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Sorare Sign Up Offer

Build a Collection of the best players in World Football. Compete & Win Ethereum in addition to acquiring Free Cards

Mbappe Sorare

New Players will receive a Free Card, when purchasing 5 Cards on the market.

New Players will receive a when purchasing 5 Cards on the market.

A Global Fantasy Football Game

What is the Sorare Sign up Offer?

Sorare have included an incentive for new players, to kick-start their collection of NFTs. When a new manager follows a Referral link, like our one above, they will become eligible for a Free Sorare Card.

This offer is locked in until you purchase 5 Cards from the Primary Market, then you will receive an extra card. This card is a Rare Card, so you will be able to sell it, if it doesn’t fit your collection requirements.

The card is awarded at random, I’ve seen people awarded a £3,000 Jan Oblak… but I’ve also been on the receiving end of a £80 J-League player myself!

Sorare Guide wouldn’t be much of a Brand Ambassador if we didn’t add our own touch, so we’ve decided to make the Sign Up Bonus even better. Incorporating the Trading Card ‘Hobby’, I regularly run Free to Enter raffles for Sorare cards myself. Check here for the latest winners.

Every month, we pick some cards to enter raffles. This is because when we refer a player to Sorare, we also receive a Free Card. Instead of taking that Free Card and selling it, we decide to give it back to the community.

I run the Raffles from my personal Card Trading website, so make sure you’re following that! All you have to do, is drop us an email with your manager name, and we can confirm that you’ll be in the draw.

So, you could say that we have the Best Sorare Sign Up Bonus. We are definitely doing our bit to help onboard new players!

Recent Sorare Reviews:

"Crypto is booming. Sorare is Booming. What a great platform. I've won an Andy Robertson too!".
"Sorare is fantastic. It's surreal seeing real players such as Antoine Griezmann building their collection.

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What is Sorare?

Sorare is a fantasy football game, where players must build their collection of football superstars. It’s completely different to DFS, where players are given a pot of money & are required to build the best team.

On Sorare, you receive rewards for managing your team, winning tournaments and trading your virtual player cards.

The cards that you purchase never expire, which means there is a true collectible reason for holding these cards. Although they don’t physically exist and you can’t hold them, like a cardboard hobby card, they do exist on the blockchain and they do hold a value.

Where Sorare comes into it’s own is the tournaments, where there is something for everyone. On a gameweek, there are multiple tournaments available to enter, where you can enter players from their 126 licensed clubs. Sorare are also adding more and more clubs every week.

If you need to read up more on How Sorare Works, I would recommend our Beginners Guide. For more in-depth information on how the platform works, our review of Sorare will answer all of your questions.

Official Sorare ambassadors

Grizzy himself is active and playing on Sorare & you can find him with manager name "Grizou".
Antoine Griezmann Sorare
Antoine Griezmann
Rio Ferdinand has invested in Sorare, due to the potential he can see in the platform.
Rio Ferdinand Sorare
Rio Ferdinand
Oliver Bierhoff has invested in Sorare too, and he also has a Unique Card!
Oliver Bierhoff Sorare
Oliver Bierhoff