Sorare Ask Me Anything: The Summary

Sorare Ask Me Anything: The Summary Table of Contents A start-up company has to be transparent, communicative & honest in their operations, or they will struggle to succeed. This is something that Sorare know too well, which is why the owners like to get together and answer platform-focused questions every few months. They help existing … Read more

Sorare Sign Up Offer: Get Your Bonus

Where Ethereum Meets Football Sorare Sign Up Offer Build a Collection of the best players in World Football. Compete & Win Ethereum in addition to acquiring Free Cards Exclusive: Get a Free Card when you purchase 5 cards New Players will receive a Free Card, when purchasing 5 Cards on the market. New Players will … Read more

Sorare Rewards & Prizes Update

Sorare Rewards Update: Massive Announcement / Changes Table of Contents It’s time for a classic breakdown of a product update, notably this time it’s the Sorare Dynamic Rewards which have been implemented this evening. I’ll be doing a full breakdown of this announcement, alongside my thoughts on the changes in order to give you a … Read more

Undercutting on Football Index Matching Engine

Undercutting on Football Index Matching Engine Table of Contents Undercutting on Football Index: Is it a Problem? I hope that today’s article is an educational one, as it’s something which definitely needs looking at. I’m going to be discussing the ‘Undercutting’ problem on Football Index, which has hopefully been made a bit less effective due … Read more

Match Day Extra Payouts: New Dividend on Football Index

Match Day Extra Dividend Football Index (1)

Match Day Extra Dividend Payouts: What are they? Code: FIA for £500 Risk Free Trading Table of Contents Match Day Extra Payouts It’s safe to say that we’ve all been waiting for this Football Index announcement. Since IPD’s were removed from the platform, I think every trader was intrigued as to what the replacement would … Read more