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Sorare is a Fantasy Sports Game, where managers collect their favourite digital cards and win once in a lifetime prizes. From Cash Prizes, to playing Football with Zinedine Zidane… Sorare offers it all. We love the game, and we are certain you will too. Why not start in the Free to Play competition?

  • Ongoing Free Competitions
  • Once in a Lifetime Prizes
  • Ethereum & Cash System
  • Football, NBA & MLB Covered
  • New Players get $20 Credits (50% Discount on Purchases)
  • Joao Felix, Griezmann & Mbappe are active managers
  • Time-commitment to enter 10+ Lineups
  • Auctions require you to set an Alarm Clock! (They can be 24-7)

Rewards Credits will be a 50% discount on new cards up to $20.

Sorare Review

Sorare is a fantasy football game based around Blockchain, where users can trade players, enter tournaments & compete for prizes worth thousands of pounds… every single week.

It has a fantastic process, where cards are limited in supply, meaning that owning the best players is rewarding, both on the pitch and when trading! Remember, you get 10 Free Cards when you register here.

Each season, there is a limited supply of cards, which never expire. Tournaments are also free to enter, meaning there’s no limit on the amount of tournaments you can enter.

It’s a fairly new concept, but it’s exceeding expectations already. I play it, and it just has that killer edge over Fantasy Premier League for me.

In 2023, Sorare introduced their partnership with the English Premier League, adding what is arguably the biggest league in the world onto the platform and there are now just under 4 million managers on the platform.

What sets Sorare apart from the competition is the level of prizes, the use of official blockchain cards, and the support this game gets from major gaming brands—mainly ConSensys, Ubisoft, and Opta.

With that level of backing, it’s no surprise that the fantasy football franchise has the endorsement of 141 football clubs—and counting.

So with the momentum Sorare is gaining since 2020, it was only a matter of time before the game started commanding mainstream attention. If it’s got yours, too, here’s everything you need to know to get started right now.

We are going to discuss everything in this Sorare Review, from what Sorare SO5 is, how to play, tips and tricks, and my in-depth Sorare review—you’ve got it all right here. Let’s get started.

Is it Fun?Yes
Sign up Bonus?Free Limited Card
Highest Gameweek Finish56th: Won Lorenzo Insigne
Best Trade Profit£116.50
Get Your BonusFree Limited Card

What is Sorare?

Sorare is the first official game that uses the Sorare branded blockchain cards. Blockchain allows users to authenticate their digital player cards in a similar way to how we collected playing cards in the 1990’s—you can buy, sell, and trade cards with other online users.

We’ll get on to the actual gameplay in a few minutes, but the bare bones setup is this:

  • Build a Collection of the Best Cards available.
  • Enter Tournaments & Win Prizes, such as Cash or More Cards.
  • Buy & Sell on the Transfer Market for a Profit.

The higher your players move through the rankings, the better your prizes.

There’s also a few more elements to this game, which I will explain below.

Sorare migrated to Ethereum in 2019 after their previous host—LOOM—made the move to digital commercial solutions.

The move didn’t slow their momentum, and Sorare secured the use of major football giants like Juventus, West Ham United, and Roma.

They also managed to stir up major engagement with player cards for Ronaldo and Joao Felix. They are working hard to ensure more teams are licensed. The highest profile teams that have joined recently are the France National Team, the Belgium Red Devils & the German team. 

We’ve also seen some professional footballers on the platform, such as Antoine Griezmann & Ousmane Dembele. When a Pro Player joins, they receive their own cool card, which is signed!

How To Play Sorare

I’ve got a lot to cover regarding gameplay, but to get the most out of this guide I’ll include it in the Sorare review section. To get set up, though, is a really straightforward process:

  • Create your first team. Sign up to Sorare for the first time, and you’ll be given 10 common cards straight away.
  • Enter your first team in the Rookie League. This league is reserved for new players—called Managers.
  • Build your first team. You’ll need to choose 5 cards in total.
  • Enter up to 4 leagues, or play for 4 weeks, and you’ll be promoted to New Manager. Congratulations!
  • Build your team up with player cards you’ve won, or trade for some on the Transfer Market.

One of the best features of Sorare SO5 in the early game is the number of resources available to help you build up your skills as a Manager. Check out Sorare’s website here.

There is also a Sorare Twitter account you can follow, but I haven’t gained a lot of gameplay insight across that platform. 

It’s been around for about a year, but they’re starting to grow more now & I’d expect to see the Social Media sites grow alongside it.

How does Sorare Work?

Bidding for a player on Sorare is easy and exhilarating. You need to enter the Transfer Market to find the players which are up for sale. This is where you will find the players that you can bid on.

SoRare Transfer Market

In this example, I’m going to place a bid on Wendel, it’s honestly a simple process.

Click the place bid button, which will then open up a box where you can enter your maximum bid.

Hit Confirm, where you will be prompted to enter your account password.

You’ll then be notified that you’re the highest bid, you just need to hope now that you don’t get outbid!

You can re-bid, but we all want to get the players as cheap as possible!

Buying from the Transfer Market

We understand if bidding isn’t your thing. It’s super fun, but it can often be quite the opposite, with bidding becoming quite stressful on the closing stages of the auction.

SoRare also has a market where Traders can list their cards for sale, sort of like an eBay ‘Buy it Now’ listing. There’s no auctions between managers, a simple pricing structure to get the card.

To Buy from other managers, simply press the transfer market and then choose the ‘Manager Sales’ option, which will bring up all of the cards which other managers are currently selling.

You can then pick any players you’d like to purchase & buy them. The prices are fixed, with each listing active for two days.

Selling a Player on Sorare

It’s super easy to sell your player. You’ll find your gallery area, which is the showcase for all of your playing cards. 

You can easily select the card that you want to sell, which will bring up a popup box, like below.

SoRare Selling a Player

You’ll notice the sell my card option. Click this and enter the price that you want to receive for the player.

Your card will be put up for sale, available for other managers to purchase. This isn’t an auction, it’s a simple market where another trader would meet your asking price and immediately trade. It’s important that you know this, so don’t get starting any low priced cards in anticipation of an auction!

If the card doesn’t sell in 2 days, the sale will be cancelled. You are able to put this player back up for sale though. You can also cancel the initial sale, if you think you’ve put the player up for sale too cheaply.

Valuing Your Player

To sell your player, it’s best to get an estimation of the market. To do this, search for the card that you want to sell. In my case, it’s Diogo Costa of Porto.

SoRare Selling a Player Value

There’s currently just 3 of these listed for sale, which means there is a scarcity. This will keep prices high, as there’s not enough supply.

We can see that there’s a £65 card for sale, alongside one that’s £74 and another that’s £89. The higher priced two have a slightly higher power score of 7.9.

It’s important that you use these metrics when checking the price of a card. We will explain the power cards & other information below.

SoRare Tournaments

SoRare tournaments may also be reffered to as SO5 Fantasy, due to the fact that it’s based around 5 a side fantasy lineups. It’s not a fantasy matchup though, your chosen players need to perform in real life, with their performance classified and monitored by Opta.

Your lineup must contain:

  • A Goalkeeper
  • A Defender
  • A Midfielder
  • A Forward
  • An Extra Player (Another Defender, Midfielder or Forward of your choice)

Every single tournament on SoRare is completely free to enter, with the prizes on offer absolutely fantastic.

If you’re a new member on SoRare, worried that you won’t have a team as strong as existing users… there’s a platform in place to make the game fair for all users.

There are various tournaments available, which all come with power cap requirements. This means that your overall team strength can’t exceed the power cap. This encourages fairness and stops people with the biggest bankrolls just entering Ronaldo, Messi etc every week!

If you don’t have much luck on FPL, then SoRare might just be for you.

You’re rewarded for finishing in the Top 30% on the tournaments, still achieving a Tier 3 Rare player. Obviously, you’d rather win, earning 2 Star Rares PLUS £95.

We feel that awarding the top 30% a prize is rewarding and helpful towards new member growth. Remember, there’s multiple leagues to join, so prizes really add up.

You can also help your players develop, sending them to a Special Training League, where they will gain XP. This is perfect if you’ve invested in a player which you want to build up, before adding him to the market for a tasty profit.

SoRare Prize Pool

Sorare: The Review

The Basics of Sorare Gameplay

The process is incredibly simple. Create your team, select your team captain, and validate your team before the tournament deadline—you can check this at any time when you login to your Sorare account.

Building your team

The Gaming Arena tab is where you’ll find your latest statistics, and details of tournament deadlines.

When you have an active tournament deadline, you can click on Compose a Team.

The user interface for choosing your players is smooth, and lets you drag and drop your players into the formation you want.

Sorare have given us a lot of flexibility with the SO5 offering.

A goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward are compulsory.

Your fifth player can be any other outfielder. If you’re a seasoned fantasy football gamer, you’ll know how valuable this kind of choice can be—and the level of control it gives us.

SoRare Lineup

Click the star next to a player’s card to assign them the captain’s role—they’ll be awarded a bonus multiplier for their trouble.

Next, validate your team. From there, choose your team name and you’re ready for your first challenge.

It couldn’t be easier to get into Sorare SO5—and as an avid football gamer, that was a solid plus for me.

  • Customizable teams give solid control over your success
  • Easy to understand team setup and selection
  • Drag and drop team building
  • Solid bonus point system as you level up your players
  • Slick user interface
  • Excellent graphics
  • Straightforward process that becomes second nature after a few tournaments.
  • Backed by Huge companies such as UbiSoft.

One thing we would like to see, is an easier way to view a specific players stats. I’m sure this will come, with time.


Sorare have created a pretty interesting structure for prizes. The goal was clearly to balance how SO5’s rarest player cards—the Unique cards—drop.

To balance out distribution, certain cards can only be earned through winning tournaments.

This is balanced with the auction structure and the Trader Market.

This is some valuable insight by the developers, and something that is bound to be appreciated by low- or no-spend gamers.

As I write this Sorare review, one of the best prizes comes with ranking #1 on the monthly All Star leaderboard.

That will reward you a Unique player card—of your choice.

SoRare Prizes

First place on the weekly All Star or tournament leaderboards will get you a Super Rare player card.

A clever feature of the Sorare SO5 game is the pre-tournament auction. This is a solid supplement to the prizes available, and lets gamers take part in auctions to improve their team before the tournament entry closes.


  • Good balance of prize distribution
  • Good balance of premium player cards as prizes
  • Convenient placement of player card auctions


  • It would be nice to see more high-value player cards go to lower level tournaments—but the challenge definitely drives players to improve their game.

Tips & Tricks For New Players

My most valuable piece of advice for new players would be: enter a Rare tournament.

Rare player cards will be available in the pre-tournament auction, which will give you your first opportunity to buy Rare player cards.

Yes, I do mean “buy” the player cards. There are very few ways for a new player to get competitive against beta players without a little financial leg-up.

The benefit of getting into the Rare League early on is that the point range of Rare cards is narrow, so it’s easier to compete for prizes early on.

Rare tournaments seem to have a smaller point margin between first and second place.

The second tip I have to offer to new players is: know your captain. Because your captain gets bonus points, he can often be one of your heavy-hitters on the points front.

What does that mean? When there is a really small point margin between first place and the runner up, the captain is the deciding factor.

My last piece of advice for newbies is pretty simple: check the XP level on any card before you bid for, trade for, or buy it.

The current XP level of any card can really impact your final score.

Tips For Experienced Players

When I talk about experienced players, I’m thinking of non-beta testers.

Gamers who know their way around a mobile / PC game, have explored the SoRare landscape, and are already evaluating their spending and game strategy.

At this stage, you have two options: develop your Rare player roster as a low-pay / no-pay player, or focus on a Super Rare or Unique team.

If you plan to go down the latter route, my advice is this:
Set a budget, and stick to it.

With 10 new Super Rare cards coming up for auction each week, plus the opportunities available in the Transfer Market, you could comfortably build a full Super Rare lineup in under a month.

If you lack patience—but don’t lack funds—you could do it in less than 72 hours.

Building a full Unique team is a little trickier—and a lot more time intensive. Stakes are higher at auctions, and you’ll need to put your negotiation techniques to good use to purchase Unique cards from other gamers.

The pay-off is that a Unique player who gives a unique real-life performance could be a game changer.

It’s not uncommon for one football game to rocket a gamer from obscurity to the top of the leaderboard.

Sorare FAQs

Below you will find all relevant Frequently Asked Questions about the Sorare platform. You can also find their Wikipedia Page here.

Is Sorare Gambling?

Sorare is not a gambling product. It has been investigated by the gambling commission in 2021 and they concluded that the NFT based fantasy football platform does not require a license. To back up this result, Sorare released a statement advising that they offer no form of gambling on the platform.

You can find the official report here.

What is a Sorare card?

It’s a digital collectible card. Similar to a limited-edition printed card or artwork, it has tangible value in the online marketplace.

Sorare cards can be freely traded and sold, and like other Blockchain-assets, it can’t be stolen.

Sorare cards represent specific football players, and a specific football season in which that footballer played or the 19/20 Sorare SO5 season, the card scarcity is:

  • Unique: 1 Card
  • Super Rare: 10 Cards
  • Rare: 100 Cards
  • Limited: 1000 Cards

Can I still use cards from previous seasons, or cards for players who have transferred?

In a nutshell: yes.
You can play with cards from previous seasons, provided that the player linked to the card continues playing in a league covered by Sorare.

Cards from the current season earn a 10% bonus, and cards from previous seasons do not.

How do I buy a Sorare card?

New individual cards can be bought in the Transfer Market by bidding at auction.

Manager cards are available to buy or to trade with other managers.

Bidding is simple.

Place a bid on the card you want. If another user outbids you, you’ll be notified, and have the opportunity of placing a higher bid.

Rinse and repeat this process until the auction ends, and you may find yourself the proud owner of a new player card.

Can I sell my cards?

You can sell or trade your cards at any time. On the Cards page, you’ll see the option to sell your card.

Simply key in the price you want, and click Sell. Your card will stay listed for 2 days.

If it doesn’t sell, it will remain in your gallery.

Ready for a new challenge? Join Sorare and start your SO5 adventure today.

Do I recommend SoRare?

Sorare is a new product, so there is going to be a few issues that need ironing out. 

Overall, it’s a very good product, backed by gaming giants Ubisoft.

Is Sorare Legit? Is Sorare a Scam?

Sorare is a new platform, but it’s certainly Legit. I played around with my initial balance for 3 weeks, depositing £1,000.

I then had to test that withdrawals would proceed ok, so I withdrew the lot. I ended up withdrawing just over £1,400. The money was back in my wallet within 25 minutes. (I did this in 2 transactions, as some of my players were still up for sale).

It’s certainly not a scam. We have trialled and tested this ourselves, but if that’s not enough for you to feel satisfied, you only need to look at the huge brands that SoRare partner with. Ubisoft are one of many.

SoRare Ethereum

Are the Cards actually collectable? Or Just used in Tournaments?

This is a very important question to ask. Much like collecting Panini or Topps cards, I don’t think that every card will be a highly sought after collectable card. This is where the Sorare Tournaments come into their own, as they give a much wider pool of players extra value.

I believe that there are cards which carry a true collectible demand, players such as Kylian Mbappe and Joao Felix are top of the list. However, Sorare also has included Diego Maradona, David Beckham & Zinedine Zidane as NFT’s. These are ‘true’ collector pieces, as they can’t be used in tournaments.

What leagues are included on Sorare Tournaments?

At the time of writing this article, there were 128 clubs live on Sorare. This number will increase every week, as they licence and release new player cards for new clubs.

The covered leagues are as followed (broken down into Tournament Regions):

European Champions League – English Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A & Bundesliga

European Challenger League – English Championship, Belgium Pro League, Russian First League, Portugese Premier League & the Scottish Premiership

American League – MLS, Liga MX, Superliga, Colombian Primera A & Brazillian Serie A.

Asian Champions League – Chinese Super League, J1 League & K League

Is Sorare different to other Trading Platforms?

In addition to explaining that Sorare isn’t a gambling product, it’s worth noting that it’s also completely different to the likes of Football Index… which ceased trading not too long ago after it was outed as a ponzi scheme and the owners ran away with £124 million.

Sorare is operated on the Blockchain, meaning there is a physical representation of every single transaction on the web. The card that you’ve purchased isn’t just visible on Sorare, it’s visible to the entire world. There’s a physical footprint.

With Football Index, the bets expired after three years, but with Sorare the card is yours for life. If you want to hold Kylian Mbappe until he turns 50 years old, you can.

Whilst it’s true that it can make things harder when trying to value your cards, it’s also a great feature to know that they’re yours for life, or until sold.

The only slight negative I can see from Sorare is that it requires knowledge of Cryptocurrency, or at least requires you to deposit Ethereum into your account. With other platforms, you’d be used to depositing cash and having fun until your bet loses.

It’s not a steep learning curve though & the benefits are certainly worth it, with the Sorare platform giving you that love of football once more.

It’s also very important to note that Sorare already has that global appeal factor, without using any advertising or marketing budget. They have been able to secure licences all over the world with Football clubs, giving it that true globalisation that both Football Index & Footstock failed to produce.

We’ve also been advised that Sorare has received over £60 million of funding, from companies such as Ubisoft. In addition to this, they have some high profile ambassadors in Andre Schurrle & Gerard Pique.

It does feel like the whole world is behind this platform.

Sorare Platform Changes: May 2023 Update

Just like most online platforms, Sorare often provide Product Updates known as their ‘roadmap’. This is important for the community, as it’s good to know where Sorare are taking the product.

They have produced a whopping update, which introduces something called ‘The Collection Game’, providing a much-needed update on their training overhaul plans too.

I’ll keep this brief here, but to help you understand:

  • The Collection game launches May 25th 2023. This will reward managers for building collections of cards, from specific leagues, clubs and players. Managers will be able to utilise Limited Edition Cards for further bonuses.
  • Managers will also earn a Collection Bonus for all player cards in an album to boost their chances of winning rewards in our Game Week competitions. (This gives us Panini Sticker-book vibes!)
  • The Training Competition becomes the Academy Competition, with 500 managers able to win a cash prize.

Sorare Review: The Final Verdict

We are having great fun on Sorare. Whilst it’s not financially possible for me to purchase a Kylian Mbappe, I await the day that I win one from a tournament! 

I’ve had a great experience on Sorare, mainly due to it giving me an interest in Football again. It’s also exciting to be part of a global community that are buying, selling & trading cards throughout the week. There’s a bit of nostalgia, but also a great avenue for building a collection of cards which are worth huge sums of money.

It comes with a warning though, you might start to follow a team in an obscure league, which is something that most of the community agrees with! My team is ‘AZ’ from the Eredivisie.

There is huge room for growth on Sorare, both as a company and from their userbase. Currently, a team of 12 people control operations, and they’re doing a very good job at it! To this point, they haven’t started with their marketing efforts, but still managed to attract over 50,000 players to the last gameweek tournaments.

Sorare have done a fantastic job with their scarcity element of the platform, limiting cards to just 111 maximum each season. As they grow even larger, this may need to be looked into and possibly changed, with a new category added.

Another thing that football fanatics will love is the true chance to utilise your football knowledge. Previously, when playing other platforms we’ve been limited with the pools of players on offer. However, one quick look at the market and you’ll see a plethora of 16 year old players, which are true rookies!

The tournament points system is also much better, with any player capable of hitting maximum points. There’s no manipulated point scoring system to worry about, performances simply mean points.

If you’re ready to get things started with Sorare, remember to use our referral link which will enable you to claim a Free Rare Card when you purchase 5 cards. You will also be given Free Cards to complete your onboarding journey. Sign Up Here to claim that bonus.

The card that you’ll receive will be completely random. It could be a benchwarmer, but it also has the potential to be a Kylian Mbappe! I love opening packs of cards & Sorare is no different, the fun factor of the cards is great.

Let me know who you receive as your referral bonus, in the comments below! Also; be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel here, where you will be able to enter specific giveaways! Who doesn’t like a Free Card?

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  1. Thanks for this. I really like the sound of SoRare, but I have no idea about Crypto.

    I’ll get my account setup and let you know what free cards I get!

  2. this platform tips all the boxes for huge growth: pooled worldwide ligquidity/ overlaps the fpl/football trading/ soccer cards/ collectables. part of what i think will be the biggest area of growth within the crypto world. nfts. my gallery has already gone up 4 times in value in a month and its still early early days

  3. customer service totally absent ..
    customer service totally absent … two complaints in court, the first for my sponsorship which was not taken into account, it’s been a week since I sent them an email, and messages on Discord, but I haven’t no answer, I am not the only one for whom the referral offer did not work. 2nd errors, at the auction I made you a simple bet, and the amount of the bet changed by itself, I bought a player for double his price, Sorare answered me by telling me that they can’t do anything because it’s your fault. I find the customer service really bad and on Discord there are a lot of people complaining about bugs and just ignoring them. It’s incredible considering the amount it generates to have such an amateur customer service … I’m still waiting for my card offer with sponsoship since two weeks…

    • I’m not employed by Sorare, but what is your manager name? The only thing that I can presume here is that you’ve accidentally selected the ETH price instead of pounds, and entered your price?

      For example, 0.1ETH is £164…. but 0.164ETH is £270. This can lead to the prices going towards double price. It’s unfortunate when this happens, and I’ve nearly done it myself! However, it’s not possible for Sorare to step in as the transaction is processed on the blockchain. They are making changes though for the better, with things such as the 2 minute window when selling a player. (I will request if there can be a small window added when placing a bid for a player, as this would’ve saved you here)



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