The Football Stock Market Awards

for 2019-20

Best & worst performers on Football INdex

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2019-20 on Football Index

The 2019-20 Football Season was one of the strangest encounters that I’m sure the World may ever see. The entire world faced the problem that is COVID-19, with all major sporting events cancelled. 

Today, we focus, mainly on the positives of the year!

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The Football Stock Market Awards Ceremony

This post is just for a bit of entertainment, but it will also use statistics to provide some key information for Football Index. We look at:

  • The most (& least) consistent Match Day Performer
  • The Media King of the Year
  • Underperformers of the Year
  • Best Players in Each Leagues
  • Lowest & Highest Match Day Scores

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Individual Match Day Ranking Awards

This spot is dedicated for the Most Consistent winner of Match Day Rankings, do you think the result will be a shock? To add a little humour, we will also include the player which hasn’t impressed us (by this, it’s the player which is a premium price, but hasn’t worked hard enough to earn enough dividends). 

Lionel Messi: £1.23 Match Day Dividends

  • Messi still has games to play in the Champions League!
  • He’s earnt more than 2nd and 3rd combined (Ronaldo & Ilicic)
Football index guide buying players

It’s a sight for sore eyes for my portfolio in particular, as some premium players failed to deliver.

  • The combined players earnt just £0.14 in dividends.
  • Pogba didn’t play many games & the Ligue 1 was suspended early. (However, I can’t deny that’s still a poor output)
Match Day dividends fail
Good future players, not current dividend earners.

Individual Media Rankings Awards 2019-20

Man Utd crushed dividends, so don’t be shocked to see me mention Paul Pogba as the player who won Media Buzz the most during the season.

However, Bruno Fernandes has £0.11 more in dividends, with £1.68.

The next Man Utd love story, Jadon Sancho, sits with £1.34 in Media Dividends. There really is then quite a gap in figures between him and Messi, Ronaldo & Harry Kane who are the next best earners.

Neymar had a bit of a strange season, getting enough articles to finish in the Top 3 on 56 occasions. However, he only managed £0.77 in dividends. Could this be the single name advantage, giving him points, but not enough to make a stand for 1st place?

We have been advised there could be changes to the media scoring structure, which could see the addition of foreign media outlets. Let’s see if that happens, and how it affects next years awards!

Best Overall Teams on Football Index

Unsuprisingly, Man Utd were the kings of Media Dividends. This season, they have earnt £7.91 in dividends as a team, compared to Liverpool in 2nd place… with £2.11. That is an amazing gap in dividends, which backs up why Man Utd players come at a premium price. They simply earn dividends. 

Match Day Scores

Barcelona didn’t have the greatest of seasons, losing out to Real Madrid in the battle for La Liga. However, Opta seemed to rate their Performance on the pitch physically better than Madrid’s, with the Barcelona team earning £2.64 in Match Day Dividends as a team.

The truth is, half of this was from Lionel Messi alone! Unfortunately, I held off from holding Messi due to his age. 

Bayern Munich were in 2nd place, earning £2.13 in dividends, whilst they actually have the highest Match Day scores of all teams on the platform.

Peak Scores > High averages!

Manchester United were the 11th highest Match Day dividend earners, but their unbeatable Media Dividends mean that Manchester United hold the title of the Best Overall team on Football Index… with £9.22 in dividends.

Highest Match Day Scores on Football Index (& Lowest)

We’ve seen some pretty high Match Day Scores this year, although we do need to recognise that the Champions League 1.25x multiplier does have quite an effect on the peak scores. 

In mentioning the Champions League multiplier, I must add that the highest score this season comes from an International Match, when Germany beat Belarus 4-0.

You guessed it, midfield maestro Toni Kroos clocked up an impressive 403 match day score, scoring twice and assisting once. Amazingly, he didn’t get the Game winning goal bonus.

Look away Spurs fans, because Serge Gnabry has taken the #2 spot, when Bayern beat them 7-2.

Gnabry scored four goals, claiming the Game winning goal & racked up an impressive 386.

The two players that failed to impress were Callum Hudson-Odoi, who scored a maximum of 179 in 27 games played. This isn’t enough to compete on a double or treble match day.

The 2nd was Mason Greenwood, who clocked a max score of 201 from 37 games. He actually really impressed on the eye, but it didn’t convert to match day dividends.

I set the limits above at players over £3, to find out who had the lower scores.

There were others like Kubo & Tonali who scored low, but they slipped just under the price range. 

It’s not to say any of these are bad holds, they’re actually all ones for the future.

Where's the Dividends gone? (Match Day only)

It’s the dreaded award, that nobody wants. I have based this upon IndexGains Prive vs Dividend report. 

I have already shown players which haven’t earnt a good dividend rate, but now we are looking for players which haven’t ‘beaten the marker’ for their dividends earnt. 

This chart is made up on the basis that a player should return around 5% of their dividends during the period. Now, personally, I feel like I’ve set the bar high, as 10% in a single season would be difficult for the higher priced players.

However, I wanted to check if they could beat the limits that I had set. Afterall, they’re premium players!

Eden Hazard

Hazard provided just £0.07 of Match Day Dividends for his holders. I think Real Madrid were expecting more from him, who struggled throughout. We might see more from him next season, but he wasn’t good during 2019-20.

Harry Kane

Kane gets his fair share of abuse, but I think he’s a great player. He’s a frustrating hold, as I look at 600 shares in Kane which I just can’t seem to list for sale. I thought Kane could kick on under Mourinho, but he seems a shadow of his former self.  £0.11 in dividends isn’t the output you expect from a £6 player. 

Best Premier League Players 2019-20

We are only focusing towards Match Day, when we define the best players per league.

Ilkay Gundogan snatched the match Match Day score, with a 363 score. That’s pretty impressive, where he left Michail Antonio behind (he scored 344, literally scoring 4 goals).

In terms of hitting high peaks, nobody outscored Kevin De Bruyne, who notched over 250 points on 8 separate occasions. Don’t be too shocked to hear that Trent Alexander-Arnold was next, with 5 scores above 250.

Alongside huge peak scores, Kevin De Bruyne has also been the stand out player for Average Match Day scores, clocking in 182 per game.

With the highest Peaks, alongside the highest averages… you won’t fall off your chair when I next mention that he has earnt the most Match Day Dividends in the Premier League for the season.

Willian has also been flying under the radar, potentially due to his age (31). Despite this, he’s earnt £0.34 in dividends.

Best La Liga Players during 2019-20

I’m almost at the point where it’s tiring naming Lionel Messi, but he’s just so good. My mistake was selling him at the end of last season. £1.23 in match day dividends.

Toni Kroos is the next highest earner in the league, with £0.41.

I can’t pick a High Yield player for this league, as the players which have won, only won once so it’s more of a lottery pick than an informed decision.

Daniel Parejo however, increased £0.30 and earnt £0.30 in dividends, which once again proves there’s still space for ‘oldies’ on the index.

Best Bundesliga Players 2019-20

I really did think I would be mentioning Joshua Kimmich today, working out how to mention his scores without looking like I am ‘pumping my own hold’. He’s not on the list. You keep on selling, I’m going to just top up!

Robert Lewandowski has proven that age is nothing but a number on Football Index. He’s doubled in price since the season began, earning a respectable £0.50 in dividends alongside the capital appreciation.

The Bundesliga figures have actually shocked me this season. It appears that they have a larger pool of winners, sharing the pot, rather than a single person running away with it. 

Lewandowski has earnt more than Kai Havertz & Joshua Kimmich put together.

However, if Kimmich had remained a defender, this would have been a completely different story.

Benjamin Pavard has taken Kimmich’s place, both at Right Back, and as head dividend winner. He’s increased from £0.92 to £2.10, with a respectable £0.20 in dividends along the way.

Jadon Sancho was the overall dividend winner, but I am sticking to the Match Day scores & dividends when I make these reports. 

Best Serie A players 2019-20

I find Serie A to be a strange league, as it’s the only league in Football I simply cannot watch. It fails the ‘eye test’ for me, which is why I am hesitant to own a majority of the players. (At least long term!).

You must know who I am going to mention here. Who else? Cristiano Ronaldo.

Priced at £2.91 at the start of the season, traders, pundits and haters had wrote Cristiano off for being too old. He moved to Juventus for a final payday, so he could experience the slow pace of Italy and retire comfortably.

£0.59 of Match Day dividends later, he’s also rose £0.40… because he’s still the same old Cristiano Ronaldo that defenders are scared of. I read a story the other week about his medical, when he signed for Juventus.

Ronaldo’s fitness tests are coming back at the same level of a 22 year old. This man can play Football until he’s 50.

Another player that I have to pay my respect to is Gaston Ramirez. Playing as a Midfielder for Sampdoria, you would expect him to struggle to get into the Team of the Month alone… but he’s earnt more than his buy price in Match Day Dividends. 

You could’ve purchased him for £0.27, where you would’ve earnt £0.40 from his performances on the pitch. That’s nothing short of incredible.

Josip Ilicic is another older player who has been at the heart of Atalanta’s triumphs this season. Initially, he was priced at £0.71. However, £0.52 in dividends mean that he’s now risen in price to £1.56.

Best Ligue 1 Players 2019-20

Kylian Mbappe has been a good hold for traders this year, increasing almost £4 in price. This could be anticipation for a future transfer though, as his dividend yield is just £0.14.

Dimitri Payet has been a great hold for dividend lovers, as he’s earnt £0.27 in dividends… priced at just £0.59 at the start of the season! He’s not the youngest though, at 33 years old which will mean some traders are too wary to purchase.

Teji Savanier offered dividends of £0.24 too, and has increasd £0.20 from his £1.35 season start price. 

I’m quite happy with the last one, as I did highlight him as a ‘one to watch’.

The final one that deserved a mention is Memphis Depay, who has been injured for most of the season. Despite this, he earnt £0.18 in dividends and increased £2.

What about the remaining games?

I have pulled this post off a little too early, but there’s a reason.

Football Index are running a limited time promotion, where every day becomes a Gold Match Day which includes any football game. This could skew results in a huge fashion, which would take away the performances during the whole season.

On the flip side, any player that I’ve mentioned already will be done a dis-service. I will try my best to update this post below, just to show which dividends have been won.

If you’ve read all this, but aren’t too sure what the Football Stock Market is, be sure to have click the link to learn more.

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