Big October Update!

Football Index have made some BIG changes...
Football Index Dividend Update Announcement


Football Index: October Update

We’ve got a big update for you tonight, fresh from the Football Index Announcement.

If you aren’t too sure what this announcement is/was, no problem as I’m about to explain it all.

It consists of:

  • A New Dividend Table
  • Revamped Match Days
  • Dividend Deadline Changes
  • A Word from Adam Cole

So let’s get into it

New Dividend Table

From November 2019, Dividends on Football Index will be increased. If you thought this was a small change, guess again, Dividends have been increased by 57% across the board. 

Football Index understand the importance of Dividends and have put them at the centre of attention, giving them generous increases.

The new scoring chart below shows you what to expect when your player next wins dividends. In my opinion this is a monumental step forward for Football Index, as it allows for further growth and will attract many new users to the platform.

Revamped Match Days

Now this one’s not as exciting as such a massive increase in dividends, in fact its probably not exciting at all.

However, it’s useful for the on boarding of new users, subsequently this will bring platform growth.

Previously named Single Day, Double Day & Treble Day, Football Index have made an aesthetic change to the Match Days. Now, they will be classified as:

Bronze, Silver & Gold Match Day.

It’s undoubtedly going to be easier to understand for new members, plus they look really nice! Note, I don’t own the above images, they were designed by Football Index and the icons are their content.

Payouts have also been increased to make the platform easier to understand, with £0.02 being paid on a Bronze day, £0.04 on a Silver day & £0.08 on a Gold Day.

Media Buzz will be £0.03 on all of the above days.

Media Dividends Increased

Treble Media Days will be very interesting, as the payouts have increased by 50% in total.

I’m living for Media Buzz!

First place will now win £0.05, Second place will win £0.03 and Third place wins £0.01.

As I briefly mentioned above, payouts on Match Days have also increased to £0.03 per day.

Star Player Changes

Many Football Index traders believed that the Match Day Payouts were a little skewed. On a Gold Match Day, a star player would only receive a £0.02 payout, after winning £0.05 for their positional dividend.

This has now been increased massively, on a Gold Day your player will receive £0.08 for position and another £0.08 for being the star performer.

It’s really refreshing to see Football Index listen to active users feedback.

Dividend Deadline

The Match Day & Media deadline has also been pushed back to 15:00, meaning traders can now wait until the lineups are announced to make their trading decisions.

Previously, this was 14:00, which led to uncertainty when trading as nobody was certain if the player would be starting or not.

This change is a welcome addition.

Beta Website

The Beta website is now live and accessible here

Although I haven’t tried this myself yet, it looks like another positive step forward. Whilst I’m a fan of not changing what isn’t broke, the new website will provide statistical analysis, comparisons & will appeal to even more users.

Whilst I agree that Index Edge & Gain offer valuable tools, there are recreational traders which won’t be able to pay a monthly fee. These free stats will help new users integrate.

Adam Cole

It’s good to see Adam Cole recognise the importance of dividends on the Football Index platform. After all, they are the main driver of prices.

Going forward it looks like FI are going to be changing the algorithms for the Media scoring system.

It also reads as if FI are planning to introduce another payout, for players which perform well long-term. This is very interesting, but I wonder if it will end up being a 90 day in play dividend?


This is a very good announcement, which will have seen many traders earn substantial profit.

Not only on the night of the announcement, you’ll have larger dividend returns going forward… which sets the scene for the foreseeable future.

What’s next for Football Index?

Murmurs in the community state that the next step for FI should be Tiered Match Days, where the top 3 players would earn a dividend, instead of the top player only.

However, the costs of this must also be addressed. Football Index couldn’t just add Payouts, they would have to reduce the payout for 1st place.

Would you rather an £0.08 payout, or £0.04, £0.03 & £0.01?

Thinking long term, it probably wouldn’t be such a bad thing for Payouts to be reduced and spread along the tier.

More winners, every day. If you are new to Football Index, I highly advise you read my Football Index Review, which is by far the most comprehensive guide available online.

From one trader to another, I wish you great success.