Sorare Global Cup

Sorare Global Cup Tutorial 2022: Free To Play World Cup Game

For a few months, Sorare have been teasing the reveal of their World Cup plans. On the 10th November 2022, this was announced and it was received with great support from Fantasy Football Fans from all over the globe. This new Free to Play game is released the same week that Lionel Messi was unveiled … Read more

Sorare NBA Guide

Sorare NBA: Handleiding en inschrijfbonus

Wilt u een gratis bonus wanneer u zich registreert bij Sorare? Gebruik deze link en als je 5 spelers koopt van het Sorare veilinghuis, krijg je een gratis Reward Card. Deze zal van ‘Beperkte’ schaarste zijn en je kunt deze kaart gebruiken voor je progressie, of deze kaart verkopen.

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Sorare NBA Guide

Sorare NBA: Tutorial & Sign Up Bonus

Do you want a free bonus when you register at Sorare? Use this link and if you purchae 5 players from the Sorare auction house, you will receive a Free Reward Card. This will be of ‘Limited’ Scarcity and you can use this card for your progression, or sell this card.

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Under 23 Forwards Under £1000

5 U23 Forwards Under £1000: Budget Friendly Picks

Today we are going to look at the best U23 forwards under £1000. I’m pinning the price to the currency instead of Ethereum, due to the fluctuations in pricing of the cryptocurrency. If you’re new to Sorare, I’d recommend you take a look at our ultimate beginners guide first. If you’re short on time but … Read more

Sorare MLB Tutorial

Sorare MLB: Tutorial & Sign Up Bonus

Do you want a free bonus when you register at Sorare? Use this link and if you purchae 5 players from the Sorare auction house, you will receive a Free Reward Card. This will be of ‘Limited’ Scarcity and you can use this card for your progression, or sell this card.

Sorare Training

Sorare Training: how it works & Increasing Your XP

If you aren’t training your unused cards on a Sorare gameweek, you’re at a massive disadvantage. I have to be blunt here. It’s also one of my biggest Sorare Tips for Beginners. You need to train your cards up. Let me explain Sorare Training in-depth, so you can make sure you increase your chances of … Read more

Professional Players That Play Sorare

Professional Footballers that Play Sorare Today we have a post for fun, which will be tracking Professional Players that are active on Sorare. This blog will be updated frequently, to show you managers and their manager names. It’s definitely worth checking to see what the professional players are doing. I will also be explaining some … Read more

Sorare Data Walkthrough: The Data analysis tool

If you want to succeed in the Sorare fantasy tournaments, you should avoid picking your teams blindly. Fortunately, there’s an analysis tool called Sorare Data, which provides all of this information completely free of charge. Today, I’ll be explaining exactly how you can use this tool to help you win. Update: August 2022 Sorare Data … Read more

Sorare Champion Europe Scouting: Our Top Picks

If you’re looking for some solid Sorare Champion Europe options, you’re in the right place. I’ve just completed the Challenger Europe team and I’m ready to get started with the Top talent from the household name leagues. Before we get started, it’s important that I list the eligible leagues, so you know where we are … Read more

Kylian Mbappe Sorare Ambassador

Kylian Mbappe becomes brand ambassador for sorare

There’s been some huge moves in the last week, with some of the Elite football stars signing deals with NFT companies. So far we’ve seen: Cristiano Ronaldo partner with Binance, producing iconic pieces of Sports History. Lionel Messi partner with Ethernity to produce NFT’s known as ‘The Messiverse’. The one that we are most excited … Read more

Sorare Academy

Sorare Academy: How to Play The Academy

I’ll be the first one to admit, Sorare shocked all of their managers with the announcement of the Sorare Academy. For quite a while, we’ve been teased a few things regarding Progression Bars, different game modes and even more leagues joining the platform. However, today we will be explaining exactly what the Sorare Academy is, … Read more

Sorare English Premier League

Sorare English Premier league: We Welcome THE EPL!

On the 30th January 2023, Sorare officially unveiled the English Premier League as their next acquired league. This is something which managers have been excited about for the last few years. A few years ago, we wrote the below article which suggested that Sorare needed the EPL. Well now, it’s officially licensed and the cards … Read more

Youssoufa Moukoko Scout Report

Youssoufa Moukoko Scout Report analysis: Haaland replacement?

Youssoufa Moukoko Scout Report One way to play Sorare is to use your knowledge of Youth Talent, purchasing all of the cards when they are ‘rookies’ and either utilising them in the tournaments, or selling them for an healthy profit. The issue that we find with some players, is that they get hyped up from … Read more

Sorare Challenger Europe

Sorare Challenger Europe Scouting

The Challenger Europe Division on Sorare is an interesting one, as the league is stacked full of promising talent from across the globe. What’s even more exciting, is that new clubs continually join the platform so the pool continues to grow. For example, we’ve recently seen the Scottish Premiership join the platform, which has included … Read more


Sorare League RULES: where can my player play?

Before you purchase a few players and realise they might not be eligible where you would like to play them, I think it’s best that you read this mini-article which discusses the Sorare League Rules in depth. Important Notice: In addition to Division and League Rules, it’s important that you can understand the Scarcity Rules, … Read more

How to Play Sorare for Free

So you want to play Sorare for free, but you aren’t sure if: A) You’ll actually enjoy playing it B) You’ll win prizes C) You might just want to learn the ropes for free, before putting your football knowledge to the test in the ‘Premium’ Tier fantasy contests. There’s many reasons why you might want to … Read more

Sorare Stacks

Sorare Stacks Strategy: Players From the Same Team

Sorare Stacks are something that certainly divide the community. Although the power of them is definitely undeniable when they work, they are also seen as a bit ‘unethical’ in the gaming world. Personally, I think there’s no problem in stacking a full team. In this article, I’ll be explaining exactly what a Sorare Stack is … Read more

Sorare Tips for Beginners

Sorare Tips & Tricks for beginners

When New Managers start playing Sorare, it’s not uncommon for them to reach out requesting help. There’s a few reasons for this, and it’s the reason that I created the previous article. As Sorare is a completely unique platform, it does take time to learn how the platform works. In order to help the process … Read more

Scotland Sorare

Sorare Scotland: 5 Players to Consider

If you haven’t been keeping up to date with the Global Domination that Sorare appear to be continuing, you may have missed the news that the Scottish Premier League have joined forces and will be producing NFT’s in partnership with Sorare. This is a collaboration that has excited many current players on the platform, specifically … Read more