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Fanteam Review

What is Fanteam? Plus the Fanteam Sign Up Offer

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What is FanTeam?

FanTeam is a fantasy sports platform. It’s actually the largest operator in Europe, which is growing at a rapid rate. We’ve come to notice that traditional bettors are now leaving sportsbooks behind, focusing on more entertaining platforms, such as FanTeam.

With Daily Cash Games available from multiple sports, there really is something for everyone.

Keep reading for our full thoughts in this FanTeam Review. We’ve also got a pretty good Fanteam Sign Up Offer for you below, so be sure to take a look at that!

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My Results on FanTeam

Sign Up Bonus?None Currently
Sports Available:Football, NBA, NHL, Tennis & MORE.
6 Months P&L:£310 Profit
Overall Rating⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Is it Enjoyable?It's Amazing
Bookmaker Beater?100%

What are Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy Sports is a skill based game, where players build a team. This can be based upon your favourite players, or by picking players you think may perform well.

Just like with FPL, players will receive a ‘score’, which is based on their performance on the pitch. However, there are some differences you must also be aware of, which is my reason for this fanteam review.

The higher that your team score, the larger the rewards. These rewards are based upon a prize pool, with the biggest prize we’ve seen just short of £1 million.

Fanteam has a strong userbase in Norway & Sweden, but we’ve seen increasing popularity in the United Kingdom. Much of this can be down to the success of Football Index, with traders looking at other alternatives. 

New Sports are continually being added to the library on Fanteam, offering more chances to win.

If you enjoy Fantasy Premier League, you’ll definitely enjoy Fanteam. It’s a very similar way to play, except for the fact that you have the chance of winning cash prizes.

It’s quite similar to Footstock, in the fact that you are aiming to beat other users, not the house. 

This means there is no house edge, making it a fair game. To ensure their sustainability, Fanteam do charge a 10% rake, which is identical to the way that poker works.

Most of the tournaments last a single day, or run the course of a weekend. However, there are some special tournaments which run season-long, they’re really entertaining!

It’s also worth noting that you don’t pay a monthly fee to play Fanteam, they simply take a rake (just like in Poker).

Let’s get started on playing Fanteam.

How to Play Fanteam

After you register at Fanteam, you’ll be sent straight to the tournament lobby. The lobby is almost identical to a Poker lobby, or any other gaming lobby you might have seen.

First thoughts; It looks fantastic. Each Sport is clearly labelled, filterable & very effective. The first thing I was drawn to was the Champions League events, afterall it’s my favourite league. There are multiple tournaments available currently, with various buy ins.

FanTeam Review Tournaments

Fanteam Tournaments

We really like the look of these tournaments. There are lots of different sports available, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Motorsports & even E-Sports are just some sports on offer.

If you look at the filter along the top of the page, you will see exactly how many tournaments for each sport is available. There’s 96 currently, for Football alone. There’s definitely something for everyone here!

Fanteam Tournaments

There are three sub-elements to the tournaments:

  • Official Tournaments. These are the Tournaments which have been created by Fanteam themselves, with specific rules & guaranteed prize pools.
  • Draft ‘n’ go. This includes tournaments which are Head to Head, or tournaments with Entry Caps.
  • User Created Tournaments. These are fantastic if you have a group of Fantasy sports lovers. Anyone can challenge their friends, with the winner getting bragging rights alongside cash. 

You can even create your own tournaments! 

Player Matchups (Duels)

Another aspect of Fanteam is the ‘Player Matchups’ challenges. It’s very fun, with more rewards on offer.

The rules for this are simple. Fanteam give you a list of matchups, you must simply select which player will win their individual matchup.

Fanteam Player Matchup Duels

You must select at least three duels, with no more than ten. The more matchups you have, the higher the prize pot will be.

Obviously, the risk will also increase alongside this! We’ve selected a £10 stake, picking 5 players. We also have the option of choosing more, but I don’t know a great deal about Allsvenskan or baseball, so I’ll leave it at the 5 picks. 

Adding one more pick though, would double my winnings. The Temptation!

There is a scoring system with Fanteam, much like any other fantasy sports game. We need to hope our players outperform the opposition, or in some cases… their own teammates!

We recommend that you check out the scoring system, but just for a bit of advice, Scoring a Goal or assisting is worth 4 points, whereas a Red Card gets you -3!

Join the £100K Contest on Fanteam

Is Fanteam legit?

Fanteam is completely legit. It’s not a scam. They are registered with the Gambling Commission & MGA. 

They have an active license, fully complying with the requirements. In addition to this, they have zero sanctions, meaning they’ve always following requirements.

If that’s not enough to convince you, they have lots of 5 star reviews from it’s happy customers.

Depositing and Withdrawing on Fanteam

Fanteam is a real money game. To play in the tournaments you will need to deposit real money into your account.


Fortunately, Fanteam have quite a lot of deposit options you can choose from. The most popular choices are Visa or Mastercard, but you can also use Neteller, Paypal, PaySafe, Skrill & Trustly.

They’re all completely safe options, we’d probably advise using your Bank Card or Paypal though. If you have any safety fears about your accounts being compromised, ensure to turn on 2 Factor Authentication, which Fanteam enabled to keep accounts safe.

E-Wallets are becoming increasingly popular way to deposit though, due to the speed of transactions.

There’s no deposit option available for fanteam at the moment, but you can gran the Sportsbook Fanteam Sign up Bonus.

The bonus funds can only be used in the sportsbook though, not on their Fantasy section.

We were required to provide our identity documents before we started playing, but we actually preferred that. We were verified within 10 minutes.

Playing Tournaments on Fanteam

Tournaments are great on Fanteam, so let’s show you exactly how to play.

First, you should visit the Lobby area. At the lobby area, you can decide on what sport you want to play.

I have chosen the Inter vs Shakhtar game, but I’m going to stick to low stakes for this review.

Fanteam Tournament Playing

There are stakes which will suit all budgets, from £2 to £200. We will stick to the lower end buy-ins for now!

Simply hit the green button, which suits your bankroll. This will take you to a page which Fantasy Football Fans will all see as familiar.

I have chosen my team, entering the tournament in the £2 buyin.

Fanteam Tournament Lineup

I have entered my team, choosing two defenders, a midfielder & a striker. There are various strategies available, but we will discuss that later. 

Creating your lineup is simple, yet quite entertaining. We spent a few minutes adjusting out lineups, choosing our captains and vice-captains.

You will start with a completely empty squad, which you must build in accordance to the budget. You can enter a tournament up until one minute before a match kicks off. 

This means that you can use the team news and build the perfect team.

You can build your team in the following formations;  4-4-2, 4-5-1, 4-3-3, 5-4-1, 5-3-2, 3-5-2 and 5-2-3.

Fanteam Player Prices

Every player has it’s own price, which is similar to FPL. However, these prices vary between each gameweek, which is completely unique to any other platform.

For example, Lukaku £19 million against Shakhtar, but would be around £10 million against stronger teams, such as Juventus.

It’s not easy to monitor, but it allows for fairness in matches where a team is expected to dominate.

It does also increase the difficulty, but increases the difference in team lineups.

Most gaming providers use Opta for Stats, but Fanteam have their own developed software, which offers them full control.

Fanteam Prices

Fanteam Rules & Game Types

If you’ve played Fantasy Premier League, you’ll have no problems with the scoring system. If you haven’t played, just take a look into the scoring table whilst you pick your team.

The main points to take from the scoring system are:

  • There are extra points available if the player plays over 60 minutes.
  • There’s a bonus when the team wins whilst your player is playing, aswell as points taken off.
  • Your player can lose points for conceding a penalty, or a Free Kick where there’s a goal scored.

Your main aim should be to find a player which manages to see out the full 90 minutes. This enables you to earn the maximum points available, with the extra chances of scoring a goal (as he’s on the pitch).

Fanteam Sign up Offer

FanTeam currently have a 150% Deposit Bonus offer, for their sportsbook. You can use this to enhance your first deposit. It’s a great way to get started on the platform.

Fanteam Review: Conclusion

It’s early days for me using FanTeam, but I’m really enjoying it so far. I like the option to be able to use multiple sports, although I admit that I know nothing about Baseball or NBA!

I will probably stick to Football & F1, as that’s my forte!

It’s a solid platform overall, which I think will win over many players. If you like Fantasy Football, but want shorter competitions, this is for you.

I definitely think it’s worth exploring, due to the entertainment factor of the platform. We hope this Fanteam review was useful, and hope to see you winning a tournament soon!

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