The 10 Most Expensive Sorare Cards Ever Sold

Pricing up a new card on Sorare can be difficult, even more-so when there’s only 1 for sale on the Market. This happens with Unique Scarcity cards quite often. We are looking at the 10 Most Expensive Sorare Cards sold on Auction, and I have a feeling that we are going to be looking mainly at the Uniques.

What are the main reasons that the Unique variants sell for more?

  • Supply vs Demand. There are quite a lot of Sorare players with millions of pounds staked. There’s enough demand for top players, but not the supply.
  • Rewards. Unique Cards win Unique, or Top Tier Super Rare cards.
  • Bragging Rights. Only one manager will have the Unique card for that whole season.

Let’s get into this. It’s also worth noting that these auctions happened during different times of the year, so Ethereum could be high or low. I’ll also be putting the USD & GBP equivalent price at the time of auction.

The Most Expensive Sorare Card – Erling Haaland

I’m actually quite suprised that Erling Haaland holds the top spot.

Erling Haaland Sorare
An overview of Erling Haaland’s performance data

I was genuinely expecting Kylian Mbappe to hold this. With a future transfer to another club, I thought that may have caused a bit of worry. Clearly not! Let’s look into the figures:

  • Date Sold: 30/01/2022
  • Purchased by: Zima Blue
  • Ethereum Paid: 265.10
  • GBP Equivalent: £507,362
  • USD Equivalent: $678,680

I watched this auction live. All of the ‘whales’ on Sorare were involved in the bidding, YNWA, Roxy.Cdog and BellaMa. However, Zima Blue came out on top.

Kylian Mbappe Unique 1/1 – 2021

Kylian Mbappe Sorare
Mbappe sits in 2nd place, is this because he’s soon out of the Under 23 pool?

This sale was Kylian’s 2nd Unique card, however, the first one sold when the platform was less popular and it doesn’t make the list. You wouldn’t be able to buy that now for sub £500,000 I presume, as it’s the ‘first mint’. Although Sorare doesn’t really have a collectability side just yet, it may well be a thing going forward.

This 2021 version sold for a whopping £350,000.

  • Date Sold: 04/05/2022
  • Purchased by: Team Bambi
  • Ethereum Paid: 153.70
  • GBP Equivalent: £351,000
  • USD Equivalent: $438,100

Vinicius Junior 1/1 – 2021

Vinicius Junior Sorare
A Dramatic rise in form saw Vinicius Jr become 3rd most expensive card

If you rewind to the 2021 campaign, Vinicius was getting lots of criticism for not being able to finish. He’s definitely kicked on a few gears in 2022, and Roxy.Cdog added to their impressive gallery.

Eligible for the U23 Division for quite a while yet, Vinicius has utility. He has definitely kicked on in 2022 and all eyes will be on him for the 22/23 campaign.

  • Date Sold: 13/02/2022
  • Purchased by: Roxy.Cdog
  • Ethereum Paid: 132.00
  • GBP Equivalent: £280,228
  • USD Equivalent: $379,599

Joshua Kimmich 1/1 – 2021

Vinicius Junior Sorare
Joshua Kimmich price graph – shows terrific consistency

Looking at the above graph, you’d be right in thinking that Joshua Kimmich’s price is heading in one direction, up. He’s one of the most consistent players on the platform, and if you need a Champion Europe midfielder… do all you can to get him. It’ll take a considerable amount to purchase this Unique card, but at Sorare Guide we’ve got a lot of work before we can worry about Unique Cards!

  • Date Sold: 25/03/2022
  • Purchased by: Roxy.Cdog
  • Ethereum Paid: 101.12
  • GBP Equivalent: £239,579
  • USD Equivalent: $315,946

Florian Wirtz 1/1 – 2021

Florian Wirtz Sorare
Price graph for Florian Wirtz

Florian Wirtz was having a breakout season which mirrored Kai Havertz of previous seasons. He was absolutely terrific. Unfortunately he got injured, but this didn’t stop Roxy parting ways with just under £200,000 to obtain his unique card.

  • Date Sold: 11/03/2022
  • Purchased by: Roxy.Cdog
  • Ethereum Paid: 91.32
  • GBP Equivalent: £179,120
  • USD Equivalent: $233,606

Gavi 1/1 – 2021

Gavi Sorare
Performance Data for Gavi at Barcelona

At 17 years old and already featuring in the first team, Gavi is a player with longetivity. He has so much utility. His scores aren’t great at the moment, but he’s one for the future. He sold for a shade over £200,000.

  • Date Sold: 01/03/2022
  • Purchased by: Breece
  • Ethereum Paid: 90.75
  • GBP Equivalent: £201,043
  • USD Equivalent: $268,136

Ansu Fati 1/1 – 2021

Ansu Fati Sorare
Performance Data on Sorare for Ansu Fati

Ansu Fati has struggled to feature for Barcelona, picking up injury after injury. If he could stay fit, I think he’d be closer to Vinicius in price. I’m saying this like he was cheap; he still sold for £175,000!

  • Date Sold: 08/03/2022
  • Purchased by: YNWA
  • Ethereum Paid: 88.89
  • GBP Equivalent: £174,318
  • USD Equivalent: $228,743

Lionel Messi 1/1 – 2021

Lionel Messi Sorare
Lionel Messi performance stats on Sorare

Lionel Messi is another interesting card on Sorare. Managers have a dilemma on their hands, do they purchase him for the short term and potentially be stuck with a card they can’t sell? His performance scores are just too good to ignore, and a few Star Super Rares will have Messi paying for himself. He sold for just under £200,000. Interestingly, Ronaldo doesn’t feature here at all.

  • Date Sold: 27/03/2022
  • Purchased by: BellaMa
  • Ethereum Paid: 79.75
  • GBP Equivalent: £195,623
  • USD Equivalent: $258,286

Jude Bellingham 1/1 – 2021

Jude Bellingham Sorare
Jude Bellingham Sorare Performance Stats

There’s serious hype around Jude Bellingham. He moved from Birmingham City (my local team!) where he was relatively unknown to anyone that’s not a Brummie. He fitted straight into the Dortmund first team, and he makes England look like a different team altogether.

He’s only 18 and has plenty of utility. It’s a bit of a gamble where he’s going to transfer to, but he has the potential to be one of the best midfielders on the platform for years to come.

  • Date Sold: 01/04/2022
  • Purchased by: YNWA
  • Ethereum Paid: 63.25
  • GBP Equivalent: £167,575
  • USD Equivalent: $219,505

Thibaut Courtois 1/1 – 2021

Courtois Sorare
The only Goalkeeper to make the list of most expensive Sorare cards

It’s quite suprising that there’s only one goalkeeper here in the Top 10. Goalkeepers are sought after things on Sorare, and with Unique’s you only get 1 to start with! The quality goalkeepers that score well consistently will be the ones that are worth the most, as we’ve seen here with Thibaut Courtois. Roxy paid just over £120,000.

  • Date Sold: 15/02/2022
  • Purchased by: Roxy.Cdog
  • Ethereum Paid: 53.09
  • GBP Equivalent: £122,146
  • USD Equivalent: $165,373

The Best of the Rest

8/10 of those names probably didn’t surprise you. That’s the way the game goes though, the best players are worth the most. However, I thought it would also be useful to provide the best of the rest, the next 30 or so Unique players that were sold. Note; the Haaland and Mbappe Super-Rare actually sold for more, but whilst we were on the Theme of Unique Cards it’s good to see how they price up against eachother.

Most Expensive Sorare Cards
A List of the next most expensive Unique Sorare Cards

Most Expensive Sorare Cards – Final Thoughts

I’ll leave you with that list. From all the players on the list, I do wonder why I don’t see Mike Maignan’s name. I thought he would actually make the Top 10. Diogo Costa another. You can find the full list of auctions here at SorareData

Who do you think should be on this list? More interestingly, do you think there’s anyone here that’s overvalued?! Let me know your thoughts below! Remember, Grab a Free Limited Card Here.

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