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Goals & Assists In Play Dividends

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Goals and Assists on Football Index

Football Index has seen some great growth in the last 18 months, thanks to successful marketing campaigns on Sky Sports, TalkSport etc.

There are lots of traders on the platform now, which has led to prices doubling & tripling in the last 12 months alone.

Now, the market is pretty squeezed at the top, where the entry price for buying a Neymar is £19. This has the potential to deter customers from signing up and playing, as £20 would be some users max deposits, so to have a single Neymar in your portfolio wouldn’t be very stimulating.

What's Changed?

Football Index have addressed this, by announcing their Share Split which will occur Q1 2019. We don’t have an official date yet.

If that wasn’t enough, their recent update will add even further value to traders.

There is a new type of dividend to earn, with an UNLIMITED WINNINGS CAP.

Let me explain below.

Ready to Start Trading?

When you register at Football Index, you can claim a special offer. This will enable you to trade risk free, where any losses up to £500 are refunded, as cash. Remember to use code FIA when you sign up.

What are the new dividends?

The new update from November 2018 is called ‘Goal and Assist Dividends’, an exciting way to earn dividends in-play.

Whenever a player from your portfolio scores a goal, provides an assist, or if your goalkeeper keeps a clean sheet, you will earn dividends.

This is in addition to Performance Buzz & Media Buzz you may earn.

It started off in October as a trial, before coming to the platform on a permanent basis.

This dividend is only applicable to shares you hold for less than 30 days.

What are the payouts?

In-Play Dividends

For the first 30 days that you own a share, we’ll be paying out the following In-Play Dividends:

– 2p per Goal for a Forward or Midfielder

– 3p per Goal by a Defender or Goalkeeper

– 1p per Assist by any position

–  2p for a Starting Goalkeeper Clean Sheet over the full game.

These dividends will hit your accounts on a weekly basis, processed and paid on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. 

Traders also receive an email breakdown containing their payouts & best performing players.

You must hold a share until midnight if you want to claim the dividend rewards.

It’s important to understand that Performance Buzz & Media Buzz is also still operating, this is an extra method created by the Gurus at Football Index.

Football Index In Play Dividend payout chart

Eligible Competitions

Just like Performance Buzz, the leagues are the same. These are: ENG1, FRA1, GER1, ITA1, ESP1, EL, UCL. FI have also indicated it would run for special competitions such as the World Cup.

30 Day Share limit.

Football Index set a 30 day limit on this dividend to encourage fresh trading, something which has received mixed feedback. Overall, it’s a good addition.

Clean sheets

The Clean Sheet only applies to the Goalkeepers. Football Index excluded Defenders as it was clear that defenders could earn this dividend too easily, without contributing much to the game.

Own Goals

An own goal will not contribute to the Goalscoring dividend, sorry!

How have traders reacted?

Initially, there was poor feedback from existing traders, as they felt that this new update was nothing more than a way that Football Index could earn commission from traders.

However, this has certainly grown on traders, who have the ability to earn £100’s in extra dividends if their selections play well.

We saw money go into the natural, prolific goalscorers such as Suarez, Lewandowski etc.

It can be surprising at just how lucrative these new dividends are.

I don’t track goalscorers or assists, but earnt £95 in a week from various players performing well.

I must admit though, I still don’t think goalkeepers offer much value and there is always the potential for them to crash.

If traders are only holding them for the 30 days to get the Clean Sheet bonuses, it will most likely end up with them crashing and then the same traders rebuying.

Not sure what the profit would be after paying the commission on the trades…

Remember, to keep updated with all of the latest updates, you should be reading the official review. 


Without doubt, the greatest news overall for the index is that we are getting a share split.

This will have many benefits, although it doesn’t add any value to our holds.

The Goal and Assists dividends are a good addition in my opinion, it’s more relatable for punters who are used to placing anytime goalscorer bets etc, which could create the ‘bridge’ for them to start Investing & stop punting completely!

I am excited for 2019, let’s all have a good year on the Index!


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