Sorare Training: how it works & Increasing Your XP

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If you aren’t training your unused cards on a Sorare gameweek, you’re at a massive disadvantage. I have to be blunt here. It’s also one of my biggest Sorare Tips for Beginners.

You need to train your cards up. Let me explain Sorare Training in-depth, so you can make sure you increase your chances of winning.

What is Sorare Training?

Sorare Training is something that you can use to help your cards gain more experience, thus increasing their card level and XP Bonus. There is no limit to the amount of teams that you can enter, but there’s also no prizes available. This is simply provided to help any unused players gain XP.

How can you Train your cards in Sorare?

To train your cards, you simply need to navigate to the chosen gameweek and select the training tournament.

Sorare Training

After Selecting this, you will need to enter your teams just like you normally would if you were entering a Limited, Rare or Super Rare Lineup.

Sorare Training Lineup

Once you’ve selected the players, choose a captain just like normal. You can then confirm the lineup and enter as many lineups as you wish, there are no limits at all for training. Whilst we are discussing the rules, there’s no better time to outline the rules that do exist on Sorare Training.

Sorare Training Rules

  • Legend Cards are not permitted to enter training. Legend Cards do not utilise XP, so they don’t need to train.
  • Any other card types can be entered, you can mix and match between all scarcity levels.
  • There are no prizes to be won in training on Sorare.

Why should I enter training if there’s no prizes?

Training your cards on Sorare is super important. If your cards aren’t involved in a gameweek, or you’re not going to use them, you may aswell enter them in the training lobby to gain XP.

The more XP and levels that they rise, the higher score output they will get when they are playing. This could be the difference between winning a gameweek or narrowly missing out!

How is XP and Card Level Calculated?

Each card uses XP which helps to level up the card, Training gives you a chance to earn XP so you can increase your level even if the player isn’t playing that week. Each card can increase by a maximum of 20 levels. You can see the card level by looking at the player information page:

Sorare Training Card Level
Viewing your Card Level & XP for your Sorare Card

Above is my Limited Grimaldo card. He starts at Level 0, and I’ve currently worked him to level 3. See the below Card Levels:

  • Limited: starts at level 0 with a maximum level of 20 (a level bonus from 0% to 10%)
  • Rare: starts at level 0 with a maximum level of 20 (a level bonus from 0% to 10%)
  • Super Rare: starts at level 40 with a maximum level of 60 (a level bonus from 20% to 30%)
  • Unique: starts at level 80 with a maximum level of 100 (a level bonus from 40% to 50%)

Just like when you start out any new game, you level up faster at the start, but this will naturally slow down as you rise through the ranks. For example, you’ll get from Level 1 to Level 2 much faster than you’ll get from level 14 to Level 15.

Reminder: the card levels are impacted if they are sold on the secondary market. The XP of that card will halve.

How to Calculate XP on Sorare

The next part is for the Statisticians or Mathemeticians on Sorare, this is exactly how to calculate the XP earnt:

XP formula: (base_xp + team_minutes_played_xp + player_score_xp)

  • base_xp = 75
  • team_minutes_played_xp = (75 * average_minutes_played_by_the_team) / 90
  • player_score_xp = team_score * 0.125

Sorare Training & XP: Conclusion

Think of your training center as your development academy. It’s perfect for training players that are wonderkids who aren’t yet featuring in matches, but also, for any other player that you aren’t using in tournaments like the academy.

If you don’t train your player cards, you’ll end up kicking yourself if you miss out on a Tier 0 Reward by a few points and knowing that you could have resolved this by training your players.

It can be time consuming if you have a larger gallery, but I’m sure this will be automated soon. Remember, Sorare Training works the same with the MLB cards.

What do you think of Training? Could it be improved? Read this article for more.

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