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The Euro 2020 Championships are fast approaching, which means another Summer of beer, beer gardens & did I mention more beer? I’m very excited!

As you’ll already know, the best strategy on Football Index is to stay ahead of the trends. 

However, it’s also possible to be prepared a little too soon, which can damage your profits. 

Today, I’ll be explaining how to prepare for the Euro 2020 Championships, with a few hints and tips to try and save you from getting stung.

Why Should I Prepare for the Euro 2020 Championships?

The best traders on the platform adapt to future trends, so they can maximise their earnings based on what they think other traders will purchase.
This can vary from Young Players with potential, Injured Players, Media Buzz players or even Performance Buzz.
We have also recently seen a rapid increase in ‘sacked manager trading’, when Pochettino was sacked from Tottenham Hotspur, most of the Spurs team increased around 10-15% in price as traders were expecting a new manager to potentially unlock the players potential.
It’s always good to stay ahead of the curve. If you react too late, you will end up buying the player at the peak of his pricing, which means there’s less room for trading profit.
Obviously, you’re still eligible for all of the Dividends.

How can I pepare for Euro 2020?

Whilst I’m not telling you to get rid of your South American talents, I will admit that they will have ‘less significant’ interest over the Summer. 

The Media won’t actively be covering them, as the Euro 2020 is a massive tournament. 

Certain players may hold value over the tranfer window, but the main interest will be on the football action itself.

When preparing, you will want to find a player which is capable of picking up media interest, going far in the tournament (for Match Day Dividends) and earning you In Play Dividends. 

Teams such as England come to mind, as I expect players such as Marcus Rashford to have quite a lot of media interest.

Preparing Too Early

Although preparing early is generally a good practice, you can get caught out by the unexpected. 

The main thing here that’s going to harm you is a player suffering an injury. 

For Example, Harry Kane was a sure pick of mine for Euro 2020. I actually held him for other reasons, but he was ear-marked as a Euro 2020 Media man for me. 

Now, it appears he may miss the tournament completely. If you had purchased Harry kane already for this tournament, you’d be in a bad position now as he’s going to miss it.

Although being prepared is key, it’s also vital to time your trades. 

With that being said, you can’t ever pre-empt injuries, so it’s just an unfortunate circumstance you’re in.

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