Sorare MLB: Tutorial & Sign Up Bonus

Sorare MLB Sign Up Bonus

By using our link, you will receive a Free Limited Card when you Purchase 5 Cards from Auction. Who will you get?

If you’re new to Sorare, you may have missed the update where they have added a new sport to the platform. This sport is MLB, and it’s going to run as a game alongside their football platform. You can find the Football/Soccer tutorial here. In this article, I’ll be explaining everything about the Sorare MLB game.

Sorare MLB Sign Up Bonus

Do you want a free bonus when you register at Sorare? Use our link and if you purchae 5 players from the Sorare auction house, you will receive a Free Reward Card. This will be of ‘Limited’ Scarcity and you can use this card for your progression, or sell this card.

How does Sorare MLB Work?

Sorare have obtained the rights to create Digital Cards for Major League Baseball, which will enable managers to enter fantasy tournaments with their cards. Managers will be playing with the hope of winning the fantasy tournaments which will then reward them with Card Prizes, in addition to Ethereum/Cash Prizes.

Sorare MLB can be played completely free, with specific cards types available in a free to play tournament. Every card on the platform is officially licensed and will allow you to collect your favourite MLB players.

In the fantasy tournaments, your players will score points based on their real-life performances, so it adds an extra dimension for fans of the sport.

Getting Started on Sorare MLB

When you first register at Sorare MLB, you’ll be sent through an onboarding process. This process will help you understand everything about the platform. Your first reward for completing this will be a common card, and you’ll be able to choose your first common card from a selection of stars in baseball.

Sorare MLB Choosing A Player
Choosing Your Favourite Card on Sorare MLB

After selecting your star player from the selection, you’ll be awarded 12 more common cards at random. Again, these will be delivered to you completely free. (Note; they cannot be sold so they are your cards for the long haul).

The common cards will be distributed as follows:

  • 4 Starting Pitchers
  • 2 Relief Pitchers
  • 2 Corner Infielders
  • 2 Middle Infielders
  • 2 Outfielders

Sorare MLB Card Types

Your onboarding cards will be delivered as Common Cards, but there are other cards too which will be available to purchase on the market. These cards are auctioned by Sorare and available for all managers to bid on. These cards will also grant access to more tournaments, which can win higher value cards in different tiers. Let’s discuss the card types available.

Sorare MLB Card Type Scarcity
Infographic showing Different Sorare MLB Card Types
Sorare MLB Card TypeNumber of Cards Per SeasonCard Colour
CommonUnlimited (Non-purchasable)Grey
Super Rare100Blue
An Overview of the Sorare MLB Card Scarcities

Common cards are unlimited, but you cannot purchase or sell these cards. They make up the base of the Free to Play game. Every other card type can be purchased, and can be won from entering the fantasy tournaments too.

Sorare MLB Card Information

Now you know what the card scarcities are, but you may be wondering… what’s physically displayed on the card? Every Sorare MLB Card will contain the following:

  • Player Photo: The Annual image for the specific player is shown on the card
  • Team Logo: The Team crest will be displayed on the card
  • Player Name
  • Player Position
  • Card Season: The year that the card was introduced to the platform
  • Serial Number: The mint number of that specific card. For example, it could be a 22/100 Super Rare

Just like when collecting cards in the hobby, there will be specific cards which carry a little more value. Cards such as Serial Number #1 and Jersey Match will be more valuable, and Sorare have even introduced special card designs for these type of cards. This will add further to the collectability of the cards and help them to feel more special.

In addition to these, Sorare are also adding a new card design for the First Year Baseball Cards. These are going to be known as and they look like this:

Shohei Ohtani Sorare MLB
Shohei Ohtani #1 Year One Edition
Guerrero Jr Sorare MLB
Vladimir Guerrero JR #1 Year One Edition
Aaron Judge Sorare MLB
Aaron Judge #1 Year One Edition

How to Play Sorare MLB

If you’re used to how Sorare Soccer works, you’ll have to get used to a slightly different game with Sorare MLB.

Instead of 5 Cards with Soccer, Sorare MLB has a 7 card requirement. You’ll need to build a lineup covering the following positions:

Sorare MLB Player Positions Explained

  • 1 Starting Pitcher
  • 1 Relief Pitcher
  • 1 Corner Infielder (which can be a First Baseman, Third Baseman or Designated Hitter)
  • 1 Middle Infielder (which can be a Second Baseman, Shortstop or Catcher)
  • 1 Outfielder
  • 1 Extra Hitter (this can be any hitter)
  • 1 Flex (this can be any player)

The flex is similar to the extra card available in S05, where you can utilise any player, in any position.

You can only use a Sorare MLB card once per Game Week, and you can only use each player once in the same lineup, regardless of how many digital cards you own.

Sorare MLB Scoring Matrix

Sorare MLB uses a Scoring system where your chosen players actions will be converted to points. For each action they complete, they will be assigned points. Below, you will find a full breakdown of the points that can be scored:

Hitting CategoryPoints Scored
Run Batted In3
Single (First Base)2
Double (Second Base)5
Triple (Third Base)8
Home Run10
Stolen Base5
Hit By Pitch2
Sorare MLB Breakdown for the Hitting Category

The below scoring matrix will show you the breakdown for the Pitching Category

Pitching CategoryPoints Scored
Inning Pitched3
Hit Allowed2
Earned Run5
Hit Batsmen10
Sorare MLB Breakdown for the Pitching Category

Sorare MLB Game Week Schedules

Sorare MLB will use a unique structure for their gameweeks, with a bi-weekly tournament schedule. Each game week will run over a maximum of a 4 day cycle. This will run Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday.

Just like in Sorare first sport, football, each game week will be numbered sequentially. The game week will start 10 minutes before the first game in the specific game week, meaning lineups cannot be changed 10 minutes before the first game.

As soon as the last game in any given gameweek ends, the game week will be concluded. There will be a small delay for the scores to be finalized, before the tournament rewards are handed out to managers.

Sorare MLB Tournaments

Sorare MLB will start off with 7 tournaments in Season One, with them looking to expand the tournaments as the platform matures. This is similar to what they did with Sorare Football, where they added legends and more tournaments in Season Two & Three.

The core tournaments on offer will be:

  • Limited All Star
  • Limited Pro
  • Rare All Star
  • Rare Pro
  • Super Rare All Star
  • Unique All Star

For the above tournaments, there will be a huge number of rewards to win. The ‘Pro’ Tournaments offer fewer reward cards overall, but they do contain higher scarcity cards which should be worth more money & help you progress into higher leagues.

The All Star Tournaments will allow you to win more cards from the same scarcity, helping you to continue strengthening your position in a current competition.

Before you enter any tournament, you’ll be able to see how many rewards are available and how many people have registered to play.

Which Sorare MLB Tournaments Can I Enter?

This next part is really important, as you’ll need to know which card scarcities enable you to play in specific tournaments You can find more on this article too.

The Common All Star tournament will be completely free to play, where only common cards are allowed.

In Limited Tournaments, you will be required to purchase limited MLB cards.

In Rare Tournaments, you will need to use Four Rare Cards, but you can use Three Limited Cards in your lineup.

Super Rare Tournaments require Three Super Rares, but you can fill this out with 4 Rare Cards.

Unique Tournaments will require Two Unique Cards, but you can use a Maxmum of Five Super Rares.

How to Enter a Sorare MLB Tournament

To Enter a tournament, you need to navigate to the lobby. In this area, you will see all tournaments which are ready to be played in the upcoming gameweek. If you haven’t registered for the tournament, you will see the register button. If you have registered, you’ll have the option to edit this team until the game week locks.

Sorare MLB Tournament Lobby
Viewing the Tournaments Available to Enter

Once you press Register for a specific gameweek, you will be taken to the lineup screen. This screen will be where you choose your players for that specific tournament. On the below picture, you will notice that the team is already built, this is because I have added the players to the lineup.

Along the left, you will see the eligible players that can be put into a specific spot. In this example, I am looking for a Starting Pitcher, so it will only show eligible starting pitchers. You will also be able to see the players average score, which is circled in black. Next to this, you can see the players XP percentage boost, how many games they have remaining and whether they will be a probable pitcher or not.

Sorare MLB Build Lineup
Building a Lineup on Sorare MLB

Once you have composed your team, you will be able to confirm this lineup and wait for the gameweek to begin.

Sorare MLB Common All Star
Composing Your Team for Sorare MLB Common All Star

Sorare MLB Free Cards

During the course of your onboarding, you will be able to claim Free Sorare MLB Cards simply by logging in to your account. This is known as the daily drop, and you can claim one card per day. This will last for around 30 drops, allowing you to bulk up your gallery.

Sorare MLB Daily Drop Card Claim
Claiming a New Card via the Daily Drop

When you select to claim a new card, you will be offered a selection of Five Players. Note, on the below I selected a drop from the Sorare Football platform, which would help you build out on both aspects of the game.

Sorare MLB Daily Drop
Claiming a Free Card on the Daily Drop

Upon completion of the Sorare MLB onboarding process, you will be left to explore the rest of the platform. Here, you can look at the market to purchase Limited, Rare and Super Rares or continue building out your common cards.

Sorare MLB Onboarding

Sorare MLB Conclusion

This Sorare MLB Beginners guide should help you get set up on the platform, ready to win some rewards. I am really excited to see where the MLB branch of Sorare expands the game to, as we have already seen the potential it has with Football. Remember, if you manage to land a huge card, let me know in the comments!

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