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March 2019 was Share Split month, which added a lot of craziness to the markets on Football Index.

It turned out to be a good month for traders such as myself who hold the higher priced players, however, the money that went into these players has slowly drained back out at the end of the month.

The theme on the Index still seems to be Youth Players (A lot of these which aren’t earning dividends yet, but the thought of capital appreciation is too good to miss for some).

This post isn’t about that anyway, we are just documenting the previous months stats, as I don’t have much time on my hands to produce and edit a video.

Lionel Messi – Football Index Player of the Month

I don’t think that I am alone in saying that Messi deserves his POTM for March. He’s currently in fantastic form & cannot stop scoring! Now we know that Goals alone don’t earn you anything on Football Index (apart from IPD), so let’s look at his stats:

  • Match Day Max Score of 296.
  • Highest average Match Day Performance Average during March, with 212 average.
  • £0.08 of Match Day Dividends.
  • £0.11 of Media Dividends.
  • 3.53% Dividend Yield total.
  • No player earnt more dividends than Messi during March, No player scored as high a Match Day score. I do hold Messi but don’t believe this to be a biased view

Top 5 Dividend Yield of the Month – March

  1. Lionel Messi – £0.19
  2. Raheem Sterling – £0.15
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo £0.12
  4. Hudson-Odoi  £0.10
  5. Max Kruse £0.08

There’s not too much to say regarding this, I am not too shocked to see 2 England stars here as there was an International Break. This was vital for Media Buzz as there was quite a lot of racial abuse stories pointed towards Sterling & Hudson Odoi. This is the reason that they are in the Top 5.

Ronaldo is always in and around the Media Spotlight during Treble Media days. There was quite a lot of comparisons between Messi & Ronaldo, which is something that Media outlets love to do during their quieter periods. There’s no Premier League football to write about, but there’s always time for a ‘Who’s the better player?’ story.

Max Kruse is the surprising one, who earnt his £0.08 purely from Match Day Buzz, he achieved a 268 max score which helped him earn dividends, which contributes as over 15% ROI. In a single month!

5 Flops of the Month – March

  1. Neymar
  2. Eden Hazard
  3. Kylian Mbappe
  4. Mohamed Salah
  5. Paulo Dybala (& Many Others!)

Try not to read too much into the above, as it’s just players which I have classified as Flops for many reasons. I hold 3/5 on the above list, so it’s not creating drama, I will give my theory below on why they’ve not been good holds this month.

I’ll start with Dybala, he’s not been a great hold since Ronaldo entered Turin. He’s no longer the pivotal point, orchestrating the game. In fact, he’s lucky to start now sometimes. He’s not just been a flop this month, but a flop overall. Another month without earning a single penny in dividends. Now I am picking on Dybala here as there are plenty others also with £0 dividends. Mbappe, who is also on this list, hasn’t earnt dividends. Joao Felix, Sane, Jovic, Greenwood, Fekir, Dembele, Foden, Rodrygo & Vinicius complete the list of premium priced players with no dividends.

Mohamed Salah is next, if this was last season he would probably be on £0.50 dividends for the month, last season he was winning anything and everything. However, we aren’t in the past, he’s earnt just £0.02 in March 2019.

Mbappe, just like the others above, has £0 dividends. You should expect more from a premium priced player.

Eden Hazard actually has earnt dividends, £0.02 to be precise. Again, you expect more from the most expensive players on the platform.

Neymar takes number one spot as the most disappointing player in March. He has earnt £0.01 in dividends. The most expensive player on the platform. 1 pence.

5 Lowest MAX Scores of the Month – March

  1. Mason Greenwood – Scored -3
  2. Paulo Dybala – Scored 50
  3. Joao Felix – Scored 64
  4. Mo Salah – Scored 77
  5. Griezmann – Scored 80

These ones are purely for fun, you can’t read into them too much.

Griezmann hit a score of 80 in an Atletico Madrid win. Morata scored both goals, so Grizzy didn’t get any goal bonus points. That’s not a great baseline, but not the worst on the list! That being said, scoring a max of 80 during the whole month is pretty poor.

Mohamed Salah underperformed yet again. Amazingly, he actually got his score of 77 away at Bayern Munich. Liverpool won 3-1, but he got no goals. He obtained a lower score versus Everton, Burnley & Fulham!

Joao Felix, we don’t have a lot of data for this chap, as he’s not in a PB league. Only his European contributions count. He scored 64 in a 3-0 Benfica win.

Paulo Dybala’s score of 50 vs Genoa really shows why he’s a poor hold this season. Accompanied by scores of 47 vs Atletico & 20 vs Udinese, he’s no longer a Match Day Buzz player.

Now we also don’t have a lot of data for Greenwood, as he doesn’t yet play for United really. That doesn’t stop him being a premium priced player, so he can safely make this list.

He scored -3 versus Arsenal, which is a record low Max Score.

5 Biggest Yield of the Month

  1. Wes Morgan – £0.05 dividends – 21% yield
  2. Charles Aranguiz – £0.06 Dividends – 19.35% yield
  3. Robin Knoche – £0.04 Dividends – 16.6% yield
  4. Luca Ceppitelli – £0.03 Dividends – 16.6% yield
  5. Max Kruse – £0.08 dividends – 15.1% yield

I’ll be honest, I don’t know 3/5 of the above! They’re cheap players varying from £0.16-£0.30 who have won one match day buzz.

The yields speak for themselves, as it shows you there are good returns to be made, even at a low price level.

Morgan scored a 223 max score and tops the yield. Priced at £0.24, he’s past his best at 35 years old, but still earnt great returns from one game.

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