Sorare Academy: How to Play The Academy

I’ll be the first one to admit, Sorare shocked all of their managers with the announcement of the Sorare Academy. For quite a while, we’ve been teased a few things regarding Progression Bars, different game modes and even more leagues joining the platform. However, today we will be explaining exactly what the Sorare Academy is, and how you can get involved.

What is the Sorare Academy?

The Sorare Academy is a tournament which has been introduced from Game Week 284. The academy is restricted to new managers, that aren’t registered in any upcoming tournaments requiring Limited, Rare, Super Rare or Unique cards. This means that if you currently have a team registered in a competition such as Global All-Star Rare, you will be locked out of this tournament completely.

Sorare Academy
First view of the Sorare Academy

The main objective of playing the Sorare Academy tournament, is to learn how the fantasy football works. In order to do this in a fair way, Sorare have decided to make it a non player vs player tournament. Instead of this, you will receive specific rewards depending on your lineups overall score.

No more missing out on a reward card, because someone else has an over-powered, over-priced team! I really like the aspect of this, as although Sorare is really enjoyable, sometimes it can become quite frustrating when you’re up against managers that have millions of pounds staked in the game.

What are the rules?

Even though you aren’t competing against other players, there are still rules to follow.

  • You must not have another team registered in any of the premium card tournaments. Note, you can still enter the casual league.
  • You can enter a Maximum of 2 Limited Cards
  • The rest of the team must be filled with common cards (between three and five commons)
  • The captain will receive a bonus of 20%
  • Limited Cards will receive a bonus of 40%

What are the Sorare Academy Rewards?

The rewards are pretty interesting. It will take a score of over 400, but you can win Limited Cards. This is quite a move from Sorare, as they are turning a free-to-play league into one where rewards can be sold.

This will help managers who are also struggling to make it to the next level. They can truly start to build a team of Limited Cards, which will allow them make the next step towards the other Limited Divisions.

Sorare Academy Rewards
An overview of the rewards on Sorare Academy

The maximum reward that can be won in the Sorare Academy is a Tier 2 Limited, so don’t expect a Kylian Mbappe reveal. However, I still feel that these can be extremely useful cards and it’s an improvement on the Casual league.

I also like the fact that you won’t be permanently excluded from the Sorare Academy if you register a team in another division, it’s just for that single week. This will help managers to slowly expand to other leagues and test the waters.

There have also been some more Gameweek Tournaments added, named Super Rare Kickoff and Unique Kickoff. These will require a single card from each scarcity, with some interesting rewards offered.

We will also be seeing a new Specialist League added, although we aren’t sure if it’s a one-off, or if it’s here to stay. Just like how we’ve got the Under 23 leagues, we will be seeing an Over 32’s Specialist League make it’s way during Gameweek 288.

Sorare Academy: Final Thoughts

In addition to all of these new tournaments, Sorare ended their communications by stating that even more competitions would be revealed soon! This makes the 2022/23 season very exciting, and I can’t wait to get started.

This is a fantastic move by Sorare, and it will help new managers to get involved and learn the platform. Meanwhile, the new competitions will give existing managers another fierce battle, in the quest for bragging rights.

You can read more on the Sorare Announcement here.

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