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Challenge: £2,500 to £10,000.

Football Index Bank Builder Challenge

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Football Index Bank Builder

I have been meaning to start a bank builder challenge for such a long time. When the Matching Engine was released, I saw the ideal opportunity.

The aim of my bank building challenge is to turn £2,500 of my own money, into £10,000. There are a few rules based upon this; I can only use the Matching Engine to buy my players. 

I’ve also set myself a time limit to achieve this. I aim to be completed by the end of the year. I have less than 6 months to complete my bank builder, quadrupling my money in the process.

This area will contain all of my latest updates, YouTube videos & progress updates.

This is called the ‘Matching Engine Bank Builder Challenge’.

Episode 1: Getting Started

Episode One was always going to be the toughest video, as I had to ensure I got off to a good start.

It wasn’t going to be easy to pick the players I would like in my portfolio, but I decided to go all-in very quickly.

Paul Pogba

I welcomed Pogba to my portfolio, nearly spending all of my balance in doing so. Pogba had a £7.77 purchase price at the time, but instead, I placed a £7 bid. This was accepted pretty quickly, meaning I was now the proud owner of 300 shares, at a pretty good price.

Football Index Bank Builder Bet

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Problems with my First Trade

Instantly, I was a little confused at why I’d just spent almost all of my balance on a single player. 

If he drops, my Bank Builder challenge is going to face serious problems, as with the short timeframe I’ve given myself, I can’t allow for too many slips. Especially right at the start!

I had £400 left in my balance, but I can’t really do much with that alone. Even if I were to get on a player that doubled in value, that would only leave me with £800.

My decision was to sell Pogba. He’s a good hold, but not for the Matching Engine Challenge.

To my amazement, he sold during the night. I woke up to a balance of just over £2,700, which means I had cleared almost 10% profit in a single day.

I’m under no illusion, I will need a few of these trades in my Football Index Bank Builder, to have any hopes of quadrupling my investment.

The money was back in my Balance, and I could then get to work on finding who to purchase next.

This time, I would be splitting my money over a select few players, whilst not spreading too thin that it becomes hard to profit.

Players I Purchased

I decided to add the following players to my portfolio:

  • Aaron Martin Caricol
  • Rodri
  • Lucas Hernandez 
  •  Gerson

Aaron Martin

I purchased Aaron Martin when I was playing around with the matching engine. He had a Buy Price of £0.55, but I placed a £0.31 bid. I tried to get 300, but only 66 matched up, before his price increased slightly.

I purchased Aaron Martin in the hopes that he would have a slight revival. However, at £0.31, I only need Mainz to keep a single clean sheet for decent ROI. I’ve got him up for sale though, at the price of £0.55.

Total Cost: £20.46

Target Sell: £36.30 (based upon him market selling at £0.55).

I don’t really have enough shares in him, to cause a big increase on my profit margin. The investment is probably better off elsewhere for me on this one, as I may struggle to sell.

aaron martin match engine


I purchased Rodri when I saw that his spread was quite wide. His buy price was £2.42, but I managed to get a bid matched at £2.21.

I’ll take a 10% discount. However, I will need to focus my sights on a larger rise going forward, as too many of these will mean that I struggle to hit my Challenge goal.

I only managed to purchase 90, the others were cancelled as the bid price raised.

Total Cost: £198.90

Target Sell: £230.00

Again, he’s an ideal type of player for this challenge, as a dividend win could see a huge spike, however, if I keep him too long, it makes the challenge so much harder!

Rodri man City

Lucas Hernandez

This one was speculative. With Pavard now the #1 right back, moving Kimmich into midfield… I saw a potential opportunity.

He could get his chance in the Bayern side, which would see a demand rise. Now, I am speculative with this one, but I’m happy with the discount I received on the trade.

I managed to get 1,358 matched up, with a total cost of £1,181.46.

I’m not 100% confident in the trade, but it could definitely offer me a rise upto around 30-40%, providing he’s given a chance.

Total Cost: £1,181.46

Target Sell: £1,400

He’s definitely able to get me towards this £1,400 figure. I should also benefit from the slight whispers about Man City taking a look at him, also.


I don’t think I’ve ever timed a trade this well, in my life.

I purchased Gerson when I noticed he had a mega tight spread of literally just £0.02.

It can be a tell-tale sign that the players about to increase, but I didn’t realise it would be that quick.

I purchased Gerson & within hours, there were rumours that Spurs had bid £16 million, with it being rejected.

I purchased him at £0.86, he was £0.95 to purchase directly so I did actually get lucky.

If those didn’t match up, I’d have been left behind.

Total Cost: £1,351.92

Target Sell: £2,300

I’m not sure if i’ve set my sights too high, or too low with this one.

It’s going to be something that I assess on a daily basis, as he’s already at £1.18 which will give me £500 profit today.

What should I do?

Gerson Football Index

Football Index Bank Builder Challenge: Conclusion

I’ve spent £2,750, which left me with £1.84. I’m not sure where this challenge is heading, but the immediate increase of Gerson has left me motivated, with the belief that providing I pick my punts correctly, I can achieve this.

I knew when I set the challenge it wouldn’t be a walk in the park.

Right now, if I were to sell all of my players, they would return £3,436.  I think collectively, I can aim for £4,000 after commission.

Stay tuned for Episode 2 of the Football index Bank Builder Challenge. Also be sure to check out my YouTube channel, where you can find Football Index content.

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