Football Index COVID-19: Big Changes
A Deposit Bonus, Match Day Changes & The Cancellation of the Euro 2020 Championships.
Football Index COVID 19

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This update is a really big one. It’s not a positive update in many ways, but it’s a natural disaster which Football Index cannot avoid. Gambling aside, this is a huge problem which is effecting the entire world. 

Every business is affected, with the FTSE being the best comparison. The FTSE has dropped over 30% since the Corona Virus started disrupting the world. Fortunatelty, I’ve only lost 4% currently. 

In this post, we will be detailing exactly what this update entails, what it changes & how we can all work together helping Football Index to succeed.

What is the COVID-19 Update on Football Index?

COVID-19 is affecting the whole world, with many organisations having to close down temporarily. Football is also affected by this, with all Football postponed. This causes issues at Football Index, as they pay out Match Day Performance Dividends. 

Now that Football has been cancelled temporarily, Football Index have released an update confirming their stance moving forward.
All dividends from 10th March 2020, up until April 3rd 2020, would be doubled.

Dividends that are earnt will be paid out as normal, with a secondary payment appearing later that day to double the total dividends received.

In addition to this, there was a £1,500 Trading Bonus announced. 8.25% of your net buys between 10/03/2020 and 23/04/2020 will be put straight back into your account as cash.

This has been a good response by Football Index, although it will be a tricky situation for most traders. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see 80% or more traders currently at a loss since COVID-19 started to impact the UK.

There’s one thing we know about Football Index though. They change the game. They’ve increased their communications with their customers and we can expect them to protect us going forward.

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