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There are multiple reasons for Buying a Player on Football Index. Do you have a feeling that he might be transferring to a better club? Or have you just uncovered a next superstar? There are many strategies you can deploy on Football Index, but today we are focusing on Dividends. 

What Are Dividends on Football Index?

We are going to take a complete step back and explain what dividends are. Feel free to Skip past this part if you’re already aware. 

Dividends are the reward for owning a specific player. It’s a payout which is given by Football Index on a daily basis. 
In addition to on the field performance, there are off the field dividends too (Media Buzz).

We’ve recently seen the addition of In Play Dividends & Super Match Days, which can be found in my review.

Can all players earn Dividends?

All players on the platform can earn dividends, but not all will. 

Media Buzz can be won by any player on the platform, although we often find that it’s the same players winning this. If there’s a Summer Transfer Saga, the player that dominates the headlines has the potential to win dividends every single day. 

It’s a similar story for Match Day Rankings (Previously Performance Buzz). This can only be won by players in the Top 5 Leagues, but quite a lot of players will struggle to win this. 

That’s all I will discuss on the Introduction to Dividends, next I will be going more in-depth into Yields.

How much should I earn in Dividends per player?

This will vary on a player-by-player case, but you should be looking for a 15-20% dividend yield from your portfolio. You should always use the buy price of your player to work this out.

For example, I purchased Trent Alexander Arnold at £4 and he’s returned £0.46 this season (We still have a considerable amount of time left in the season, including Champions League finals).

He’s already cleared 10% dividend yield, which has also gave us a nice price rise & he’s now over £7.00.

He should have no problems hitting the 15% mark for the 19/20 season. 

He’s not a cheap player though, his price would mean that he is expected to earn regular dividends. 

An alternative way to get your 15-20% Yield could be to buy a £0.50 player that would only need to earn dividends once on a Gold Match Day, but the £0.50 price shows us that there’s a small chance of this happening.

I’m actually considering selling Trent, as his price rise eclipses the amount of dividends he would be able to earn. I will ride the rest of this season, before adding him to my sell queue.

Should I buy expensive players or bargains?

My old man taught me that if you buy cheap, you buy twice…

This rule doesn’t fully apply to Football Index, as you can never rule out the possibility of a £0.50 striker scoring a hat-trick, which could potentially earn them dividends!

Although it must be said that the more expensive players on the platform are expected to earn dividends, hence why more traders want them in their portfolio.

Do I need to play for Dividends?

Nope! Whilst dividends are a huge part of the platform, you don’t need to rely on dividends.

A strategy which doesn’t rely on dividends is buying Youth players, which have the potential to be wonderkids. They won’t win any dividends due to a lack of media attention, plus limited playing time. However, if that player was to build up some hype, his price could rocket.

Another strategy which is popular is Injury Trading. This is where you buy injured players at their ‘low’, selling them at their peak before they return to the pitch.

Do you aim to win dividends on Football Index? Do you have any tips for traders?

Let me know in the comments! 

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