Sorare Data Walkthrough: The Data analysis tool

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If you want to succeed in the Sorare fantasy tournaments, you should avoid picking your teams blindly. Fortunately, there’s an analysis tool called Sorare Data, which provides all of this information completely free of charge. Today, I’ll be explaining exactly how you can use this tool to help you win.

Update: August 2022

Sorare Data have now announed that there will be a membership model added to the platform. For continued access to the platform, Sorare managers will need to pay for a premium subscription.

It’s not a cheat-code, it’s a legitimate site and Sorare themselves have invested money into the platform. The data that it provides is world-class and I’m going to explain exactly everything that you can do. If you haven’t linked up your account yet, I would advise that you do… ASAP!

What is Sorare Data?

Sorare Data is a Free Resource which can be accessed by anyone. Simply navigate to and register for your account. Here, you can actually link your Sorare account, which makes the data stretch a little further and gives you more analysis tools.

It provides game-changing features, from advising what the average price of a specific player is, to telling you what rewards you would have won, if you had used a specific lineup. It also provided data on Player Offers, which makes things very interesting in the Secondary Market… especially when viewing trades between specific managers.

There’s no doubt that if you use Sorare Data, you will be increasing your chances of winning a tournament.

SorareData Tutorial: How to Use Sorare Data

The first thing that you should do, is register for your own account. Here, you will also be able to link your Sorare account, so I would also do that. After this, I would advise you to head to preferences. Here, we can change our currency preference, which will be vital for you to quickly analyse prices.

Change Preferences
Changing preferences on Sorare Data

If you value your account in Ethereum, GBP, Dollars or Euros, you can set this preference here. It’s a small change, but makes things easier when viewing the graphs later.

Sorare Data Scouting

The most common feature on Sorare Data is the Scouting tools. They are incredibly useful, and will help you to build a shortlist of players which will eventually be your transfer targets. I am going to run through the process now of Scouting for Challenger Europe, simulating purchasing this team and creating a lineup.

Sorare Data Scouting
Viewing the Sorare Data Scouting Tools available

Player Rankings

One of the many scouting tools available is the player rankings dataset, which gives you fast access to see the best ranked players. As you can see below, I’ve filtered the league to Challenger Europe, and I’ve specified that I need a goalkeeper.

SorareData Player Rankings Goalkeeper
SorareData Analysis showing the best goalkeepers on the platform

That has produced 73 results, but I’ve taken a screenshot just of the Top 5. As I’m searching for a team that’s instantly capable of getting me rewards, I want to pick the best.

The results are very interesting, with a range of results. It’s produced Diogo Costa in 5th, but you’ll see that he has by far the most expensive price. This is because of his age, he’s Under 23 eligible.

Looking at this sheet alone, I have earmarked Phillip Kohn and Altay Bayindir. However, you can dig into more depth with the filters too. For example, if you want to ensure that your goalkeeper has a good average over the last 40 games, you can filter that by clicking the L40, like below.

Goalkeepers Filtered L40
Filtering Goalkeepers to find the best L40 average

Interestingly, that moves the results around, but does provide the goalkeepers with the highest averages. This further shows to me, that Diogo Costa is a longer-term card that will shine next year in the U23 pool. He’s actually capable of pretty good scores, but ends up 21st on averages. (You would most likely be playing him in the U23 leagues, where he will likely dominate. If you’re interested in the Under 23’s, you’ll be interested in the next part.

U23 Goalkeeper Scouting
Filtering for an Under 23 Goalkeeper

I’ve now enabled the filter for U23 eligible, which will only show results for goalkeepers that are U23 eligible. Now you can ignore the 24 year olds, as they will be leaving the pool for the next season. I’ve adjusted the filter to show for goalkeepers that actually play, as there’s plenty of U23 that don’t. This is another great filter, and I’ve set this to goalkeepers that have played at least 11 out of the last 15 games… because we want a first team goalkeeper.

This further shows how good Diogo Costa will be, but as I’ve already mentioned, he comes at a huge price. Other managers know this too, so they’re banking on him for next year. Maarten Vandevoordt was also one of my favourite options, but he’s got a transfer scheduled for 2024. I’m not sure what the chain reaction of this transfer may be, as Genk are going to be less likely to develop and rely on him, knowing that he’s leaving. (You can see how it’s easy to think too much into things!).

I’m going to proceed and add Diogo Costs to my Challenger Europe lineup. Although he’s expensive, I’m looking for someone with an instant impact.

You can proceed to use the same filters looking for Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards, but I’m going to do this using the other tools, so you can see how it all works.

Player Finder

The player finder works in a very similar way to the player rankings chart, but it’s a little more in-depth and the visuals are a little better. It’s my favourite way of finding a player, but that’s just preference.

Player Finder Filter
Adjusting the Filters to find a Defender

The filters are much more in-depth, where you can actually filter for specific scores, filter by club or even the playing status.

We are now on the lookout for a defender, so I’ve set the filters to look for Defenders only. I’ve also set the filter to 28 as maximum age, because I want a bit of utility. Finally, I set challenger europe as the only tournament.

Again, I have sorted this by L40 average, because I don’t want to be mistaken by a player that’s having a good spell of form. Whilst this is a good way to find a future gem, we want players that have the chance to win every week.

SorareData Advanced Search Results
The Scouting Pool that SorareData provided for Challenger Europe Defenders

The results immediately look promising, and there are three players that catch my eye. Jurrien Timber, Cameron Carter-Vickers and Josip Sutalo. I’m immediately going to shortlist all of these by adding them to my watchlist.

As you can see from the above graphic, you have instant access to the L5, L15 and L40 scores. You also get a nice graphic, showing the player, club and position. The final thing that you will see, is a 3 day average and the floor price for the players.

Scouting a Single Player

When looking at a player, it’s not enough to see their average score and price. You need to see things in-depth. This is where you will be able to see the exact player profile for any player that you want to. In this example, we will be looking at Jurrien Timber.

Jurrien Timber Player Analysis

You can see lots of information here, and there’s lots of tabs with data, too. The first one that you will see will be the players price graph.

This area shows you the recent sales for various cards on the market, both auction and secondary market sales. With Timber, you can see that his price fell around April, but has since hovered around £400-£500. The main cause of this, is the transfer market. He was linked to Manchester United, but refused the move as Van Gaal warned that he would be dropped from the Netherlands team. Sour grapes for LVG.

There is still some uncertainty over his future, but I think if he remains at Ajax when the window closes, his price will recover and start to peak. He’s got a huge L40 score, meaning he’s Mr Consistent.

S05 Scores

This is one of the most important pages on the individual player reports. It shows everything, about every game that your player has featured in.

Jurrien Timber S05 Scores

I really enjoy this screen, you can see the data for everything. At the top of the page, you can see an easy view of what games he is next involved in. It will also predict an average score, which is pretty impressive.

Looking into the Past, it will provide you with every single stat that you could possibly need. The most important is the one that I’ve circled above, which shows his final scores, and how often he achieved each milestone. He scored above 60 more than he scored below it. Looking at his decisive actions, you can see that he made 1 error last season leading to a goal, which is quite impressive. Note, if you aren’t sure what the icons mean, you can hover over them, which will help you with a little tooltip providing the information for each one. He also got zero red cards, which is just what you want for a defender.

At this point, you may have seen enough and want to buy him right away. If this is the case, the best thing that you can do is navigate to the Auctions and offers tab.

Auctions & Offers

Admittedly, I don’t use this tab as much as I should. It would save me so much time, looking for auctions that don’t exist. If you’ve seen a player that you like the data for, you should definitely click here and find out more about who’s up for sale.

SorareData Auction Market

This view will let you see which players are currently up for auction, freshly minted by Sorare. You can also view completed auctions and manager deals if you scroll down, and you can see the first 3 of these at the bottom of the above image.

It’s very important to see how much managers are paying, and you can see that one manager snapped Timber up for £501, when the auctions are currently bidding at £520. The lowest manager offer at this point is £560, which is third on the horizontal grid. This can be seen as it shows ‘offer’ above the card, instead of auction.

It can also help you bid, as you can be sure that the auction will not surpass the offer price… as managers could just buy from another manager for cheaper.

If you have looked at the data for your player, but aren’t 100% convinced, there’s another tab that you could look at which would show you similar players to the one you’re looking at.

SorareData Similar Players

This one takes me back to Football Manager, where I would often find similar players for someone like Lionel Messi, to see Adnan Januzaj in the results. That one didn’t quite turn out so well.

SorareData Similar Players

This is a really good feature, which can show you alternative players. Some might be more expensive, but it can give you the chance to find a gem. There isn’t really one listed here, although I do like Pavlovic.

You can continue your scouting efforts until you build a lineup, but there’s another tool that I like to use to see the competitiveness of any given lineup. This is called Concepts.


SorareData Stack

Looking at the above lineup, you’d be right in thinking that this is a solid stack. 3 Ajax players leading the spine of the team, with some huge averages included. Looking towards the right of the screen, there are 12 gameweeks where these players have all featured. With that being said, when they’ve all played, they’ve won 10 rewards. So it’s a strong team, but doesn’t play together very often.

This is where concepts will be your friend. Although you can’t use previous results to guarantee you a future reward, you can see exactly how to build a consistent, winning team.

Scouting Other Managers

We are now near the end of the ‘scouting’ feature on SorareData. Admittedly, there’s lots of information, and you can take the information on the above and expand even further. However, now we will take a quick look at Manager Scouting.

SorareData Manager Tracking
A quick look at the largest galleries on Sorare. At the time of screenshot, 1ETH is $1,000

I don’t do this often, but it’s definitely useful if there’s a certain manager that always seems to get their calls right. Maybe they have inside info? Maybe they have faster access to the best ITK sources on Twitter?

I tend to monitor other managers, to see who they are purchasing. Now, in this example, I’ve picked the biggest account on the game. The value of the account is just under $8 million, which is massive compared to my <£10,000 gallery. I’ll literally never be able to compete. (Maybe in the casual league!)

Watching the trend is very useful, and straight away I’ve seen that Reiss Nelson is getting snapped up. This account is buying lots of these. I’ve checked the news and it appears that Reiss is returning to Arsenal, and I think this is a decent gamble.

I think they’re gambling on a transfer, as he won’t want to be a substitute at Arsenal after his impressive time at Feyenoord.

Sorare Manager Tracking Purchases

This example shows you exactly the sort of things that you can do. It’s also been used in the past by managers to report others for multi-accounting, which is frowned upon by other managers and I believe is now a bannable offence. Note; there are still active bot accounts which operate in the market, disappointingly.

The scouting is definitely the number one reason to use Sorare Data. However, there are also other uses, and I’ll be including the extra added content below soon.

Without using a tool such as Sorare Data, you limit your knowledge of the mechanics, which you need in order to pick the best team possible.

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