Professional Players That Play Sorare

Professional Footballers that Play Sorare

Today we have a post for fun, which will be tracking Professional Players that are active on Sorare. This blog will be updated frequently, to show you managers and their manager names. It’s definitely worth checking to see what the professional players are doing.

I will also be explaining some of the controversy which has already happened with some professional players that are active on Sorare.

This happened at Ajax, where Daley Blind and Davy Klaasen were accused of insider trading. I’m not too sure this can happen on a Fantasy game, but we have seen this in FPL before, when Jack Grealish was injured and the Aston Villa squad transferred him out of their lineups.

The reason that Blind and Klaasen were accused, is that they purchased cards of the reserve goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg, who happened to start the very next match. This caused a spike in price for that card, and was seen as an inside way for the pair to have made money.

On the Thursday, Stekelenburg was much cheaper than when Blind and Klaasen started to purchase the cards. This does cause a few internal issues, such as should professional players be able to play Sorare?

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the professional players that play, or at least have an official account, on Sorare.

Players with a Gallery over £100,000:

  • Antoine Griezmann – Gallery estimate is £340,000. Manager name is Elunico, with a club name of Banks FC
  • Gerard Pique – Gallery Estimate is £220,000. His name is Pique on Sorare, with the Club name of FC Andorra

Players with a Gallery over £10,000

  • Tony Watt – Gallery estimate is £16,000. His manager name is 32watto
  • Ousmane Dembele – Gallery Estimate is £25,000. His manager name is Dembouz, Club name Dembouz FC

Players with a Gallery over £1,000

  • Kenneth Taylor – Gallery Estimate is £1,100. His manager name is Campionekt.

How can I find out which players have Sorare accounts?

There’s no directory of active players, but that would be pretty cool if there was. Maybe it’s something that Sorare can look at building, because there’s already quite a few players active. It would be very interesting to see if they discussed Sorare in the changing rooms. If you want to find out if a player is active on Sorare, you need to navigate to their profile page. From here, you will see the following.

Professional Player on Sorare
Antoine Griezmann actively playing Sorare

Is it legal for Football Players to Play Sorare?

As Sorare isn’t a gambling product, there is nothing in place to ban them from playing the game. It works similarly to the rules of playing Fantasy Premier League.

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