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Team of the Month Dividends

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July 2020 Update

Football Index have provided their latest platform update, spoiling us with yet another Dividend that we can earn. 

This time, we get Team of the Month dividends, which are a great addition to a growing platform. 

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What are Team of the Month Dividends?

Team of the Month Dividends are a new dividend, which reward 11 of the best performing players on Football Index, every single month.

At the end of the month, dividends are paid out on:

  • 1 Goalkeeper
  • 3 Defenders
  • 4 Midfielders
  • 3 Forwards

The payout is fixed into a strict 3-4-3 formation, where Football Players will battle it out to earn you dividends.

Players are included based on the total score, from their 3 highest performances in that calendar month.

For example, if Paulo Dybala scores 150, 150, 150 and 56, his score will be 450. This is because it will only take the best three performances into consideration.

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Team of the Month Payouts

Although players are competing to get into Team of the Month, there are also little sub-competitions inside of TOTM itself. This comes in the form of Tiered Payouts. 

Payouts aren’t split, instead Football Index are rewarding the best performers even further.


  • There is one payout for the goalkeeper
  • This is a £0.05 payout.
  • This is a positive move for Goalkeepers, who had no dividends before the announcement.


  • Three Positions are paid out.
  • The Highest scoring defender will earn £0.10, 2nd Place earns £0.03 and 3rd place earns £0.02


  • 4 Positions are Paid out
  • The Highest scoring defender will earn £0.10, 2nd Place earns £0.03 and 3rd place earns £0.02. 4th place will earn £0.01
  • It’s played in a 3-4-3 due to Midfield having highest Competition (generally).


  • Three Positions are paid out.
  • The Highest scoring Forward will earn £0.10, 2nd Place earns £0.03 and 3rd place earns £0.02

More on Team of the Month Announcement

The Team of the Month announcement was generally met with an underwhelming vibe (on Social Media). Some traders expected a bigger announcement, but I think this is really fun and will keep the product exciting. 

Football Index will update the Team of the Month leaderboard on their official website, after every single matchday.

Also, it’s been confirmed that the Team of the Month payouts are a FULL term dividend. This means that you can own a player from 2 years ago, and he will still be able to earn you Team of the Month dividends. 

There were thoughts that this was a dividends similar to the IPD’s, but that’s not the case.

Team of the Month will also help Football Index to appeal to more people, which is how to keep organic growth on an upwards trajectory.

It’s a strange time at the moment, with no Football officially being played, but we look forward to normal football… maybe next season!

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