Sorare vs Top Shot vs Socios vs Footium: in-depth comparison

When looking at a product such as Sorare, it’s normal to look around at what the competition are also doing. However, in the case of Sorare, there’s nobody directly in this space and it’s quite difficult to compare.

I’ve had a look around at other products, and found the closest resemblances to Sorare. After comparing these myself, it makes me realise how good Sorare is! I won’t explain Sorare here in-depth, as I’ve already done that here. However, I’ll leave a brief explanation. For now; we look at Sorare vs Top Shot vs Socios


Sorare is a platform which is aimed towards Football fans, or Soccer in the states. They provide a Global Fantasy Football game where managers own officially licensed digital cards. Winning the fantasy tournaments will reward managers with Digital Cards & Ethereum prizes. If you haven’t started playing Sorare yet, continue reading this article for your sign up bonus.

Sorare operates using an Auction House and a Transfer Market. It’s number 4 on the market for Sales Volume over the last 24 hours, and it’s one of the only NFT project with real utility. They are adding an MLB platform soon.

Sorare 7 Days Sales Volume
$7 million of sales in the last 7 days

What is Top Shot?

Top Shot is aimed towards NBA fans, who are looking to collect specific ‘moments’ on the platform. Customers can buy, sell and trade numbered versions of these video highlights. There is no utility with these, it’s purely collectible only.

It was one of the first sports projects in the NFT space, but it has been losing popularity recently.

What is Socios?

Socios is a new app for all sports fans, where you obtain voting rights that can influence how your club is run. They operate as shares, which can rise or fall in value.

They have been heavily criticised recently, as the fan engagement is questionable. The issue is that it’s not regulated at all. There are lots of big clubs signed up to Socios though, so it’s something I am watching mature.

What is Footium?

There’s a really exciting project on the scene called Footium. This is in development right now, and will be a Football Manager type game, where players physically own the club.

This will be interesting to watch, and I have even purchased 2 clubs to see how things go. I’ll keep you updated on that one!

Previous Competition to Sorare

Rewinding the clock to 2019/20, there were a wide range of products that were offered to the market, which seemed to be changing the way that online gambling worked. It was looking very promising, as these products were all looking to provide customers with more value than a typical bookmaker would. It never turned out this way.

Sorare vs Top Shot vs Socios Football Index vs Footstock vs Sportstack
Football Index vs Footstock vs Sportstack which didn’t survive the Gambling Commission (All with their own reasons!)

All of the above operators ceased to exist, for reasons of their own. I’ll be explaining a little bit about this, because it’s important to know which mechanics can cause downfalls of platforms. In addition to this, I’ll be comparing Sorare with it’s current competition.

Note, Sorare has been assessed and is not considered as a Gambling Product, so it will not suffer the same fate.

What happened to Football Index?

I’m planning a larger post about this, because I actually had some money invested in Football Index myself.

Football Index was a Ponzi Scheme, created by Adam Cole and expertly managed by Mike Bohan. There is ongoing proceedings about this, but it would appear that the UK Government aren’t remotely interested, and strangely, ignoring the fact that it happened.

However, there are individuals that are fighting for justice. I will be keeping updated with this one here

What happened to Footstock?

In a similar fashion, Footstock were facing money issues after a lack of customer fanbase. Customers joined Footstock to play the fantasy football games, but 2 weeks after Football Index went under, Footstock handed their gaming licence back.

It’s said that they had acquired funding from a venture capitalist, but after the VC saw Football Index collapse, they cut ties with the product and withdrew from the project.

There is insolvency proceedings now with Footstock.

What happened to Sportstack?

Sportstack was actually the only legitimate platform, and they actually helped their customers out. The only failed gaming provider to do so.

Sportstack were under investigation from the Gambling Commission, as they were looking at exactly how the product works. I suspect that this was triggered due to concerns with Football Index Initially.

During the investigation, Sportstack voided all bets. These voided bets returned to the users cash balance, which Sportstack later returned to the customers. The same happened with FiveYards, who returned deposits.

As new products enter the market, I will also attempt to upload them to this article. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch or learn more about us

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