The Best Goalkeepers on Sorare: Quality, at A Premium

It’s really important to have a great goalkeeper in your team. The difference between a reward card, or narrowly missing out.

On all fantasy football platforms, Goalkeepers can be the make or break for your points total, and this carries over into Sorare. Typically, there are fewer Goalkeeper cards available than outfield positions, as there can only be one goalkeeper that plays any given match.

Most Football clubs only actually hold 3 goalkeepers at any time, but it’s very rare for the number 2 or 3 goalkeeper to get minutes, apart from in occassional Cup Games. This means that whilst the pool of Goalkeepers are already quite low, when you exclude Goalkeepers that don’t get minutes, the pool narrows even further.

As you know from reading our beginners guide, Sorare mint 111 players each season, but there will obviously be a lot more defenders, midfielders and forwards to choose from.

Sorare Goalkeeper Market

A quick look at the Secondary Market, you’ll find that there’s two times more Forwards for sale, three times more defenders and even more midfielders than goalkeepers!

This is where things start to get even more interesting. Not every single goalkeeper is going to be worth purchasing, as quite a lot of these goalkeepers are backup goalkeepers, which is going to be a pointless addition. This is why Quality Goalkeepers come at a Premium Price.

This is the main reason for today’s post, to enlighten you about Goalkeepers and discussing some of the better ones on the platform.

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Why Are Goalkeepers Important?

Every single position is important on Sorare. You need a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and a forward. You also have the Extra slot to fill, giving you a team made up of 5 cards.

If you want to compete amongst the best players for the Top Rewards, you’re going to need a quality keeper. This will help you bring home a solid 50 points from that position alone, and could be the difference between finishing in the money, or narrowly missing out.

You do have the option to use a Common Card, which is a tactic employed by many as they cannot afford the premium goalkeepers. However, it’s hard to win the big prizes with a Common Goalkeeper card as they do come with a point penalty.

Goalkeepers are in high demand due to this, and this is why they are more expensive. Nobody really wants to sell their star assets, so it takes a lot of money to change a managers mind.

Let’s take a look at three goalkeepers that I’ve ear-marked as solid holds on Sorare. They aren’t going to be total hidden gems, but rest assured I won’t be advising everyone to purchase Manuel Neuer, Alisson & Courtois! There will be some variety.

3 Goalkeepers which are Great on Sorare

Maarten Vandevoordt

There’s a little bit of bias here, as Vandevoordt is one of my favourite goalkeepers. At just 19 years old, he’s a goalkeeper that has the potential to dominate your gallery for years to come. He literally has 15 years of utility, which is fantastic.

Maarten Vandevoordt Sorare

Obviously, he’s quite a popular goalkeeper choice, and he’s many managers go-to choice on Football Manager. On the surface, he seems an expensive purchase at £1,600 but you do need to consider the long-term utility that this card possesses.

Currently, he plays for KRC Genk in the Jupiler Pro League, which is the perfect place for his development. Genk know that they have a wonderkid on their hands, so he’s starting to get his chance to develop. It’s highly unlikely that Vandevoordt remains at Genk for his whole career, so it’s also interesting to see what his future should behold.

Here’s his stats on Sorare from last season:

  • Highest Score of 85 Points
  • Average score of 52 points, over his previous 40 games.
  • 15 Appearances during 2020/21, conceding 22 goals and achieving 2 Clean Sheets.
  • He became the youngest goalkeeper in Champions League History.

Justin Bijlow

Next we turn our attention to the Eredivisie, specifically Feyenoord Rotterdam. They have a goalkeeper which you can trust to add into your squads, and he only seems to be getting better. 

The 23 year old has plenty of utility, with at least 10 years before he considers retirement. Obviously, you have to consider the fact that he might transfer elsewhere, but typically quality players only make big moves!

Justin Bijlow Sorare

He’s going to set you back around £800, so again, he’s not a cheap pick. However, if you’re shopping for a bargain I am working on a budget sorare team, or you can check this low budget strategy post out.

Here’s Justins 2020/21 Season Breakdown:

  • 40 Appearances in the Eredivisie, Conceding 51 and keeping 11 Clean Sheets. (The Eredivisie is one of the highest scoring leagues in Football, so you don’t need to be too concerned that he appears to be leaking goals).
  • Highest Sorare score of 82.
  • Average score of 53, over his previous 40 matches.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

I couldn’t not include this goalkeeper. He’s had the season of his life. After helping Italy to win the Euro 2020 Tournament on penalties, Donnarumma has then made a massive transfer to Paris St Germain. He’s such a big presence in between the posts and at PSG, I think he can only improve his Sorare scores.

Whilst AC Milan are a good Italian team, they aren’t as competitive as they once were, which is detrimental to his Sorare scores. At PSG, I can only see him dominating.

Gianluigi Donnarumma Sorare

Sorare managers are also aware of Gianluigi’s potential at his new club, and you’ll need to save around 3 Ethereum to purchase the shot-stopper. That’s around £5,000. I can’t afford that myself.

Here is Donnarumma’s 2020/21 Campaign in figures:

  • Highest Sorare score of 82. He also has plenty of High 70’s scores which act as a testimonial for his potential future scoring.
  • Average of 52 points, over the last 40 games.
  • Played 37 games in Serie A, conceding 38 and keeping 14 Clean Sheets.
  • Won Euro 2020 with Italy and made his move to Paris St Germain.

He’s probably one of the better free signings that any club could’ve made, and his value is reportedly around £60 million. The one person who won’t be happy with this transfer? Keylor Navas.

He had been performing well above expectations for PSG, at many points he saved them crucial points, although it proved not to be enough as Lille were crowned champions.

Navas won’t take kindly to being on the bench, as we saw at Real Madrid when Courtois arrived from Chelsea. He backs himself, and he made the move then in order to get gametime. 

There’s two options, either PSG rotate their goalkeepers, or they make one their number 1 goalkeeper and deal with the other.

If they rotate, that could be a car-crash for his Sorare price, as managers are expecting him to play 30+ games a season. He can’t command a £5,000 price on the platform and be warming the bench with a ‘DNP’.

Which S05 Goalkeepers to Avoid

There’s not a specific player I have in mind, when I write this section. Instead, it’s a guide of what to avoid in general.

Although Sorare is a collectible NFT platform, I think that it’s 99% driven by the Fantasy Sports Tournaments. This will make it quite difficult to sell your players, when they reach retirement age. Their demand will drop off, and you might be left with a non-utility card.

This makes me a little more strategical from day one, which is why I like to look at young goalkeepers. On the flip side, young goalkeepers are still developing and you won’t see the best from them until they reach an older age. 

If you don’t have a preference on Goalkeeper age, it’s definitely worth weighing up. I know lots of people that have won prizes with a 33 year old goalkeeper, but at the same time I do always wonder how, or if, they’re ever going to be able to sell said goalkeeper.

If you’re working on a budget, I would most definitely avoid any players for the future, that aren’t getting gametime now. You need to avoid ‘DNP’ players, as they aren’t going to assist you in any way at the moment.

I would also avoid any goalkeepers that aren’t first choice for their clubs, unless you have a little bit of Intel that they make be transferring.


That marks the end of our quest to find the Best Goalkeepers on Sorare. I know these players aren’t cheap, I can’t even afford to add them to my squads yet!

I will be making more posts to suit more budgets, as I know that whilst we would all love to purchase the elite players, it’s not a possibility for all. In future series, I will be completing a league breakdown and stating my favourite picks. However, the Transfer Window is open, so I need to wait for that to close, so I can lock-in my picks!

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