Is Football Index better than
SportStack or Footstock?

Updated December 4th 2019
Football Index vs Sportstack

An Unbiased Opinion from a User of All Sites - Football Index vs SportStack vs FootStock

Sorare, the only platform that I didn’t include in this ‘Alt Gambling’ review, is the only platform that now exists. I didn’t include that here, for the fact that Sorare isn’t a gambling product. However, you can read my Review here.

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Bookmakers are losing their presence, both online and with stores closing down all over the country.

Is part of this down to the next wave of Football betting? 

Football Index changed the game when they introduced their Football Stock Market platform & it seems now that others are following suit.

Whilst FootStock & SportStack aren’t the same products as Football index, they are definitely trying to tap into the market of “Online Football Traders”.

In this post, I will be comparing Football Index vs SportStack and FootStock.

I won’t be reserving any judgement at all.

As a user of both SportStack and Footstock (And Football Index), I am qualified to give this my honest opinion.

What is Football Index?

Football Index is the clear market leader for your Football Stock Market type betting. 

They are well established, having over 4 years of experience. It’s also the been the most rewarding platform since it began. 

You spend real money buying real players, which are added to your portfolio.

These players can rise in Price due to demand, in addition to earning you a dividend payout for Media or Performance.

The fact that there’s more than one way of winning makes it a very good prospect indeed. Football Index Review Payouts

Dividends that you can earn are a fixed payout, depending on how many games are being played on a certain day. 

You can sell the players at any time, meaning that timing is going to be key for your profitability. 

I’ve been a member of Football Index for just over 2 years now, so I have plenty of experiences to document!

I’ve performed the overview of Football Index but if you need to read the full guide, you can here 

What is FootStock?

FootStock is a good alternative to Football Index, but new users of FootStock must be aware that it’s a completely different experience to Football Index.

Footstock has similarities to Football Index, but the core of the product is completely different. 

Where Football Index is based upon a Professional Trading Platform, Footstock offers a Trading Platform, but it’s main-stay is the Tournaments & Fantasy Football styled competitions.

The aim is to enter a competition, build you team from your card collection & win the tournament. Currently, this only covers the Premier League. 

FootStock are continually upgrading their platform, adding new features. They’ve recently added a Raffle game & have also introduced Roulette Tournaments for those who fancy a gamble!

FootStock hasn’t been around as long as Football Index, which contributes to the fact it’s less popular than it’s older cousin Football Index. It’s definitely building traction, though!

I use FootStock recreationally and it is enjoyable, I like the tournaments in particular. 

What is SportStack?

SportStack is the latest addition to this family. It’s been around for around 3 months, starting opening it’s markets around November / December 2019.

SportStack is a very short term trading platform. You can hold a player from the opening of the Match Markets, but you cannot hold them past the final whistle.

In all honesty, I’m not the biggest fan. I did deposit £1,000 to play, but the risks just weren’t worth the potential profit. 

For example, you could Buy shares in Sergio Aguero for around £0.56 per share. He would have to score and have a good involvement in the game to earn around £0.63-£0.65. There’s probably better examples than this, but I tested it for 6 weeks and lost 15% of my balance. I was up 15% at one point, but kept playing just to test it out.

I found that the ‘value’ is mainly there when the Markets Open, if you’re late to this then you’re not getting the best price. 

So if Aguero had opened at £0.50 in the above example, I’m already paying a 10% premium so there’s less margin for me.

It’s not all bad though, one thing I did notice when I played it is that it was quite exhilarating! Although at points, I would be hoping a certain player didn’t get the ball etc, to keep his payout lower. 

There are many positives and negatives to all of the above platorms, but they all share something the same:

All of the above Platorms offer considerable 'value' to the customer instead of traditional Football Betting. The bookies are always going to win long term.

However, with Football Index, Footstock & SportStack, the customer isn't playing against the house. The odds aren't set in favour of the house, they don't profit when you lose.

Even if you have reservations about one of the above platforms, there's no reason why they can't co-exist. Although at the same time, we don't want too many products that are similar!


Which platform is best?

There’s no real surprise with my answer, with a Domain Like Football Index Analysis would you honestly expect anything else?

I recommend Football Index to all users. I created a website for recommending it! There’s no real surprise with my answer, with a Domain Like Football Index Analysis would you honestly expect anything else?

So it’s no shock that I recommend Football Index. It’s the most secure of all of the above platforms, which instantly attracts new users. 

By secure, I mean that it has a stronger lead in the market, not that you’re less likely to lose money. 

Football Index isn’t much of a short term game, you won’t make thousands in a single day unless you fall lucky on a transfer rumour etc. 

Football Index is more for the longer term, as you should look to accumulate dividends over the period of a season. 

If you’re moving over from using bookmakers to Football Index, the  only thing you may notice is the reduced ‘excitement factor’. Now I’m not saying that Football Index is boring, far from it, but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of an accumulator bet winning. 

There’s no chance to win tens of thousands from a £2 bet on Football Index, which means that it won’t be for every user. 

It’s not to say that Football Index is perfect, as there are things which can be improved. However, it’s heading in the right direction and it’s ran by a great team.

Which Platform is likely to make me richer?

The first thing I need to address here is that all of the above are gambling products, so they aren’t guaranteed to make you richer. 

As the products do operate like typical trading markets, it does mean that Traders which get on the platform first obtain the ‘lowest prices’, so those that backed the products earlier (FootStock and The Index) will have cheaper priced players in their FootStock Collection or Football Index Portfolio.

However, I do know of a few Football Index Millionaire portfolios. Whilst I don’t know these Millionaires personaly, I think Football Index will have the pushing power to attract users of a higher net worth, maybe people who trade for a living?