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Will the Stock Market announce German expansion?

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I’m writing this waving my invisble German flag, and it’s a post that I’ve wanted to publish for quite a while.

Let me start by saying, I have absolutely no information about Football Index’s marketing movement going forward, this post is simply a wishlist. 

However, with the recent Football Index marketing push, such as the 12 rockets of Twitter, I feel that the time is right for my wishlist.

There are quite a few theories regarding these 12 rockets, with many thinking that it could’ve been a ’12 days of Christmas’ marketing push, which could well be correct to be fair.

However, the Christmas promotion offered 25 prizes, so I can’t understand why that would suffice 12 rockets.

It could also be a load of sniff & the 12 rockets are just a joke which has gone too far.

Either way, I’m excited by the potential for Football Index in 2020 and I have had some thoughts on what we could expect from a ‘Football Index Deutschland’ platform.


I really want to re-iterate that I have no idea if Germany 2020 is on Football Index’s agenda.

I hope it is. 

In 2018 we saw Football Index expand to Sweden & Canada. Football Index decided that these countries would be first on the expansion list, due to their relaxed gambling laws.

This seemed to move flawlessly, until Sweden changed their gambling laws. This affected Football Index, who had to close their Swedish customers accounts.

They refunded the money back to their accounts.

Just as fast as Football Index had shown they could expand into a new market, laws changed and they had to go back to the drawing board.

Whilst expansion is possible, Football Index will have to ensure that they are expanding into the correct market moving forward.

We have no idea how much money they used for marketing in Sweden (if any), but imagine if you spent hundreds of thousands, to be told you have to shut up shop, after just 8 months.

German Gambling Laws

I’m not a huge T&C’s reader, but I’ve had a look into the German gambling laws.

Their main focus seems to be on:

  • Preventing Underage gambling
  • Stopping Fraud (Money Laundering)
  • Stopping the Black Market. (No idea what this means!)


Betfair Retreat from Germany

Whilst I am excited for the prospect of a German expansion, the following doesn’t make for great reading.

Betfair withdrew from Germany due to the gambling tax being crippling to their business model.

We aren’t fully sure where Betting Law stands with Football Index, so a betting exchange is the closest thing I can research it to.

The positives on this are that Betfair were allowed to operate in Germany as per their gambling laws, but they didn’t agree with the gambling tax fees.

Again, it doesn’t tell us too much in terms of Football Index, but companies are less likely to expand into regions which cripple their profits with high taxes.

I can’t say that I’m 100% certain how their gambling laws will respond to Football Index.

Would Germany have their own platform?

If you’re thinking about moving to Germany to get on Neymar at IPO price, I wouldn’t book your flight just yet.

Although through a non-official channel, Adam Cole has stated on Twitter that any new territories would be trading on the same platform that exists now.

There are no plans to make a UK Football Index, followed by a German Football Index, French Football Index etc.

We will all be playing under the same roof, so to speak.

Are Germans active in gambling?

Looking into Germany gambling history, the number seems to fluctuate heavily.

One thing we do know is that Germans love their Football, so Football Index is something that many fans would definitely get onboard with.

In 2018 the gross gaming revenue in Germany was a whopping £10 billion.

In the UK, it was estimated at £14 billion, so the figures aren’t too far apart!

The Germans like to gamble their money in different ways, the most popular being from sports betting. 

  • Sports betting (38%)
  • Casino entertainment (34%)
  • Poker (24%)

The most popular sport was Football, which is no surprise.

Would Football Index benefit from German expansion?

Providing Football Index could work with the authorities to abide by the German gambling laws, they would certainly see the benefits.

There is a huge market for gambling in Germany. 

If you add the love of Sports & Football in particular, it would be a great move.

As there would only be one Football Index platform, existing traders would also be likely to see positive movement in their portfolios.

It’s all just hear-say at present, but I like to comment on potential, I’ve got a Top 10 La Liga upcoming talents I’m also working on, ha!

One things sure, If Football Index expand to Germany, I’ll have to learn a second language for Twitter! 

I’d love to hear from a professional in Gambling Law, or anyone experienced with German Gambling rules.

Can Football Index open up in Germany? It is a real possibility?

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