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Sorare La Liga: The Spanish League Enter the Platform

Sorare La Liga

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Typically we are used to Sorare adding a new club to the platform, but they’ve gone all out this time… partnering with a complete league. The Santander La Liga, to be exact. Although Lionel Messi has recently left Barcelona, there’s plenty of other cards that will have utility for the S05 gaming arena that is Sorare Fantasy.

Although it would have been great to have a Lionel Messi NFT in a Barcelona kit, it’s good to remember that PSG are licensed and we will get that variant.

With the latest addition of the Limited Scarcity cards, the arrival of La Liga will help new players in making their lineups. In addition to this, there’s a real anticipation towards the likes of Ansu Fati, Pedri & Barrenetxea who are some of the best up and coming talents in the league.

If youth players aren’t your thing, players such as Iago Aspas, Karim Benzema and David Silva will provide the experience to push you forward into the podium places.

As Sorare have now received the backing from a Top 5 global league, it does make us wonder just how long until they will complete partnerships with the other major leagues. Read below for our thoughts on the Sorare La Liga partnership, along with our lineup builder favourite 5!

We’ve seen additions such as Scottish Premiership, the entire French and German National team too. We cross our fingers, as we await the Premier League.

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La Liga Joins Sorare

Before I continue with my lineup builders, I need to add a little more detail into the Sorare partnership that has been formed. Although Sorare now have a formal partnership with the league, they already had individual club agreements with specific clubs such as Valencia, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid.

Whilst this would bring interest from the fans of La Liga, the die hard fans of clubs like Celta Vigo would be hesitant in supporting their rival players of Deportivo La Coruña. As all teams are now being added, it gives every fan the chance to purchase their favourite cards, from their favourite teams.

This will help spread the news about Sorare, and it can make the matchdays even more fun. Imagine watching the matches with your friends, but you all need specific players to perform. This will help to add a fantastic competitive element, which leads to some great prizes.

Whilst we talk about prizes and rewards, I can’t continue without mentioning the GameWeek 200 rewards.

The winner of the Special Weekly event will receive an NFT like no other. This NFT will unlock an all-inclusive trip and 2 tickets to the El Clasico. This is fantastic, I don’t think I have any chance of winning myself, but what a prize that can be won.

This paves the way for future Sorare rewards that can be exchanged for unique rewards, in addition to the cards that you can win.

Players to Watch

La Liga has had it’s reputation damaged in recent years, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi once the stars of the show. This would help the league to bring in money, travel and tourism, ticket sales, subscriptions to La Liga TV and shirt sales. The two main calling points for foreign fans have left the main stage of the Spanish leagues, but there are still plenty of players that are catching the eye for fan.

The ‘passing of the guard’ is already continuing it’s trend at Barcelona, as their hardcore fans move their trust into future stars Pedri and Ansu Fati. So let’s take a look at Five Players to Watch, who may also feature in our squads below.

Mikel Oyarzabal

One of my favourite players in La Liga, I really do think that Oyarzabal has many Messi-like qualities. He’s not yet the finished article, but he has the ability to change a game on his own. He operates just like Antoine Griezmann in his younger days, and if he continues on his trajectory he can become a great player in real life, and on Sorare!

The only issue at present as of September 2021, he’s not on Sorare yet! I’m confident it’s only a matter of time though, as his team-mates are starting to flutter through now.

Memphis Depay

You have to feel for Memphis Depay, as his transfers never seem to work out the way he wants them to! Initially, he joined Man Utd where he was expected to become the next star to light up the Theatre of Dreams, but it just didn’t work out.

After transferring to Lyon for a bargain £16 million, he re-found his form and Man Utd were already considering their buyback clause. Three years later, he left the French club as one of the best players the club have had. However, he didn’t leave on the best terms, moving to Barcelona on a free. In his current form, he would’ve easily commanded £30 million. Memphis has always wanted to prove he could cut it with the very best & Lionel Messi was a big factor in his transfer. Obviously, that part didn’t work out too well as Lionel later moved to PSG.

Although it’s not the best news for his dreams, with Messi out of the picture, Depay has the chance to become the star man. Even if Barcelona are going through a tough period.

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