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Although Manchester United aren’t the team they were 10 years ago, they are still able to have their impact on Football Index due to the Media Dividend potential.

Although they aren’t having much success on the pitch, their media potential is absolutely huge. 

They’re one of the most covered teams in the world. Today, we look at the Manchester United Football Index effect, & why players that play for Man Utd typically cost more.

Club Competition for Media

During the 2019/20 Season, Manchester United have picked up 68 first placed Media Buzz wins.

The next highest team on the leaderboard is Liverpool, with just 21 wins.

Barcelona sit in 5th place, with 17 wins. 

In comparison, Real Madrid have just three Media Buzz 1st place finishes, Bayern Munich have 2 & Inter Milan & Napoli have never won it.

The Media buzz metric is weighted towards British Media, following articles such as:

Sky Sports, BBC Sport & Daily Mail. These are journalist sites which mainly cover UK Gossip & News, so there’s no surprise to see an English Club with the most Dividends.

This is the reason that Bayern have limited media wins, something crazy needs to happen in that league for the team to gain sufficient traction. Looking back, Bayerns wins were due to Philippe Coutinho’s transfer, which you could say was due to the Liverpool effect.

There’s no denying that Man Utd dominate media buzz, but this can also been seen as a Flaw in the Football Index Media Buzz scoring system.

Why? The AFIIN Sentiment Analysis tool that calculates Media Buzz, adds United as a ‘key word’. Whilst it’s true that there’s lots of teams with United in their name, they don’t get the amount of articles that Manchester Utd do. 

Are Man Utd the Best Club for Media Dividends on Football Index?

There’s quite the argument which suggests that Man Utd are the best club for Media Buzz dividends. 

The figures speak for themselves, but it’s also worth noting that it’s not every player that excels with Media Buzz, just the star players.

For Man Utd, Paul Pogba has been the front runner for dividends.

He’s won Media Buzz 53 times alone, due to his Jose Mourinho fallout, plus constant Barcelona, Juventus & Real Madrid transfer rumours.

In January, Man Utd signed Bruno Fernandes. 

He’s arrived and settled in now, with his media attention settling somewhat. 

However, he managed to secure 53 Media Buzz wins himself, earning a total of £1.60 in dividends.

Marcus Rashford is in Third place, sat with 24 wins and £0.53 in dividends.

Paul Pogba is the exact sort of character you want for Media Dividends, but when you combine a star player, with a huge club like Man Utd, you’re bound to get a successful media run.

The next media sensation is Jadon Sancho… but I’m sure everyone already knows that. He’s had solid links with United now for over 18 months, but the only difference this time is that Man Utd have secured Champions League, finishing 3rd in the Premier League.

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What Helps a Player score Higher Media Points?

Some of the the factors which can affect the Media Attention is:

  • Player Age. Youth Players and wonderkids are generally more documented than a 30 year old.
  • Length of the Rumour. For Media Dividends, it’s better to see a longer, more drawn out negotiation period. This will give journalists the chance to write stories everyday.
  • The Club they’re moving from. This could increase media attention if it’s a European Transfer. 
  • The Players role. This is vital, as the media will be checking the new players performances at his new club. If he’s only bought in as a reinforcement, or backup to the first 11, this will limit his chances to shine

Why Are Media Dividends Undervalued?

Media Dividends aren’t the most exciting dividend that you can win on Football Index. This could be why they are being somewhat overlooked. 

A Media Dividend, of some sort, is on offer every single day. When there’s no football being played, it’s enhanced in the Summer to pay out even more places & it’s the most predictable dividend you can win.

The Media Buzz race is never as fun as the Match Day Rankings, as nobody is that interested in refreshing the media buzz charts to see if Sky News have posted another article about a player.

However, with Match Day Rankings it’s completely different. Every touch of the ball can earn a player a point, but a big chance missed will knock points off. The thrill of this is much larger than the Media rankings.

I suppose it’s why the big theme park rides have queues, but the tea cups are deserted!

I do apologize, for that poor analogy.

Why are Man Utd best for Media Coverage?

Although Man Utd aren’t the best club in the world anymore, they are the go-to choice for Journalists in the UK. 

They are afterall, still a huge club, waiting for this ‘rebuild’, which has been promised almost 10 years ago.

The media will always love writing articles where it’s easy to make a headline, with players such as Pogba, Rashford etc in your team, it’s an easy win.

Pogba picked up most of his articles during the Jose Mourinho era, where it was almost confirmed that Pogba would leave United. 

Next thing we know, Jose was sacked. 

It goes to show that quite often, the media are guessing themselves.

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