Sorare Sign Up Offer: Unlock Your Sign Up Bonus

Want a Free Sorare Card?

New Managers will receive a 50% discount on New Cards, up to $20 in credits. Free to Play game modes are also available.

How to Claim the Sorare Sign Up Bonus

You can get started on Sorare with Free Cards! This is a special offer referral link, which rewards you with a Free Limited Card when you buy 5 Players from the ‘New Card Auctions’ market.

  • Create Your Sorare Account
  • Complete the Onboarding Process where you will receive your Starter Cards.
  • Choose Your Favourite Team, and Create your Club Logo
  • You must then purchase 5 Players from the Sorare Auction House
  • Once you have done this, you will receive your Free Limited Card from Sorare. This can be sold for a Profit, or you can keep this as you build up your collection.

What is sorare?

Sorare is a global fantasy football game, allowing you to collect officially licenced digital cards. With prizes on offer each week, you are motivated to continually increase your collection. In addition to Football, Sorare have recently introduced the MLB Fantasy Game. If you’re looking for the MLB guide, you can find that here.

It’s a Fantasy Football Game where you actually own the players that you want in your team. Starting from nothing, managers build up their Galleries to compete with other managers. Prizes range from cash rewards, to unlocking more cards such as Kylian Mbappe and more.

Managers use their football knowledge to choose the best players on a given gameweek, and then the competition begins. Your team will score points for their actions on the pitch, and the highest scoring teams will earn the best rewards.

Sorare Tournament Prizes
An Example of the Prizes that can be won on Sorare

The prizes are real, and worth a lot of money in some cases. This manager has recently won a #62 Serial Joshua Kimmich, with a Floor Price of £15,000. Although the cards are digital, they are extremely limited and in high demand.

Sorare is backed by a huge team of investors such as Rio Ferdinand, Andre Schurrle & Antoine Griezmann. They have also attracted the likes of Ubisoft. In 2022, Kylian Mbappe became the official Brand Ambassador for the platform. Griezmann himself has an account, playing Sorare regularly. We’ve also seen Timo Werner on the platform, however he’s a little bit of a haggler and loves to snap up a bargain!

The easiest way to get started on Sorare is to open up your first pack of cards, which is 10 common cards given to you completely free. These cannot be sold, but they can be used to win sellable cards. Going forward, you can start to build your gallery with cards as little as £0.25.

How to Play Sorare

If you’re ready to get started, you should definitely consider using our affiliate link which will get you a Free Limited Card, when you purchase 5 cards from the auction area. In addition to this, you will be able to complete the onboarding process and earn your 10 Free Common Cards.

After you have earnt your free reward card from our sign up bonus, you will be able to keep this and continue growing your gallery of superstars or sell the card if it doesn’t fit in your plans. From this point, you will then be able to channel your inner Sorare Scout and start building your gallery. You can enter fantasy tournaments and win rare cards.

Only one question remains; are you going to build for the future, or purchase proven talent?

How to Get Your Free SORARE Cards

If you’re ready to go, you can get your free cards here. Once you’ve completed the sign up form, you’ll be taken through the onboarding process. This onboarding process will explain absolutely everything about Sorare, from how to Train your Digital Cards to gain XP, to bidding for players and entering tourmanents.

The Onboarding Process Consists of:

  • Picking Your Club Name & Official Team Logo. This can be changed at any time, so don’t worry too much about it.
  • Select Your Favourite Clubs. Sorare will provide a list of clubs, and your free cards will be distributed with better chance of you getting your favourite players. I’d be cheeky here and select the best clubs as your favourite one!
  • Unlocking all of your Common Cards. This will be your 10 Base Cards, where you can enter Common & Academy Tournaments.
  • Building Your First Team and Entering a Tournament.
  • Following A Player. This is important, as you will then be alerted when their cards become available.
  • Placing your First Bid on a Card. This is also important, as you can learn the process.

The above sounds like quite a task, but you’ll be able to complete this in less than 5 minutes. You will be given 12 cards in total, once you have completed each task. Notice above I advised you to select the best clubs. This is purely for fantasy reasons, as you want the players that score the most points each week. It ultimately gives you the best chance of winning better cards.

How to Enter a Tournament on Sorare

Entering a Tournament on Sorare is incredibly easy. You can enter any tournament that you wish, but as a beginner you’ll definitely be better suited to the Common Division, or the Academy Division.

To enter a tourmanent, select the appropriate division from the list, and compose your team. It’s important to know if a player is going to play or not, but Sorare have made things much easier here. If you see Club Logos, their team are playing that gameweek. If you see ‘NG’, this means they have no game and will not score any points.

Entering A Tournament with Sign Up Bonus
Composing a Team for the Sorare Academy

As you build your gallery up with more players, it can become quite difficult to know if your player is going to be playing that gameweek. Although Sorare never confirm this themselves, they do provide you the players last 5 Scores in the player information box. If you see a Zero, they weren’t involved. At this point, I’d check around on Transfermarkt as they’re typically reallly good at updating injuries.

I mentioned that there were lots of tournaments to enter, so let’s breakdown exactly what you can enter below:

  • Global All Star: This is a very useful tournament which every player is eligible for. You can lock in a £25 / £50 reward for scoring over 250 points.
  • Global Under 23: This is limited for players under the Age of 23.
  • Over 32 League: This ones for the veterans, and you must be over 32 to participate. I really like this one, as it reduces a bit of fear about ‘older players’. This is a tournament which Sorare are trialling, so let’s see if it stays.
  • Champion Europe: This Tournament is for the players from the Top 5 European leagues. These are Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A & Bundesliga.
  • Challenger Europe: Players from the Rest of Europe. The most popular teams here are Ajax & Club Brugge etc.
  • Champion Asia: Any Players currently playing in Asia.
  • Global Unique: This is the most prestigous tournament on the entire game. You need deep pockets to enter this, as the cards are the most expensive cards in the game. To put this into perspective; Erling Haaland’s Unique sold for around £400,000.

All of the above dvisions have a tournament for each card scarcity level, I’ll be explaining Card Types & Scarcity very soon.

When composing your team, you need to select the following players:

  • Goalkeeper
  • Defender
  • Midfielder
  • Forward
  • Extra. This extra slot is similar to a wildcard, you can select any outfield player (Defender, Midfielder or Forward).

Once you’ve filled your lineup, select confirm and you’re ready to go!

Sorare MLB works in exactly the same way, with multiple tournaments available to enter. There’s different positions in MLB though, so no need to worry about goalkeepers!

Sorare Reward Cards & Prizes

The part that you’re most excited about, I’m sure. The truth is, every manager wants to win rewards. I’m sure every manager has also had that dream about entering a tournament with a budget card, to return with a Kylian Mbappe reward card. This sounds unbelievable, but I saw this happen.

Game Rewards are the reason for the whole Sorare economy being as strong as it is. Managers want to continue to compete for prizes such as Mbappe, as they’re worth thousands of pounds. This causes more competition in the auctions, which leads to higher priced players. You aren’t tied to your rewards forever, you can list them for sale immediately.

For the next example, we are going to be looking at the All Star Limited Division.

All Star Limited Tournament

This tournament currently has 9,209 managers entered into it, with 600 reward cards on offer in addition to $437.50 in cash prizes. Not every manager will win, but 600 is quite a good number. You can click the reward icon and it will give you a breakdown of the Prize Pool.

Sorare All Star Prize Pool

The cash prizes are divided out between the top three managers, with first place taking the most money. In addition to this, they will earn a Star Limited Prize. In fact, all managers to position number 15 will win a Star Limited Card. #16 to #85 wins a Tier 1 Limited, with the others getting Tier 2 and Tier 3 Limited Cards. The Tier means their card quality, with Star being the best, and Tier 3 being the lower tier.

Sorare Limited Rewards
Star Rewards in the Sorare Limited Pot

The Star Limited players contain the elite players on Sorare. Kylian Mbappe, Joshua Kimmich, Vinicius Junior. These are the very best players and will be the most valuable cards. Don’t be shocked to see these sell for £2,000 to £3,000.

what do the Sorare Cards mean?

You might be thinking, can’t we all just enter the same team on Sorare? The answer in short, is, no. There are 4 Variations of each card that is released onto the Market, known as Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique Cards.

Each of these Card Types have access to their own tournaments, and they all have different values. Why?

Sorare limit the amount of cards that can be released onto the platform during a season. This helps to stabilise the market prices, but also ensures that managers can’t all enter with the same lineups. The following is released during a season:

  • Limited Cards – These are Yellow in Colour, Limited to 1,000 maximum cards
  • Rare Cards – These are Red, limited to 100 cards
  • Super Rare Cards – Blue Cards, with 10 cards minted per season
  • Unique Cards – 1 Card per season.
Maarten Vandevoordt Sorare
Kylian Mbappe Super Rare
Super Rare

There are over 140,000 active managers on Sorare as of July 2022. This number is only expected to rise as Sorare begin marketing their product more. They’ve recently signed deals with Transfermarkt, and we’ve seen their advertising boards at certain football matches. Take a look at the below graph, which shows just how fast Sorare is growing.

Sorare Manager Count

Although the 1,000 limit of cards seems quite high, there’s not enough to cope with the demand, and this is what causes prices to remain high. This is how the Unique’s are so expensive, as only one card is released per season and they’re the most in-demand, with smallest supply.

How to Deposit Money to Your Sorare Account – Adding Eth to Your Sorare Wallet

If you’re ready to start playing in the premium leagues, you’ll need to add some money to your balance. Sorare values players in Ethereum, which is a cryptocurrency, but it also shows the USD/GBP amount too. In order to deposit onto Sorare, you will need to deposit Ethereum.

Thankfully, Sorare have made things much easier recently, with the addition of their payment providers which makes the whole process much easier than it was around 2019! There are a few ways to deposit such as:

  • Using RAMP – This is my favourite option, as it’s really fast and doesn’t require any knowledge of crypto. It allows managers to add their debit card to the platform, depositing the amount that they want to for a minimal fee. Typically, you can deposit £1,000 for less than £10 in fees. Managers will need to complete KYC checks before a deposit can be completed, but this is swift.
  • Using Moonpay – This is another payment provider that follows the same process as RAMP, however, their fees are a little higher so it doesn’t make sense to use them unless they have a “zero-fee” promotion running.
  • Bid Using your debit card directly – If you don’t have time to deposit using a payment provider, you have the option to make an immediate bid using your debit or credit card. This does come with additional fees from your bank too, so it’s probably only worth using this if you have a fee-free bank. What I do like about this, is that the money is returned to your bank card if your bid doesn’t win. (The downside of this, is that you can’t use it to directly deposit into your account).
  • Use a Crypto Wallet – This option is most suited towards experienced NFT people. They will most likely already have a wallet such as Metamask, which can be used for depositing and withdrawing to their account.

It’s perfect time to recommend my withdrawing article, which is perfect for managers who are looking at how to withdraw their ethereum.

How to Buy a Player on Sorare

Just like there were multiple ways to deposit, there are also multiple ways to add new players to your gallery. In addition to winning these reward cards, Sorare have a platform where you can search for specific players you want to add. This is perfect if you’re a Sorare Scout, looking to purchase specific wonderkids or high-performers. The ways that you can purchase players are:

Placing a Bid on a Player on Sorare
Placing a Bid on Jude Bellingham Super Rare – New Card Auction
  • New Card Auctions. These are new cards which have been added to the platform that no other manager has owned before. Auction prices start really low, and managers battle to add that specific card to their gallery. When the auction timer ends, the highest bidder will receive their card.
  • Transfer Market. In this area, you will find cards that managers have listed for sale. The prices and sale times are decided by the manager themselves, so it’s the perfect place to find a bargain.
  • Trade Deals. The final form of acquiring a player is where you can approach managers and make a trade deal. This could be straight up player for player swaps, or using player and cash balances to sweeten the deal. There are no guarantees that the other manager will accept your offer though, so it’s important to make sure it’s a fair one!

If you’re looking at getting your free limited card from the Sorare Sign up Bonus, you need to purchase five players from the Auction section.

Sorare Sign Up Offer: Next Steps

Once you have received your Sorare Sign Up Bonus Card, you will be able to continue on your journey. If the random card you receive doesn’t fit your plans, you can sell this and purchase somebody different. Let us know in the comments which Free Sorare Card you get, and cross your fingers for a massive reward!