How does Football Index work?

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How does Football Index work

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The Summer transfer window is in full swing, with rumours flying around. 

Is Messi leaving Barcelona? Will Jadon Sancho make the move to Manchester United? Has the economy suffered, meaning there’s less money for clubs to make extravagant purchases?

If you can see a big transfer happening, you can back yourselves on Football Index. Who would’ve thought that Jadon Sancho was just over £4 last year. Today, he sits at £15.00 per share.


How does Football Index work ?

Football Index is a stockmarket, where you operate with Football players, instead of companies.

Your aim is to purchase players that you classify as ‘cheap’, selling them for a profit after winning some dividends.

Football Index rewards your knowledge of the sport, in a way that’s different to Fantasy Premier League or Fanteam.

You can employ a wide range of strategies on Football Index, which can increase your chances of earning dividends.

Will you ignore dividends, purchasing cheap players that could grow into superstars? If the Youth Hype isn’t your style, you can buy shares in players that are performing now. In the meantime, you can sit back and count your dividends.


Ready to Start Trading?

When you register at Football Index, you can claim a special offer. This will enable you to trade risk free, where any losses up to £500 are refunded, as cash. Remember to use code FIA when you sign up.

The aim of Football Index is to use your football knowledge to build a portfolio, full of the best talents in the world.

This can be achieved in a number of ways on the platform, but it’s important to understand How Football Index works before you jump in.

We have you covered with this article, and will be discussing players prices, what drives them, in addition to Dividends on Football Index. 

What are Football Index Dividends?

Dividends are payouts which certain players will receive for their performance, either on or off the pitch.

There are various types of dividends which Football Index offer, such as Match Day, Media & In-Play.

Match Day Dividends are payouts that your player earns for his actions on the pitch. Remember, this is taken from real match day data, not pretend virtual matchups.

There’s not always a match being played though, but that doesn’t mean the dividends stop.

Media Dividends are available, which your player will earn if he’s the most talked about player on that day.

You will need to refer to the Football Index payout table to see what ‘sort’ of day it is. Football Index classify them as Match Days, or Media Days. 

On Media days, there will be multiple payouts for the top 3 media players. On Match Days, one media place is also paid out.

In-play dividends are another dividend payout which you can win. However, these only last for the first 30 days of share ownership. It’s worth noting that the payouts are quite good, but on some players it’s not profitable to re-sell and re-buy, to earn more dividends. 

You will be paid out for a goal, assist & clean sheets, all position relevant.

What Drives prices on Football Index?

All of the above dividends are a big contribution to a players price. If a player regular wins dividends, he will be more expensive. 

For example, Trent Alexander Arnold is the stand out defender and he’s placed at £9.50. There’s no denying a player like Skriniar’s talent, but he’s nowhere near his price, because he’s not a real threat for consistent match day dividends.

Another thing which will massively drive a players price is Future Transfer Potential. If a player has already made a huge career move, he will have significantly less hype. 

For example, Eden Hazard. He’s moved to Real Madrid, before he moved he was earning a fair amount of media attention. Since his Madrid transfer, he’s invisible on the Media rankings.

This is a brief explainer for how football index works, if you would like an in-depth explainer for how to play, we advise you check this out.

How Fooball Index Works


It’s completely understandable that you might not understand the Football Index Dividend structure, or payouts.

At first, I was a little confused myself. Coming from a Matched Betting background, I could only really understand a bet winning or losing… so Football Index offered me something completely new. 

Yes, I hold shares with Royal Mail, but they only pay dividends annually, if they make a profit.

Enter Code: FIA when registering to receive your Welcome Offer.

My Dividends on Football Index

Dividends Earnt
Dividend Yield

What my Dividend Table means

I track my figures quite intensively. It’s important to track your figures, as this means you are taking more of a professional approach. It will also give you the confidence not to make rash decisions, or trade impulsively, for no reason.

The only thing I don’t track is where my dividends come from, Match Day, Media etc. 

I’m very close to earning £10,000 in dividends from Football Index, which is something I would never have believed when I started.

You might be wondering ‘How does Football Index work’, but I must stress that Football Index is based all around the players dividend potential. If he can, or does win dividends, his price will be higher. You can find out more in my Football Index Review.

I started with very small stakes in 2017, before slowly adding more money into the platform. I now aim to make more in dividends than the previous year, which is working well currently. 

I have increased a little too much inbetween 2019 and 2020 to probably be able to beat my 2021 target, but how can I moan at over-earning?

We aren’t here to discuss my dividends anyway, but I wanted to show you this, so you are aware of just how lucrative these Football Index Dividends can be. Let’s get into it!

Ready to Start Trading?


How to Earn Dividends on Football Index

There’s no cheat sheet to earning Dividends on Football Index, although I can safely say that some dividends are easier to win than others.

Media Buzz is the most predictable dividend, as you can see the media stories unfolding, which gives you the chance to see who’s about to win Media Buzz.

To earn dividends on Football Index, you simply have to purchase shares in a player. 

Once you’ve purchased your shares, you will be able to earn dividends and capital appreciation from that player for the next three years.

It’s completely different to traditional betting, where you have 90 minutes to win or lose.

Dividends are on offer every single day, in various forms. We have Match Day Rankings, where players on the pitch performance is rewarded. There’s also Media, where the newspaper stories are ranked and a dividend is paid.

Recently, there’s been the addition of In Play Dividends & Team of the Month dividends also, which gives traders even more ways to win.

Providing you purchased Shares in a player, you can earn dividends from him. The only rule is that you must purchase before 16:00, if you want to earn dividends for the same day.


Best Player for Dividends on Football Index

There’s quite a lot of players on Football Index which won’t earn dividends during their career. They are often priced cheaper, due to dividends being the driver of the market.

However, there are also some players which can pull off suprising performances, earning Dividends when nobody expected them to. One great example is Micheal Antonio, who scored 4 goals for West Ham, taking home Match Day Dividends & the Star Man award.


Best Match Day Players

It’s hard to work out who’s ‘best’ for Match Day, as you can’t predict how many goals they’ll score, or passes they make.

However, on Football Index, there’s a general consensus that Defender who can contribute to the attacking phases, are more often the higher scoring ones. For this reason, Trent Alexander-Arnold is the highest priced defender, as many traders hold him as an important Match Day dividend winner.

With midfield, players that are instrumental are also amongst the players that win the most. Players like Toni Kroos, Bruno Fernandes, Kevin De Bruyne are more favourable than Casemiro, Kante & Sergio Busquets. Although the latter are world class players, they don’t fit the Match Day scoring matrix that well.

Your forwards need to be goalscorers, but also have heavy presence on the ball. Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala & Cristiano Ronaldo have all been big dividend winners in the past.

There are a few things that you must ask yourself regarding checking Previous winning scores & dividends:

  • What’s the likelihood of that player winning dividends again?
  • How many games does the player have left before retirement?
  • Does the player complete the full 90 minutes often?
  • Does the player take Free-Kicks, Corners and Penalties?

Best Player for Media Dividends on Football Index

Just like Match Day, there are players which aren’t likely to ever win Media Buzz. They’re either in leagues which just gather zero interest, or they aren’t in the media eye for some reason.

It’s much more likely that players such as Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford & Jadon Sancho will earn dividends than Micheal Keane, Wilfred N’Didi or Shane Long.

With Media, there are rare circumstances where a player will win Media Dividends, such as David De Gea. He’s in the spotlight recently for performing quite bad for Man Utd, dropping a few blunders. This has earnt him 3 media buzz wins in a row.

Typically, Football Index media is dominated by transfer rumours, which is why Paul Pogba has earnt around £4 in dividends from his constant stories linking him with Real Madrid, or a return to Juventus.

We hope this clears up the dividend aspect of How Football Index works, although we must admit there is quite a lot to learn. We try and makes things easier by creating mini-guides. If you’re ready to sign up, make sure you claim your exclusive Sign Up Bonus.