Sorare English Premier league: We Welcome THE EPL!

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On the 30th January 2023, Sorare officially unveiled the English Premier League as their next acquired league. This is something which managers have been excited about for the last few years. A few years ago, we wrote the below article which suggested that Sorare needed the EPL. Well now, it’s officially licensed and the cards look fantastic.

Bukayo Saka Unique
An Example of the Bukayo Saka Unique Card

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Sorare English Premier League

The Below article was written in 2020. I have kept this here, for historical reading. Sorare now has the English Premier League, and this is great news for the platform. It’s time to get scouting! Remember, if you aren’t a Sorare player yet, you can get some free Sorare cards when you register.

To achieve it’s aim to become the global fantasy game, Sorare English Premier league needs to be licensed. This is something that has been teased for quite a while, and we’ve even began to see news articles coming out explaining how there are talks in place.

Let’s take a quick look at these here:

Although there’s certain bias here without doubt as a Sorare fan, those articles look promising. There doesn’t seem to be a project that’s more tailor-made for the English Premier League than Sorare, and so many other leagues are already onboard. In fact, even Liverpool have an official licence with Sorare, and their player cards are on the platform.

Will the Premier League join Sorare?

I think it’s inevitable that the Premier League will eventually be on the Sorare platform. The biggest league in the world, catering for the biggest Fantasy NFT platform.

With all of the leagues that are already signing up, it would be a mistake for the Premier League to miss out. Especially during the rise in popularity of NFT’s. I’m really excited to see the utility that this will also bring, imagine winning tickets to your local teams match.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to choose some players which you should consider adding to your gallery, this scout report will be useful particularly if you don’t watch the Premier League every single week.

I’ll also add that I will be avoiding players that already have cards on the platform. So, although I think Salah, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Alisson would make the beginning of a fantastic stack, I won’t be mentioning them below. The same goes for Kevin De Bruyne, Erling Haaland & even Cristiano Ronaldo. Let’s find some gems!

Son Heung-Min – Midfielder – Spurs

Son Heung-Min Sorare
A Breakdown of the Sorare Scores for Son Heung-Min

One of the first things I like about Son? He’s classed as a Midfielder on the platform. With his goal output, this would immediately put him as one of the highest scoring midfielders on the platform. Just take a look at his stats, when he plays he’s most likely scoring 70+, which is top tier.

He’s fantastic for Spurs and fans are starting to love him more than Harry Kane, but that’s not helped by the fact Harry threw his toys out the pram trying to move to Man City. They’ve since signed Haaland for half the price they previously bidded for Kane, so he’s staying where he is.

He’s not a youngster at 29 years old, but he’s been consistently performing and I would hope that he’s got 2-3 seasons left at this current rate. South Koreans have to do military service by law, and fortunately Son has completed his service so the only thing that should stop him playing is Injury or Suspension.

It’s definitely something to watch out though with other South Korean players!

Joao Cancelo – Defender – Manchester City

Joao Cancelo Sorare
A breakdown of the scores on Sorare for Cancelo

He’s one of the better defenders in the league, scarily similar to TAA! Scoring 90+ on 11 ocassions, he’s one to watch. The only issue I have with Man City players is the fact that Pep Guardiola loves to rotate. Fantasy Premier League players will definitely be thinking the same thing, he’s single-handed ruined my gameweeks on more than one occassion.

Naturally a Right Back, Cancelo has been developing his skills as a left back, naturally due to a shortage of players in that position. This also allows for Kyle Walker to play Right Back, which is arguably the strongest lineup possible for Man City.

At 28 years old, he isn’t getting any younger, but again, Pep manages to get the most out of his players. Kyle Walker is 32, and he seems to be getting better and better. Fernandinho recently left Man City at 37 years old. Whilst I don’t think Cancelo will go to 37, he’s got 4-5 years at the top level. That’s a lot of gameweeks.

Reece James – Defender – Chelsea

Reece James Sorare
Can Reece James overcome his injury issues?

On the other end of the spectrum we have Reece James. He’s Under 23 eligible for another 2 seasons. He’s had his fair share of bad luck with injuries, but ended the 2021/22 Premier League season pretty strongly. He’s a fantastic crosser of the ball, his biggest issue is that in the National Team, he’s behind Trent in the pecking order. Rightly so.

This is only going to cause you an headache during National Games, as if the PL were on the platform you wouldn’t be picking Reece James.

His scores are a mixed bag, but his most common score is between 90-100, if he can turn that into some consistency he would be a fantastic card to have in your gallery.

Jose Sa – Goalkeeper – Wolverhampton Wanderers

Jose Sa Sorare Premier League
We needed to add a Goalkeeper, Sa fits the bill fine!

I needed a safe pair of hands in this article. I didn’t want to look towards De Gea, Alisson or Ramsdale as they are the household names. Taking it right back, we’ve travelled to Wolverhampton to check out their goalkeeper.

In 2021/22, Wolves didn’t have the best of seasons. Narrowly missing out on Europa League football, they ended their campaign in 10th place, with a negative goal difference. Typing that out, it comes as a bit of a shock that I’m recommending the goalkeeper.

The truth is, Wolves have been going through a bit of a battle since they sacked Nuno Espirito Santo. The football identity that they had developed was destroyed overnight, and they have been recovering ever since. However, their core squad players haven’t been happy at the club for some time, and I think this will have aided the poor performances. Ruben Neves has officially said goodbye to the club, but no transfer bids have even been made. This can only cause internal issues.

There are only 2 centre backs that Wolves can rely on in Coady and Boly, and there isn’t much depth in the wing back position.

I would definitely look at Jose Sa, if the Premier League joined Sorare. However, it would depend on defensive reinforcements too, as he needs some more protection in front of him.

Bukayo Saka – Forward – Arsenal

Bukayo Saka has advanced in leaps and bounds since his Penalty Miss for England. Those are literally the events that can make or break you as a footballer, but Saka has silenced his critics this season. Arguably, he’s been Arsenal’s best player.

His Sorare stats have been good, but he would need to improve further before I considered him for a competitive gameweek. With that being said, he scores above 60 very regularly.

Arsenal haven’t had the best attack either, with Lacazette and Aubameyang causing more issues at the club than goals scored. I think the Gabriel Jesus transfer to Arsenal will help Saka develop a long-lasting partnership. Although it’s only a little aspect of the game, Team Chemistry plays a huge part in a players scoring (through passes, assists etc).

Bukayo Saka Sorare
A fine example of a solid U23 player with years of utility

Raphinha – Forward – Leeds United

Raphinha Sorare
A Breakdown of Raphinha’s performances scores

I’ve had to include a wildcard that’s a little bit of a gamble, because that’s part of the game! Raphinha had a very good season playing in an underperforming Leeds United team. However, it’s been revealed that there was an agreement between the player and the club towards the end of the season, where they would consider bids for him over £45 million. That’s a healthy profit on the £15m that they paid for him, but he would definitely be missed.

At this point in time, we have no idea where he ends up. It could be Chelsea, Arsenal or even Barcelona. I’d prefer one of the Premier League clubs, for Sorare purporses. That’s purely because Barcelona seems to be a bit stale at the moment, any player that goes near it is almost doomed.

At 25 years old, he would be a great addition for any club, he’s a tricky winger that crosses well, and has an eye for goal.

His scores have been good, considering he’s been playing in a Leeds United side that don’t dominate the ball. Considering the fact they haven’t won many games in 2021/22 campaig, his number of scores above 65 are quite good!

Conclusion: Will Sorare Join the Premier League?

I think that it’s a matter of time until we see the Premier League signed up. Interestingly, Sorare approached Liverpool for a single-team deal. Is there a chance that this could be done with other clubs?

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