for Man Utd, so he isn’t guaranteed to start. With your portfolio, you need to fine tune it for the best players, who will play the maximum minutes every game. Juan Mata is not one of these players. He will be a substitute most of the time, not able to impact the performance buzz scores.

Further to that, he also has minimal chance of media buzz.

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