Football Index 2018 Update

Goals & Assists In Play Dividends

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Football Index 2018 Update

Anyone who trades on Football Index will understand the excitement around Adam Cole & his market updates.

It has become the norm for Adam to provide an update via Twitter, letting us traders know exactly how the Index is progressing & what steps they’re making to turn Football Index into an even better platform.

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On the last few updates, he has told us about the Mega Deal signed with Sky Sports, to show adverts on Live TV.

He’s also announced the introduction of Performance Buzz, aswell as the time that Football Index doubled dividends.

In the last few weeks, there has been Polls ran by Football Index regarding Share Splits, so when Adam Cole announced there would be a Market Update on the 17/10/2018, lots of traders were expecting this to be the share split update.

During the day, there was lots of speculation / guesswork, one of these being Goalkeepers, lots of these goalkeepers increased around 70% in value, only to fall again when Tom from F.I poured water on the Goalkeeper Fireball which was well and truly out of control!

The speculation of it being a Share Split was also slaughtered, with F.I Officials stating that this news was BETTER THAN A SHARE SPLIT.

The news at 18:01 came with mixed reactions, of which I am going to provide the details about below.

I was very excited for this update myself, so made sure I could take advantage of the news by depositing a good sum into my account. NICE.

Upon initial skimming of the Market Update, It read that there would be a trial for an additional dividend payout. NICE.

I purchased some players who always perform well, Messi, Neymar & co. NICE.

I read the extra terms about this dividend payout, 2p for every goal scored, 0.5p for an assist. AGAIN, NICE!

I then noticed that my portfolio is based mainly upon youth prospects. These have little PB Value, as they don’t play often enough for consistent scores. This was going to be a big issue for me, as with the new dividend structure favouring attacking players (Who play), I could foresee the drop in defenders. So, I had to Instant Sell quite a lot of my youth prospects. NOT SO NICE.

Reading further into the dividend payout for this new method, existing holds do not count for this new dividend payout. Traders would need to Sell to Buy in order to get the Goals & Assists dividends. NOT SO NICE.

This is the brief summary of the Market Update, it doesn’t favour Youth Players, but this could just force the ‘Market Correction’, as the Youth Players really are at a premium price currently.

It seems that traders are becoming over expectant on the Market Update. This includes myself to an extent.

This new dividend addition doesn’t add £1 of value to every player in your portfolio, like we all did hope.

But, is this the way for Football Index to make a great platform going forward?

The twitter community (according to a poll) would prefer a Deposit Bonus to this New Dividend Mechanic or a Share Split.

Is having false money inside the platform the best thing going forward?

I believe that this dividend mechanic is something that can benefit traders, but more so it gives Football Index the ability to generate income charging commissions etc.

If Football Index are making money, believe in the platform, as they will pay it forward.

One thing that needs clarification for me:

I believe that if the Goal & Assists feature stays long term, the 30 day holding rule needs revising. This will lead to heavy rises and crashes, which pays Football Index lots in commission, but damages the stability of the platform. It changes to a Fantasy Football game.

It’s not fantastic news for ‘holders’. By holders I mean the traders who got into Football Index at an early point, grabbing Neymar, Pogba & Messi etc for £1.

However, it’s not bad news either. It’s just news!

We have been given an extra chance to earn dividends, but we need to trade in order to receive the extra payouts.

If you hold players, you don’t need to sell them. You still earn Performance Buzz, Media Buzz & Capital Appreciation.

This dividend also isn’t crippling to the F.I Platform, they should make lots of money from commission, giving us more stability going forward.

The more money in the index = More stability = potential dividend increases (We can hope!)

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