Sorare Portugal: 4 Picks after A Scouting Mission

Cristiano Ronaldo. Bruno Fernandes. Joao Felix. How easy this post could be!

Unfortunately, for myself, I try not to make these scouting missions too easy and I like a little bit of a challenge. Although it would be fantastic to hold the above players on Sorare, only a small pool of people will be able to. They’re expensive.

Instead, I like to have a look around the National teams and choose some players which could offer some value. I’m not saying that Ronaldo isn’t value, but every manager that holds that player probably expects a win every single week. In all fairness they should, at £3,000 a card!

So in this Sorare Portugal Scouting mission, I’ve decided to choose some players which aren’t unknown, but instead offer some solid scores with the chance of a big score that could earn you the win.

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Joao Palhinha

Palhinha is a player that I was extremely fascinated by at the Euros. He’s everpresent in the Sporting CP team, sitting deep at the heart of their midfield. 

For Portugal at the Euros, he was very impressive and he knows how to control the tempo of the game. He’s 26 years old, so he’s not a wonderkid to keep your eye on. 

Instead of buying a player for the future, here, you are buying a defensive midfielder which is ever-present. During 2020/21, he only missed two games due to covid-19. He won’t be a player that can score every single week, but he will be able to notch up his points haul from his build-up play. 

Joao Palhinha Sorare

Diogo Dalot

Diogo Dalot hasn’t had the most ideal time since joining Manchester United. It was made clear that United couldn’t fully depend on him, when they later decided to sign Aaron Wan-Bissaka. This eventually led to Dalot being loaned out to AC Milan, where he had a fantastic campaign.

Towards the start of Dalot’s loan, he didn’t feature much. However, at the turn of the year, he became a presence in the first-team, making the right back slot his own.

Diogo Dalot Sorare

He has now returned from AC Milan, but he’s definitely one to watch as his future is unclear. He wants to play football, but I can’t see him dislodging the position of Wan-Bissaka. 

For our Sorare prospects, another loan at AC Milan would be welcome. For this reason, he’s definitely one to watch as he’s a fairly cheap option for a defender that’s elgible for the Under 23’s division on S05.

Ruben Dias

Ruben Dias has a huge collectable value, but you’ll struggle to add him to your gallery. Let me explain.

Ruben Dias signed for Man City in the 2020/21 campaign, but before that he played for Benfica. They were licensed by Sorare, but Man City aren’t. For this reason, we only have the 2019/20 Benfica variant cards of Ruben Dias, and they are limited. 

Ruben Dias Sorare

There are 85 Ruben Dias cards on the platform, with just one currently listed for sale.

Despite this, if you have the bankroll which can afford Ruben Dias, I would certainly consider adding the defensive unit to your gallery. In addition to receiving a scarce card, you’ll be receiving a defender that leads the line for a team that don’t plan to concede often.

Florentino Luis

Initially, this was reserved for Pedro Goncalves. However, a quick check and his price was through the roof at more or less 1.0 Eth. This is quite a premium price to pay for an asset that is very close to not being eligible for the Under 23 leagues. I am predicting that his price will decline a little.

The next option was Nuno Mendes, but he never got a look in during the latest Euro 2020 tournament which is going to drop some of his hype. In addition to that, Manchester City publicly stated they have no interest & aren’t sure where the interest surfaced from. So, I decided he wasn’t yet worth the 0.750 Ethereum either!

Up steps my third pick, and after scouting him I swiftly added his Sorare Rookie card (below), to my account.

Florentino Luis

I purchased this from Zima Blue for the pricey sum of 0.07 Ethereum, which works out at around £110. I think that’s a pretty good deal, considering he’s just 21 years old. 

He’s not yet getting the minutes every single gameweek, which makes him a little bit risky in that sense. You could well add him to your lineups and receive a massive DNP. Long term, I think he’s a solid bet and I’m keen to see what happens this season. He’s just returned from Monaco on loan, where he neither shined or hid away. He did a job.

His playstyle reminds me of Aaron Wan-Bissaka, which sounds strange comparing a defensive midfielder to a right back. However, it’s the way that he breaks the game down, he’s a physical presence and his feet seem to stretch on, and on!


We really have a pick of everything above. Florentino Luis was in much more demand last year and is most definitely the best value pick, as he has the potential to double, or even triple in price. The only question mark around his playability on Sorare S05 is that Benfica have quite a packed out team, and we really need players that can hit 90 minutes. 

The great thing about finding Portugese wonderkids is that the Primeira Liga clubs have fantastic academies, with fresh talent coming each year. 

Have you found a Portugese Star that you’d like us to write a feature on? We can do that! Drop us a comment below.

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