Youth Player Prices on Football Index

Youth Players on Football Index

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Football Index is quite often referred to as the platform where you can profit from your knowledge of football. We actually love that this is possible, although the more popular that Football Index gets, the harder it may also become.

When a new user signs up to Football Index, they may first be setting their sights on the Youth Players on Football Index.

This is completely normal, as they’re the players that everyone wants to hold.

Why are Youth Players good picks?

When we are putting our faith in Youth Players, or wonderkids, we don’t have to worry about the potential of them retiring anytime soon. This means that they’re typically a safer hold… although this doesn’t mean that they’re a better hold.

Let’s take Rayan Cherki & Lionel Messi as two examples. 

Rayan Cherki is 16 years old, and he’s probably up there at the moment in the Top 5 prospects in World Football. The truth is, all he’s done so far is a few fancy flicks and tricks, but I also need to remind you that he’s only 16. 

He’s currently priced at just over £5.00, which is pretty steep for a 16 year old. Remember, players are priced based upon their dividend potential, but traders also hold for the chance of capital appreciation.

Anyone that holds Cherki is probably in it for the Capital Appreciation, as there’s a low chance that he earns dividends in the near future. It’s pretty safe money though. Let me explain.

As other traders join, they will most likely be looking at purchasing some of the Best potential players too, which would include Cherki. His price will probably increase over time, unless he doesn’t live up to his potential.

Lionel Messi faces a different problem. He’s probably seen his best years now, which means there’s not much more capital appreciation there. There’s a slight question mark in his price, as he’s rumoured to be moving to Man City.

He’s currently £7.14, shortly after a dividend increase. He’s risen from around £4.90.

Although Messi doesn’t have time on his side, he hoovers up dividends. He’s up there with the highest earners every single season. 

The only question that traders have, is how long does he have left. 

Ready to Start Trading?

When you register at Football Index, you can claim a special offer. This will enable you to trade risk free, where any losses up to £500 are refunded, as cash. Remember to use code FIA when you sign up.

Youth Players – Let them Mature

In most circumstances, you need to be prepared to purchase a Youth Player and simply leave them in your portfolio.

You’ve purchased them for the future, but you’ve had to act now, because if you didn’t purchase them their price will have increased.

If you’re going to deal with Buying Youth Players, you simply must follow this advice. 

The safest option would be to allocate a percentage of your portfolio to Youth Players, so your premium holds can continue to earn dividends… which then pays for more shares!

Who are your favourite Youth Players on Football Index?

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