Football Index Dividend Payouts Table:

Match Day & Media

What are the current Football Index Dividend Payouts?

This post will be updated frequently, showing the most recent changes to dividends. Please See below for the lastest Dividend Payouts.

The last update was completed on the 15th September 2020.

Match Day Dividends Payout Table

Match Day dividends are the payouts for your players performance, on the pitch. Here’s the payout table:

Type of Match DayDefender Payout Per ShareMidfielder Payout Per ShareForward Payout Per ShareStar Player Payout Per ShareRulesPayment Time:
Bronze Match Day£0.02£0.02£0.02£0.02Must Hold Until Dividends are Paid09:00-11:00 (Following day)
Silver Match Day£0.04£0.04£0.04£0.04Must Hold Until Dividends are Paid09:00-11:00 (Following day)
Gold Match Day£0.08£0.08£0.08£0.08Must Hold Until Dividends are Paid09:00-11:00 (Following day)

Media Dividends Payout Table

Media Dividends will be paid out when your player tops the media rankings. It’s the measure of his media attention. On Match Days, one positional payout will be paid. On non match days, three places are paid. Check the table below

Type of Media DayMedia Payout for 1st PlaceMedia Payout for 2ndMedia Payout for 3rd PlaceRulesPayment Time:
Media (With Match Days)£0.05N/A on Match DayN/A on Match DayMust Hold Until Dividends are Paid09:00-11:00 (Following day)
Media (No Match Played)£0.06£0.04£0.02Must Hold Until Dividends are Paid09:00-11:00 (Following day)

In Play Dividends Payout Table

In Play Dividends are a dividend which is paid for the first 30 days of share ownership. After this period, you will not be eligible unless you sell and rebuy.

Type of DividendGoalkeeper Clean SheetDefender GoalAssistGoal (Excl. Def)RulesPayment Time:
In Play Dividend£0.02£0.04£0.02£0.02Can Purchase before 23:59:59 and earn the dividend09:00-11:00 (Following day)

Team of the Month Dividends Payout Table

Team of the Month is a dividend introduced by Football Index to reward players for their fine form. The rewards are generous, check the below table out.

Type of DividendGoalkeeperDefendersMidfieldersForwardsRulesPayment Time:
Team of the Month1st: £0.051st: £0.10
2nd: £0.03
3rd £0.02
1st: £0.10
2nd: £0.03
3rd £0.02
4th: £0.01
1st: £0.10
2nd: £0.03
3rd £0.02
Must Buy before 21st of the MonthDay 2 of the Next Month. (TOTM for January paid 2nd Feb)

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