How do Football Index make money?

How can they afford to keep paying dividends?

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If you’re new to Football Index, you will have undoubtedly been attracted to the platform due to their fantastic marketing campaigns.

Football Index are striving to take custom away from bookmakers, you can tell this from their advertising.

The Bookmaker Rebellion, Betting Better & Place a bet which doesn’t expire when the final whistle blows… these are three of their favourite quotes. They’re good!

If you’re interested in Football Index and have read our review, the next thing you’ll be looking to find out is how they actually make money. Sensible! 

How do Football Index make money?

There are a few avenues for Football Index to make money from on Football Index. The first one we are going to look at will be commission.


Football Index charge a commission to completed sell orders. This is a flat 2% which only applies when you sell a player.

The 2% commission is automatically deducted from your account.

There are no charges to buy a player.

Instant Selling

When you buy a player on Football Index, you will notice that the sell price is always lower. This is how every trading platform works.

Buy and Sell Price Football Index

If you decide to sell a player, you have two options. You can list him for sale, waiting for another trader to buy.

This is known as Market Sell & it actually lists the player up for sale at his current buy price (£1.53 in this instance).

Alternatively, you can sell up immediately on that player, selling directly to Football Index.

This would sell the player at £1.48 on the above image, meaning that there is a £0.05 spread which Football Index make.

The commission also applies in addition to this.

Is that enough?

In short, yes.

Football Index are making money, as the daily traders are paying commission on a regular basis.

Although for Football Index to make money, they would prefer that traders hold players for shorter periods, instead of stockpiling & collecting dividends.

However, Football Index aren’t like a bookmaker & won’t ban you from their trading platform for making money.

Instead they will adapt and create new features which makes Football Index money.

An example of this would be In Play Dividends.

In Play Dividends

In Play Dividends were created to offer traders more excitement in the short term. Football Index pay out for Individual Clean Sheets, Goals & Asissts.

This will benefit every trader on the platform. It will also benefit Football Index.

In Play Dividends are only valid for the first 30 days ownership of a share.

If you want to continue earning IPD’s, you would need to sell & re-purchase shares.

This is the commission maker for Football Index.


This post should have given you a better understanding on how Football Index make money.

As the platform grows, their dividend payouts will increase, but this will remain in-line with the fact there are more traders, generating more commission on the platform.

If you haven’t already, I would heavily advise that you read the Football Index Review, which will help you completely understand the platform.

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