Return of the IPO’s – Ones to Watch

If you’re new to Football Index, an IPO is an Initial Public Offering, in the easiest way possible i’ll say it’s a new player that’s being released to the platform.

The players that are added tend to be the latest up and coming players, but they aren’t limited to this. You may also find players from newly promoted clubs, or other players which Football Index haven’t added yet.

Monday 11th to Friday 15th November 2019 IPOs

There are lots of players being added in the upcoming week, with the bulk of the players coming from Brescia, Lecce & Verona, Metz, Brest & Dijon.

I’ve had a quick look at the players on this list, but none of them evidently stand out at present and I can’t see them being in with a chance of being regular dividend winners. These players will all be introduced between £0.30 and £1.50, at any point during the window.

I’ll cut to the chase, there are 4 players on this list that are going to be on the receiving end of some heavy interest.

Harvey Elliott

Harvey Elliott signed for Liverpool in the summer, moving from Fulham. He’s only 16 years old, but has already had his names in the headlines (albeit for the wrong reasons, abusing Harry Kane on Social Media).

He hasn’t played in the Premier League yet, but he has scored in the EFL Trophy against Oldham Athletic. He also assisted a goal against Arsenal in the EFL, where Liverpool famously beat them 10-9 on penalties.

His IPO price isn’t cheap at all, it could be anywhere from £1 to £3. Personally, I think that £1 is steep for him, it will be at least 2 seasons until he’s ready for regular football. Remember, he’s only 16!

Ansu Fati

Another future specimen, Ansu Fati is a Left Winger for Barcelona. He really set the scene alight during a difficult spell for Barcelona, when they were without Messi, Suarez & Ousmane Dembele. He stepped up and helped Barcelona out, scoring twice and assisting once.

It was his flair which really excited the fans. It’s rumoured that his contract now includes a £200 million release clause. He’s 17.

Regarding his Football Index price, his price will be from £2.50 to £5.00. This is a crazy price as even if he only enters at £2.50, that’s close to Griezmann and Dembele’s current price, but i’ll explain why this might not be so bad afterall, later. If you’re looking at purchasing the 17 year old, at that price range you can probably get more bang for your buck, as Fati probably won’t get many minutes overall, limiting his Dividend output. He is however, a player for the future. Lots of traders enjoy buying and holding onto Youth Players.

Eduardo Camavinga

Another Youth, Camavinga is a central midfielder which has shown great form over the recent months. He’s already being tipped for big things, which has undoubtedbly earnt him the £2 to £4.50 price tag on Football Index.

Eduardo won the August POTM award, which is quite a feat for a 17 year old. He’s not a goal scorer and has only clocked up one assist so far this season in 10 appearances.

It’s his performance against Paris St-Germain which has raised eyebrows all over the globe. He outplayed elite talents such as Marquinhos, Di Maria & Verratti.

He’s still developing, but he looks like he will be a hard player to contain when moving forward & at 17 he’s already shown a fantastic passing range.

Fikayo Tomori

Tomori is another Youth player, this time coming from the Premier League. He’s learning his trade at Chelsea, which has recently turned from a Youth graveyard, to a development team! Frank Lampard and the transfer ban appears to be a blessing in disguise for Chelsea.

Tomori has been sent out on loan for the last 3 years, which is a crazy stat as he’s only 21. He’s been to Brighton, Hull City & Derby County.

He was ever present in Frank Lampard’s Derby County, which is why I am not so shocked to see Tomori owning the Centre Back position for Chelsea. Frank trusts him. Rightly so, Tomori has proven to be a solid player & at 21 years old, he has plenty more growth in the tank.

His entry point is between £1.50 and £3.00, which means there’s the potential that Tomori could be the highest priced centre back on the platform. Currently, it’s Virgil Van Dijk at £2.58.

You can pick up Varane, Skriniar or Koulibaly for less than Tomori will cost, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Let’s explain why.

Importance of the Pricing Model

The pricing model of new players entering the market is absolutely vital, Football Index need to get this right to protect existing users. If they IPO all of these players with excellent youth potential for just £0.30-£0.50 (which is probably their actual worth on the Index at this moment in time), there will be many more traders which would want to grab hold of these players.

Not all traders have money in their cash balances, so many would be selling their current positions, which would be taking money out of the platform and some players would be crashing pretty hard. A low start price would attract all of the traders, who aren’t remotely interested in owning the player, instead they will be buying and selling for a profit.

As Football Index have set high prices, only the traders who really want that player in their portfolio would be inclined to purchase. As the prices are high, it leaves less room for the Flippers. This keeps the market stable.

Not Getting Involved?

I’m not getting involved in the IPO’s, as it’s a huge ‘Fear of Missing Out’ carnival, which lasts for a few weeks! However, there are many benefits to these IPO’s, even if you aren’t adding players to your portfolio.

Let’s use the Griezmann example again, comparing him with Ansu Fati.

One is an elite talent, World Cup Winner, Euro Championship finalist.

One has only played in 10 games, without any real experience. The Jury is still out.

However, on Football Index, Ansu Fati will be more expensive to purchase shares in. The truth is, for the next 2-3 years at least, Antoinne Griezmann will have a better chance of earning Dividends on the platform. Much is the same with Harvey Elliott & Camavinga.

Tomori will instantly become one of the highest priced central defenders, which is one of the hardest positions to win dividends from.

I rest my case!

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