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Today I will purely be estimating player increases / decreases during the 2018 World Cup, as well as picking a few players I think have a great chance of shining during the competition.

We all remember James Rodriguez setting the World Cup on fire with his dazzling performances, but we also remember when the France squad had a compete meltdown on the pitch and went crashing out of the competition.

This is completely different to what I usually do, but it’s going to be a fun little challenge.

Performance Buzz dividends will be paid out during the World Cup competition. This will have many positive and negative effects.

World Cup Preview

Obviously the positives are that we all have more chance to earn dividends!

However, on the flip side, many traders had already started planning their portfolio for the ‘World Cup Media Buzz’, obviously this is a risk the traders accepted when they did this.

Traders were certain the English players would be stronger contenders for the Media Buzz crown, mainly due to the fact that the Media Buzz scoring system favours English media and they don’t write about foreign leagues as much.

Players such as Rashford, Harry Kane, Dele Alli surged, until the Performance Buzz announcement. Rashford lost over 70p of his share value, falling to just over £3.20.

Media Buzz will still be available to win, but the payout is believed to be ‘reduced’.

There has been no official announcement on the payout, but traders like to make their moves ahead of the market, to take full advantage. 

All we know so far is that Performance Buzz will be running at the World Cup, we are just expecting it to be a 5p Media Payout.

Until a formal announcement is made, I cannot say otherwise. Who knows… it could be Triple Media & Performance, as the World Cup doesn’t come around too often! (We can hope!)

Enough of me speculating… Let’s get analysing who we think will shine during the tournament

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Players on my radar


Neymar is one of my top picks for the World Cup. He has the potential to win dividends on all fronts, making him a trader favourite on Football Index. Obviously, being a traders favourite means that he will command a higher price, so it’s no surprise to see Neymar top the index at over £10.50 a future.

Ever since his move to PSG, there has been continuous rumours that Neymar is not fully satisfied at PSG as the level of competition is low. His own dad also admitted that Neymar moved to PSG to be able to make his dream transfer to Real Madrid, as he could have never moved from Barcelona to Real Madrid.

We can’t be sure of the exact truth behind it, but all traders know that Transfer Rumours mean Buzz points! If Neymar has a god World Cup, I can see these rumours intensifying as Real Madrid have a huge rebuilding task next season. They are also known for buying ‘Galacticos’, they buy players that are brands aswell as brilliant footballers.

Setting aside the potential Media Buzz returns, Neymar has a great chance to advance through to the Final, Brazil are a team which should expect nothing less!

In the group stages, they face Serbia, Costa Rica & Switzerland. A forward with the ability of Neymar won’t struggle to run rings around these teams.

Obviously it’s not guaranteed, but you would certainlt expect Neymar to score lots & he should be competing for the Golden Boot.

A player which has potential to win either dividends, with the added bonus of playing for Brazil who would be expected to reach the final.

The only drawback is the £10+ per future, but as the index catches up and other players rise, this will be the norm price… he may even rise!

Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard is next on my preview, another player sitting high up the market, he’s the top priced midfielder on the index, undoubtedly as he is Real Madrid top target this summer.

If he performs well at the World Cup, similar to Neymar, he will be the subject of intense Media speculation and I believe Real Madrid will bid for him.

He is a brilliant Belgian, who have to consider themselves as potentials to go all the way in the World Cup. Looking at their squad, Hazard De Bruyne, Lukaku, Mertens, Dembele, Fellaini, Witsel, Chadli, Nainggolan, Carrasco, Vertonghen, Alderweireld…

The list goes on! This squad is full of stars, if Martinez can manage this team well I believe they can destroy any team, strong defensive & attacking players who should hopefully put on a good show.

Hazard is definitely going to be monitored by media outlets.

In regards to Performance Buzz, Hazard has won this in the past, but it’s not something he scores amazingly well in. This may not be the case Internationally, but we will have to wait and see!

The reason that I have added Grezmann into this is because there will most likely be immense transfer speculation around him at this time. Last summer, Griezmann was reported to move to Man Utd, his share price rocketed to almost £7. It’s a bit of a riskier shout this time, as now Alexis Sanchez has signed for United, they have ruled themselves out of signing another attacker.

So he won’t be moving to Manchester, but there is already speculation about a move to Barcelona. I don’t think this will increase his price much, but it means that he will be playing for a higher profile club, meaning potentially more attention.

For his club, he doesn’t score fantastic Performance Buzz points, but this may differ playing for France, as he does get utilised in a diferent role. It’s the beauty of the internationals… who knows?!

Kevin De Bruyne

This one is going to be short and sweet, as we all know what KDB is capable of!

He doesn’t achieve much in the eye of the media, he recently signed a new 4 year contract with Man City but this was overlooked and he didn’t receive much attention.

He does his talking on the pitch, however, the Performance Buzz scoring system doesn’t seem to favour him, although you see him playing brilliantly, assisting in ways that fans would think isn’t possible.

Timo Werner

Werner is my ‘wildcard’ option, he’s not yet an established Top Player, although he possesses all the traits you would expect from one. His goalscoring record is amazing for a 21 year old. Last season he scored 21 goals in 28 games, which is incredible.

These performances have alerted the top clubs in Europe, Real Madrid, Man City & Man Utd have shown interest in his services. More recently, he has admitted he ‘admires’ Man Utd, declaring he would be open to a move away from RB Leipzig.

We are yet to see his real Media Buzz pull, as he doesn’t play for Bayern & they seem to be the only team who dominate the mediaf for the Bundesliga.

However, he definitely is a gem, the next generation of players to be considered for the world class bracket. If he gets a premier league move, media interest will certainly rise, there aren’t many (if any) German forwards in the Premier League, so it gives the media outlets a chance to expand their target audience!

As he’s a German, he is expected to advance to the finals with ease. He should lead the line for Germany, which is an added bonus.

I plan to purchase Werner and hold throughout the Summer, as I can see a transfer away from Leipzig, hopefully into the Premier League!

Thomas Muller

Previously, bargain bin would have been less than £1, however with the fantastic rises across the platform, I class bargain players now as £2.50 and below.

Initially, I thought the IPO’s coming out at a high price would be devastating for the platform, but i think this was just the general knee jerk reaction on social media… as we expected these new players as ‘penny stocks’, before the change. Anyway, onto my next pick. Thomas Muller.

Patriotic England fans should despise Muller, the German forward who destroyed Englands hopes of progressing in the 2010 World cup. The truth is, you just can’t dislike him!

Muller is one of the top forwards in the world, currently playing for Bayern Munich. Surprisingly, he has ony won Performance Buzz dividends on one occasion so far, but he commands a really low price, so he doesn’t need to win as many times as the Elite priced players (Neymar, Kane, Messi), yet one win will show a larger return on investment.

Also, the trend on Football Index is to buy low valued players who win the buzz dividends,  so it’s inevitable Mullers price will rise.

Muller will definitely be the first name on the team sheet for Germany, he is crucial for any successes they will have. I expect him to play behind Werner, as a main playmaker.

With potential dividends on the line, as it gets to the later stages, if Muller is still around £1.65 this will represent terrific value, with a potential 10% to be made in return on investment.. from one game alone.

I don’t think Muller has any Media Buzz value really, I can’t see him leaving his beloved Bayern Munich, so you’d be relying on World Cup stories such as ‘Muller scores hat trick to win the World Cup’, but those definitely aren’t the sorts of risks you want to be taking really.

N’Golo Kante

Likewise to Muller, Kante will be crucial to France performing well at the World Cup.

He is a complete engine which never runs out of fuel, it’s safe to say the work rate of the last two seasons contributed heavily to Leicester & Chelsea winning the league.

The truth about Kante is that he’s not a skillful, genius footballer. He can’t pass like Paul Scholes. He is used as a Ball Winning Midfielder, sent to chase down the ball and he does it so well.

Kante wins the ball and then lays it off to a playmaker, in the French squad I am guessing this will be Paul Pogba, who can then launch the 40 yard passes.

The great thing about Kante is that he’s brilliant at doing the basics, although they aren’t easy, he makes them look easy.  With the stamina of a marathon runner, he doesn’t stop.

At £1, he’s also very low risk. One win of performance buzz could bring a return of up to around 18%!

He doesn’t currently qualify for Media Buzz.

Thomas Meunier

Another Belgian on my list, it’s somewhat risky having all of my selections as Belgians, but I have selected these as World Cup potentials with added prospects of a Summer transfer for added potential.

I love Football manager, it does affect my trading to a point actually! I like to see a player with potential actually make it on the big stage, but this is probably due to the fact I’d be buying cheap and selling at a premium!

What I am trying to say, is instead of putting all of my focus on Neymar, who’s undoubtedly ‘Top Dog’, I would rather take a chance on Low Risk players, which have the potential of giving us higher Return On Investment.

Meuneir is another great example of a low priced player. He’s a defender, which I normally steer clear of in all honesty. However, when he plays for PSG, he acts like a right winger, he loves playign high up the field & this heavily favours defenders, as they are more likely to score assist points, potentially goals or GWG’s!

He was the subject of transfer rumours last summer, with media outlets reporting that Barcelona were interested, who have yet to fill this position. They signed Nelson Semedo, but he doesn’t seem to be their long term option.

I’m not sure what’s better for Performance Buzz, playing for PSG or Barcelona… both dominate their leagues. I am probably more shifted towards PSG, as there is much less competition.


The World Cup should see some immense growth, we are already seeing growth across the platform, but I don’t think we are finished yet!

Below I have listed the players prices as of today, to see if my Predictor was good or not!

  • Neymar –  £10.85
  • Eden Hazard – £5.96
  • Antoinne Griezmann – £4.24
  • Kevin De Bruyne – £4.21
  • Timo Werner – £3.20
  • Thomas Muller – £1.75
  • N’golo Kante – £1.04
  • Thomas Meunier – £1.22

Who are your best picks? Let us know below! 


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