Sorare Rewards & Prizes Update: Eth Threshold & Card Drops

It’s time for a classic breakdown of a product update, notably this time it’s the Sorare Dynamic Rewards which have been implemented this evening.

I’ll be doing a full breakdown of this announcement, alongside my thoughts on the changes in order to give you a good understanding of what’s actually changed.

Scaling the Rewards for Sustainability

We’ve known for a few weeks now that the rewards pool was going to be changing, but it wasn’t determined whether this would be a positive move that benefits existing players, or something which is more focused on bringing something new in. This is part of the reason for the delay, as Sorare HQ had to work out the perfect balance between helping new players get started, but not at the cost of existing players prizes.

Fortunately, they’ve arrived at what seems a fantastic solution. Let’s take a look below.

The New Dynamic Reward System

The new reward system will be based around how many clubs are playing, in any given game week.

This means that the size of the prize pool depends on how many fixtures are being played in that tournament. If there aren’t many teams playing, the rewards will be slightly less.

When the gameweek is competitive, the rewards on offer will be scaled up, to help more people succeed.

Below are two infographics of what might happen, with two very different scenarios.

A Quiet Game Week

Sorare New Payouts

Above is Gameweek 149, which was the Champions League Quarter Final. There weren’t many rewards on, due to the fact that the fixture pool wasn’t sufficient.

As you’ll see, the leagues which failed to benefit were Champion Asia, Challenger Europe & Champion Europe. Under the new rewards scheme, you would have been able to compete in leagues with very little competition.

Yes, the rewards would be lower than usual, but they’re very generous rewards & it’s much better than putting your stars in a Training tournament!

Sorare New Payouts Ethereum

A Typical Gameweek

Things start to get a little interesting on the busier gameweeks. Looking at the projected rewards, it looks as though the pool has increased by at least double, in some cases increasing nearly three-fold. This has to come with open arms to all players. The big boys who win often, will continue to win even more. The people that are just signing up, will be able to break into the thresholds for a free card payout a lot easier.

Whilst I’m talking about thresholds it’s important that I mention the Ethereum thresholds.

Ethereum Threshold Changes

There will be no changes to the points threshold for Global All Star Division 4.

You will still receive a reward for hitting 205 points, and a slightly bigger reward for hitting the 250 point mark.

However, instead of being paid out at a flat Ethereum rate of 0.01 or 0.02, this will be changed to $15 and $30 reward systems.

You’ll be paid out at the ETH equivalent, but these rewards are now locked in.

This change also applies to the Top 3 places in any division tournament.

Continuous Progression

Sorare understand that new managers target the Ethereum payouts when they first start out, because it’s not always financially viable to purchase a whole set of cards to compete in Champion Europe.

Sorare HQ are working on an improved game progression model, which will help new players have a more exciting experience. They are currently testing a feature which will allow a manager unlock a new card, by progressing and accumulating points across multiple game weeks.

The $15 and $30 prizes will also be replaced for a more sustainable and more exciting feature, which they have mentioned will allow you to ‘beat the game’. I’m unsure how that will be incorporated myself, as hitting the points threshold is already like beating the game?

Anyway, there will be a Player vs Game reward which will be announced in the future.

Reward Drops

Another feature I like the look of, is the Reward Drops which were announced.

On selected gameweeks, managers will be in the running for a new type of prize. What makes it even better, is that this prize applies for managers who haven’t done enough to win a Card Reward from the gameweek.

This will help keep things fun, instead of making you angry that you missed out by a foul throw in, or an own goal! 

Upto 30% of the Tier 3 Rare card rewards will be given to Managers in Division 4, that scored over 200 points.

The odds of getting your reward depends where you finished in Division 4 that week, with the higher scores having a better chance of getting a card.

This is an under-rated gameplay improvement, which doesn’t benefit the already elite players that are winning each week. This is a win for those players that are currently playing just for the Ethereum rewards, and it gives you a real shot at progressing through the ranks.

That’s essential for keeping new players active, as for some the low Ethereum rewards just don’t cut it.

My Thoughts on the Update / Announcement

This announcement has been met with both positive and negative thoughts in the community. It’s best to include all thoughts for full transparency. Whilst overall I think it’s a good move, there are people who have concerns.


  • Sorare are aware that as Ethereum rises, so does the entry barrier for new players. They have tried to address this and will continue to do-so.
  • The Leagues will be opened up, allowing you to utilise your players, when they play.
  • Reward Drops will keep players entertained that finish outside of the payouts, which is vital for further onboarding & player progression.


  • Some Players aren’t happy that the Ethereum payout is being fixed to $15/$30 payouts.
  • Some players are unhappy that the rewards are being increased, with further reward drops. They stated that the game is based around Scarcity, but cards are being handed out more often under the new structure.

Final Thoughts

Whilst I do understand where the negative thoughts are coming from, it’s important to look at this from Sorare’s aspect. Yes, we all want rewards. I want a Rare Mbappe! However, as we’ve seen with very similar products in this industry it’s important that the company is making money and that it’s sustainable. With the consistent cryptocurrency rises that we’re seeing, it wouldn’t be sensible for Sorare to continue paying out at ‘whatever rate’ Ethereum is.

The Rewards being increased does bring about it’s own Double Edged Sword. It’s important to limit supply so that Auction and Marketplace prices remain at a premium, but this creates it’s own bubble in that the entry fees for some players are out of this world.

Let’s take a Challenger Europe Division 4 Goalkeeper for example. Have you looked at the price of them? The best performing cards in this league are Goalkeepers at the tender age of 33 and 34, which means they don’t have lots of time left. They’re over £2,000 each to purchase.

Whilst it’s easy to say that these goalkeepers are also NFT’s, you have to question if you have any interest holding these as collectible pieces. They’re probably not worth the £2,000 as collectible digital items.

Ultimately, as Sorare grows, rewards have to increase or not enough players will have the chance to win. What do you think of the Update?

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