Sorare Tips & Tricks for beginners

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When New Managers start playing Sorare, it’s not uncommon for them to reach out requesting help. There’s a few reasons for this, and it’s the reason that I created the previous article. As Sorare is a completely unique platform, it does take time to learn how the platform works.

In order to help the process become a little easier for you, I have created this article, which is full of Sorare Tips & Tricks which will help you to get the most out of Sorare. Whether you’re buying players, or looking at increasing your players XP fast… this article will help you to compete. I’ve aimed these Sorare Tips for beginners, if you’re more advanced you should take a look at my Experienced Player Tips.

Consider the Threshold Division as Your First Target

There are lots of different divisions on Sorare, which can make things quite confusing for a beginner. Which league are you supposed to enter? Whilst you can enter whichever tournaments that your card allows, you may come to notice that your cards might not be competitive enough.

A small sample of the available tournaments on Sorare
A small sample of the available tournaments on Sorare

Although Sorare is a PvP game, there is a tournament where you play against the house, with the additional chance of beating other players too. This is the All Star Rare Division, and it’s a great place for a beginner to start out. Although this will demand a budget above the Limited Divisions, it’s definitely worthwhile. Let me explain why, by showing you the Prize Pool.

The Sorare Prize Pool for Gameweek #279 - All Star Rare
The Sorare Prize Pool for Gameweek #279 – All Star Rare

The Manager in 1st place will win a minimum of £331, dropping to £124 for third place. In addition to this, they will win a Star Rare card from the prize pool. (This equates to a card such as Joshua Kimmich, Lionel Messi, Mike Maignan which is worth £5,000+).

The Card Rewards continue all the way for the Top 90 managers. However, this is still quite competitive, as there’s over 3,500 entrants to this gameweek. Unless you’re buying the top players which are all quite expensive, your chances of finishing on the podium is quite low. However, you’ll also notice in the above that there’s something called ‘Thresholds’. This is where I believe beginners should be focusing some of their efforts.

If your team scores over 205 points, you will receive a cash payout of £20.69. If your team scores above 250 points, this payout is increased to £41.39. This is completely unlimited, so it doesn’t matter how many teams achieve the threshold. They will all be paid out.

I think this is a great way to build an Ethereum Balance in your Sorare Account. In addition to this, there’s every chance that your team can even earn you a reward card. It’s the thrill of the chase, afterall! Note; this is the only division that contains the Point Threshold.

Don’t Buy Players Blindly

I’m speaking from experience with this one. When I started playing Sorare, I would look through the Auctions and just place bids on players that looked good. Whilst this is a good way to assemble a large gallery full of depth, it doesn’t work well when you’re starting out (especially if on a budget!)

This is part of the reason why I suggest the All Star Division, as it caters for all cards. If you’re on a limited budget, you’ll definitely need to draft a Scout Report similar to that of Football Manager. I’m building one, which can be accessed by all of my followers. It doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to be effective.

A Basic Example of a Scouting Sheet
A Basic Example of a Scouting Sheet – If you would like a more advanced one feel free to request it in the comments.

I remember when I started out, I focused on the Under 23 Divisions. Before I knew it, I was purchasing players such as Bejamin Bourigeaud and Milinkovic-Savic because they looked cheap. What happened next? I had half a team of Under 23’s, which means I couldn’t complete a full lineup in that tournament. I had also ran out of cash balance, so I was a little stuck.

The good news with Sorare is that you can have a look around without having balance in your wallet. This is perfect for scouting. You will be able to find players that fit your plans and then add them to your scouting list.

You will also find players that can crossover into specific leagues, for example, Kylian Mbappe can be deployed in Champion Europe, Under 23 and Global All Star.

You can take things a step further too, adding the floor price of each player that you want to purchase. Once you’ve finished your scouting mission, you’ll then know how much is required to buy all of the players. This will also help you understand if you should be in the Limited, Rare or Super Rare Divisions.

Avoid Leagues that you don’t know

I have no shame in admitting that I have actively avoided leagues, such as the American leagues a few months ago. I didn’t have too much knowledge about MLS and the rules, so I always felt it was better suited for myself to look at Europe. Even to this day, I don’t get involved with the Asia leagues. The main reason for this, is that I struggle to find reliables sources of transfer information, and it can be quite difficult to predict lineups etc.

If you have a league that you have more knowledge in, definitely prioritise that. A little bit of extra information can go a long way on the leaderboards. You never know, as your bankroll increases and your reward cards start rolling in, you might be in a position to learn a new league.

Train All Unused Players

At some point, you will reach a point where you miss out on a Star Reward card, by just a few points. You’ll spend some time frustrated, we’ve all done it. The big thing you can do to reduce your chances of missing out on rewards, is to train your players. Train them.

It’s very easy to do, exactly the same as building your lineup in the normal fashion. When you train them, they gain XP which will eventually bring around an increased multiplier to the cards scoring total.

An overview of my Training Teams on Sorare - Let's build that XP!
An overview of my Training Teams on Sorare – Let’s build that XP!

It won’t take you too long to set these up, and it could be the difference between a reward or not.

Check Team News & Previews before confirming your Lineups

The next one up is less of a Sorare Tip, but it’s good advice for when picking your teams so it needs to be included.

In the past, I have been known to enter what looks like my best team on paper. This is fine if you’re short of time, but i’d always recommend that you check your main players are definitely starting. If they’ve had a muscle injury during the week, there’s less chance of them starting or lasting the 90 minutes.

At this point, it may be suitable to put in another player that you know will definitely start.

An example of a sourced Injury update, from Twitter
An example of a sourced Injury update, from Twitter

You will need to check your sources, but when you see images it’s clear to see that you should be alerted. They won’t always be nasty injuries, but we are just avoiding DNP’s at this point!

Don’t get tempted into Auction Battles

The next few sorare tips are based around purchasing and selling players. It’s very, very exciting to see the new listings available on the Sorare auction house. In fact, I still do it to this day, I think the Auction House is great. However, I’m much more disciplined now, understanding what I need before I have a look around.

My Latest Signings on Sorare
My Latest Signings on Sorare

As you can see, I’m well on the way to building my 2022/23 Bayern Munich stack. I’ll get these trained up over summer now, or that’s the plan at least.

I’ll be doing my best to purchase Kylian Mbappe too, but I’ll ensure that I’m not sucked into an Auction Battle. The auctions are high octane arenas, where managers don’t want to admit defeat in terms of their bids. I’ve seen this time and time again, where managers lose track of the actual card price, just in the aim of winning the auction.

Just like above, I purchased Jonathan Tah for £59.92 when he has a 9% XP Bonus. The next auction up has a 5% bonus and is at £57. For me to place a bid, I’d have to bid over £60, so it literally makes no sense to do this.

When you’ve got time to check it’s easy, but there will be a few times that you might have to make a judgement call. I have two monitors, so it’s a little easier. This is one of my biggest Sorare Tips for beginners.

Avoid Low Mint Card Auctions

Whilst it would be great to have the first minted Kylian Mbappe on the platform, you’re actually better off by waiting until a few cards have entered the market. In addition to letting the market price settle, you’ll also ensure that you don’t go up against specific collectors that hunt the #1 mints.

There isn’t really a collectable platform on Sorare just yet, although it may come in the future, there’s no point paying over the odds as you’re starting out. You’ll be better off to take a higher mint card, and use your savings to purchase another card to continue building your gallery.

Consider A Stack

Stacking your lineups is a sure-fire way to try and bump yourself up the rankings. Although it might cost a little more to build a stack, you’re lowering your risk as you’re only dependent upon 1/2 teams.

You will need your team to win emphatically, but it’s easier to predict one team performing well, than it is 5 separate players.

Some of the best managers stack their cards, and I’d advise reading this if you’re looking at Sorare Stacks.

Negotiate with Managers

I highly advise that you negotiate with managers for their cards. The price that they list the card for, may not be the final price that they would accept. I wouldn’t advise going in too low on your opening offers, but as I pointed out in my review, it’s definitely worth trying to shave something extra off.

It might not always work, but it’s a bonus when it does! Fortunately, Sorare have also added a new little feature that will help with your negotiation skills, particularly if you have Discord.

Screenshot showing the Communication Methods available
Screenshot showing the Communication Methods available

If you’re in the Sorare Discord already, you’ll be able to find these managers with ease and open negotiations. Note, Managers are from all over the world, so be prepared for a wait due to time zone differences.

You might be able to get on the better side of a manager and secure yourself a good deal. Alternatively, you could invite them to check your gallery and see if you can do a Player Exchange with Cash on top. The possibilities are endless!

Take your time when Listing Cards for Sale

Sorare is a Live Auction House, where in addition to buying players, you can list yours for sale. This means that other managers will constantly be on the lookout to grab a bargain.

Unfortunately for some managers, this will come at their downfall. Now I’m not too sure, but I’d defintiely state that there’s a bot, or at least a script running that will scoop up any listings that were made in error, like the one below.

Auction Mistakes
Cristiano Ronaldo Super Rare sells for less than £50, after being purchased for £10,000

I have no joys in sharing these images, as it’s genuinely painful. It would appear that Quikwik accidentally listed his card for much less than he should have. Within seconds, this card was snapped up and never to be returned.

This was confirmed as a mistake by the manager, which Sorare would not be liable for. It’s very disappointing, but it does happen. Sorare have added measures which helps the managers see if they are bidding too high for a card, or also adds a delay before the listing is made live on the platform. This allows managers to check multiple times to ensure the listing is correct.

Sorare Tips for Beginners: The Conclusion

I will continue to add the Sorare Tips to this Article, which I believe are relevant for beginners. I am also drafting one for more experienced players, which will allow them to take their game to the next level.

If you have any questions regarding advice, or want me to add one of your own personal sorare tips for beginners, let me know down below!

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