Football Index Dividend Announcement:

26th August 2020

Football Index Dividend Review

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Apologies in advance, for the excitement and general shock in the below post. If you don’t have time to read the whole article, let me sum it up for you below.

Football Index have reimplemented a new dividend table, so soon after releasing a disappointing update. This new dividend table has completely changed the game for all traders. I’m so excited and also very optimistic about the future of the platform!

What's Changed?

A few months back, we were given the new dividend table which had been hyped up for weeks, leading traders to believe that we would be on the receiving end of a huge increase. 

Unfortunately, this never happened. Football Index provided an increased dividend table, but it didn’t seem worthy of the hype that was generated.

On the 26th August, it all changed. Football Index revisited the dividend table, smashing it out of the park. 

Dividends have increased. A lot.

Ready to Start Trading?

When you register at Football Index, you can claim a special offer. This will enable you to trade risk free, where any losses up to £500 are refunded, as cash. Remember to use code FIA when you sign up.

See below for the original updated Dividend table, which was met with a little bit of disappointment on the platform.


This is a ‘generous, but sensible’ update by Football Index. However, it’s not the finalised table. Take a look at the below, to see the amazing update, where dividends have absolutely blown up.

Football Index Dividend Review

This is a huge step for Football Index, and it’s a move which will help secure the platform for years to come. I don’t think anybody would complain if this was the dividend table for the next few years, but Football Index have stated that this will be looked at, at the end of every season.

I truly believe that the growth that we will get from this review, will push us through for yet another share split.

I can also feel the sense of stability coming back, after a few bad months of Football Index Twitter!