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Payouts: What are they?

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Match Day Extra Payouts

It’s safe to say that we’ve all been waiting for this Football Index announcement. Since IPD’s were removed from the platform, I think every trader was intrigued as to what the replacement would be. 

Fortunately, it’s a good one with another Payout added to replace individual payouts for Goals & Assists. Although IPD’s were good on the surface, it was quite difficult for new users to keep track of them and to some extent fully understand them.

This has led to the birth of Match Day Extra, which is what we will be explaining today.

Match Day Extra Payouts

PositionGoalkeeperDefendersMidfieldersForwardsRulesPayment Time:
Payout: 2 Places Paid for GK, 6 Places Outfield£0.01 Per Share£0.01 Per Share£0.01 Per Share£0.01 Per ShareMust Own & Hold Player Until Dividend is PaidFriday Mid-Morning

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How does Match Day Extra Work?

Fortunately, Match Day Extra looks really simple. Every single week, Football Index will take the top 6 performances from each outfield position, alongside two goalkeepers that didn’t receive a match day dividend.

These 20 players will receive a match day extra dividend, something which they would have never received before.

The good news is that all existing shares are currently eligible, with minimal rules included. I’ll explain those below, too.

We’ve included the payout table above, but the payout is basically £0.01 per share. 

6 forwards, 6 midfielders, 6 defenders & 2 goalkeepers will receive this payout.

Benefits of Match Day Extra Dividends

On the surface, this looks like a fantastic payout and it will also serve well in reducing ‘FOMO’. The Fear of Missing out.

I’m not sure about you, but I tend to get pretty annoyed when my player gets subbed off in the 84th minute and misses out on a dividend payout. It always tends to be the same story, going right to the final whistle. You can’t moan about the entertainment level, as Football Index is definitely one of the most exciting platforms I’ve used.

With the Match Day Extra dividends, your near misses can still result in a dividend payout. It may only be £0.01 per share, but that’s still better than £0.00!

Match Day Extra definitely has the potential to become better than it’s predecessor. Goals & Assists were also fun, but led to the market turning very short term. Now, long term holds still qualify for a payout and this saves having to recycle shares, or miss out on payouts.

I think initially, Match Day Extra will benefit the premium holds on the platform. Really, these players should be winning dividends regularly anyway, but the Extra payout can provide a little buffer in case they under-perform.

I’m really pleased that there’s no time expiry on these dividends. It will make it easier to explain to new players on the platform, but also ensure loyal traders are rewarded for continuing to play & hold players.

Football Index will also update their socials with the 20 winning performances, on every Friday morning.

That’s all for this new dividend announcement, so I’ll finish up with a few Frequently Asked Questions on our new dividend.

Match Day Extra Dividends FAQ

What are the main rules around Match Day Extra?

The game week will run from Friday morning, to Late Thursday night. The payout will then be made on the Friday morning.

Is there a Match Day Extra Deadline?

You must purchase your shares in a player before kick-off in their respective games. If you want a chance to earn Match Day Extra dividends for Mikel Oyarzabal, but Real Sociedad kick off at 20:00 then you must purchase before 19:59:59.

Can I sell my hold, Re-buy & still earn the payout?

You must hold your original shares until you receive a payout. If you sell & re-buy, you will not be eligible due to buying shares after kick-off.

Which Competitions are eligible?

The same competitions as Match Day Dividends. That’s Premier League, La liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Champions League & Europa League. 

Nothing has been confirmed yet for European Championships etc.

What happens in the event of a Tie?

Football Index have opted to settle this in the same method as they do for Match Day Dividends. This means that the younger footballer will earn the payout.

What happens to the 1.25x Modifier?

The multiplier will apply to Match Day Extra dividends. It would have made things far too difficult for us traders if this didn’t exist. This will give those players a slight advantage, but they are the most prestiged competitions in club football… so they deserve it.

Can a player win Match Day Extra Dividends twice?

Yes, a player can win twice, or multiple times. Providing their performances are in the Top 6, they can win as many times as they play. It’s probably going to be rare to see 3+ wins from a single player though.

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