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Match Day Rankings on Football Index in 2019

It’s safe to say that Football Index are constantly evolving, forever adding new elements to the platform. It’s evident to see if you look back over 3 years, where the only dividend available was for Media Buzz.

In fact, the whole platform was based upon Media Buzz

Fast-forward to 2019, we now have In Play Dividends & Match Day Dividends on offer, in addition to the old favourite media dividend.

This post, will be a full guide based upon Match Day Dividends.

What are Match Day Dividends?

On Football Index, a match day means that there’s at least one football match on schedule where players can earn on the pitch performance.

This was previously known as Performance Buzz, but changed recently to Match Day Rankings.

If there are 0 games played on a certain day, Football Index offer enhanced Media Day payouts, paying out on extra places in the Media Rankings.

Match Day Rankings are extremely exciting.

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How do Match Day Dividends work? 

Football Index partner with Opta, who monitor the Football games, acquiring all of the game events & stats. 
Football Index then convert every players action into points, but they score different points for different actions.
For example, they may score 40 points for a goal, but they could lose 10 points for missing a big chance.
All of the players compete on the Match Day leaderboard, which is updated real-time, adding to the excitement.
Once all of the days football has finished, the players that have finished in the Top Positions will earn dividends.
There are Four Match Day Dividend payouts.
  • Top Goalkeeper or Defender
  • Top Midfielder
  • Top Forward
  • Overall Top Player

The first three are pretty self explanatory. If they are the highest scoring player of their position, they will earn you some dividends.

The Overall Top Player is the highest ranked player that day. It can be a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or a forward & they will earn an extra dividend as the Star Man.

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Football index Match day dividends

As you can see in the above example, Willian, Josip Ilicic & Daniel Carvajal have won dividends. 

Orsolini, Gomez & Kroos all miss out, because they aren’t the Top Midfielder. 

There isn’t a defender with a score higher than Carvajal’s, so he earns the Defender Dividend payout.

Willian is in for a double boost, as he’s managed to earn Top Forward & Overall Top Player of the day.

Who wins Match Day Dividends?

It’s briefly covered in the above, but to clarify:

  • The Highest Scoring Defender
  • The Highest Scoring Midfielder
  • The Highest Scoring Forward
  • The Overall Highest Scoring Player 

There are currently no dividends for finishing second or third in the Match Day Rankings.

If the Match Day Ranking scores are tied equal, Football Index implemented a rule that the younger player would receive the dividend payout.

It’s a rule which has caught me out once in two years, so It’s nothing really to worry about as it doesn’t happen very often.


How are Match Day Points Scored?

Working closely with Opta, Football Index developed a scoring chart which is used for Match Days. 
The scores are updated live, with players competing fiercely throughout the day.
Football Index Match Day Scoring Table

How Much can you win from Match Day Dividends?

Football Index have Three Different Match Day categories available.

Depending on how many games are being played, the Match Day will be labelled as Bronze Match Day, Silver Match Day or Gold Match Day.

Football Index Match Day Payouts

The highest payouts are available on a Gold Match Day, but this also means that the competition for payouts is higher too. 

On a Bronze Match Day, there are between 1 and 4 games playing, with a £0.02 per position dividend on offer, plus the £0.02 for the Star Player.

On a Silver Match Day, it’s £0.04 per position & £0.04 extra for the Star Man. 

On a Gold Match Day, it’s a whopping £0.08 per position, with an incredible £0.08 boost for the Star Player.

It’s also worth adding that Media Buzz is payable on Match Days. 

You aren’t limited to winning one dividend either, if you hold a lot of players, you have the chance at winning all dividends. 

This is widely known as a Full House of dividends.

Which Competitions are Eligible for Match Day Dividends?

Football Index Media Buzz

Currently, the above leagues are the only eligible Match Day Rankings. 

I don’t believe there are any plans to add any more leagues yet, but they do run one off competitions such as the World Cup also. 

Match Day Dividend Tips

Ill summarise this post with a few tips for Match Day Dividends.

Goalkeepers are less likely to win dividends, as they are competing with defenders for the GK/Defender ranking. 

There aren’t many goalkeepers that can regularly compete for Match Day points, so don’t let them accumulate too much of your portfolio.  

Wing Back defenders that provide regular assists are worth a lot more than others for a reason. 

Trent Alexander Arnold & Joshua Kimmich are some of the most expensive players due to their attacking ability. 

They would outscore a typical defender such as Harry Maguire almost every time.

Every second counts. If your player isn’t on the pitch, he won’t be scoring points. 

Avoid players who rarely complete 90 minutes, as this will damage your chances of winning match day dividends.

Look for winners. The scoring chart gives a bonus when you win, this could be the difference between dividends or being beaten.

Take your chances. The scoring chart will drop you points if your player misses a big chance. 

There are players that are regularly missing big chances, such as Romelu Lukaku in the 2018 season. 

There will be moments where you don’t win Match Day Dividends, even though your portfolio is set up perfectly.

If you stick with the best players that earn regular dividends, you can’t go wrong. 

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